so its come to this, I’m just gonna ask all ya’ll erudite folks which philosophers they have ever concertedly read, and which ones they felt had a lasting impact.

The first one I read properly was Karl Popper (I aint no dirty libertarian tho). Simone Weil is good but soo depressing. I would also consider the content of this Alan Moore interview some pretty interesting philosophy.

Like what I’m asking is if the matrix was released today which books should some stoner 17 year old go out and buy/pirate to wash the filth of gnosticism-lite out of their young and innocent minds.

My favorites are the twisty, novelistic philosophers: Plato, Augustine, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche.

In a way though I don’t know what to say. This is one hell of a question. As you’ve asked it, the real answer is something like, go take a deep and formal course of study in philosophy at a graduate level?

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Mengzi, Zhuangzi, Zhu Xi, Wang Yangming and Li Zhi are all you need


Plz disambiguate?

He travelled during the 1590s, visiting Jining and Nanjing, where he met with Matteo Ricci and discussed the differences between Buddhist and Catholic thought


Ya that one

oops i meant wang yangming though i fixed it now

For anyone I’d just say start listening to a philosophy podcast while commuting or doing chores