Pleasure of Tension (when a game is a sport)


The drama of the match is getting hot! Who will triumph? What surprise moves await us in the battle arena?

What are some current & notable matches you’ve seen online?
What are some classic competitive happenings you’d like to highlight?
Do you have any stories of past battle glories?

Post em here

Classic Tetris Finals 2018:
A rookie kid vs the veteran.
Hoodie vs leather jacket
Youth Vs Wisdom
Who’s kungfu is the strongest?






I just watched it in tiny portrait orientation on a phone screen with the volume off but my body still knows to get goosebumps when the people in the crowd start flipping out


I know there was a thread making fun of classic Tetris a while back but I’ve been watching these because they’re way more watchable than TGM for a Tetris amateur and I feel a lot of personality shines through for the players.

Also, it does actually take a lot of skill, although a lot of that skill is getting over the controls, which I think we can all agree weren’t really meant for play at those speeds.


I think their setup is really cool. They have a modified cart that allows them to set seeds and they read the data from the cart to track stats and recreate the graphics and playfield you see on the screen (rather than capture CRT output).

Also I was watching them over Thanksgiving and both my mom and my sister sat down and watched with me.


Wait until you learn about Tetris Vs. tho


I like this one


Exciting set!