Podcast Episode #71: Holiday Deathcast IV

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Episode Description:
There was a podcast here, now there’s just a note that reads “tell my family and friends that I loved them”?

Episode #71, ft. B_coma, Father.Torque (aka Cuba Libre), Felix, HEAVYVIPER, Persona, Rudie, and The_Blueberry_Hill


we need an SB podcast twitter account so i can spread this Prime Content to my Social Media Following

Wow B, that was quick.

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Ace work, b_coma :>

RE: Shaun -


Reminds me of


jesus christ the ending

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Technically @selectbutton exists, but it probably isn’t even going to see use under the new forums. @Felix any plans for that account?

none on this end!

Make the forum tweet a post link to @selectbutton whenever a post is bloodpotioned.

Haven’t listened to the podcast yet!

where do i find out about the sweet intro/transition songs?

Usually that falls on me (unless Wall of Beef does the editing), but I don’t usually bother unless asked :cryingpig:, so I’ll make a complete list soon for you.

Damn, @B_coma with the quickness!

thanks, appreciated!

this was a good episode.

Jeez B what did you get fired or something?


Okay, here we go.


This is usually the one time of year I get a week off!

If I could give myself a bloodpotion, I probably would.

This is on a list of things I should get around to, along with uploading the podcast to youtube as @Persona suggested.

This was delightful, you all!

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i suggest using tweetdeck and tweeting out about the podcast as you upload it, or automating it if possible. you can schedule tweets as well

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