Podcast Episode #75: The Super Select Button Podcast

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Episode Description:
The SNES Episode.

Episode #75, ft. adol, GlamGrimfire, Father.Torque, godamn_milkman, tiburon, wonder_momo


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this is sooo goood! :two_hearts:

dang i didnt know my voice came through that clear
i really hope i am up to select button standards throwing these together and trying to host them!! thanks for giving me the privilege with no pushback and thanks for giving me your time every so often to record!!

i really wanted to do this one consarnit but i was away from home and laptop that weekend

Oh well this is a great listen even if its not graced by my dulcet tones. Fantastic art + editing as always, b coma!!

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i know nothing about this system!!

@B_coma you did some goddam magic on this to cut out the million pauses and stop-and-starts, what a god

haven’t listened to one of these in a while, listening to this now.

Glam you’ve got a great voice for this! also i’m gonna call the SNES the Nintendo 2 from now on.

Me 2