Online multiplayer that everyone can play

Hi! I’m Zed—this is my first post. Still a bit confused about everything but… seems like a cool place!

For context, my computer is a Mac, and it’s 4ish years old. Probably better than new macs that make it pretty much impossible to play unverified games like those on itch, but still very limiting in terms of what I can play, and… it’s just generally hard to find good free to play multiplayer games. I really struggled to do so when I was younger and only on Steam.

So, for a little while now, I’ve been creating a small list of multiplayer games on that (with a few exceptions) just about anyone, on any platform can boot up and play with their buddies. A few of them aren’t online multiplayer, only local, but… plan is to keep expanding it, and I’d love to hear about any other free, multiplayer hidden gems you’ve played. Happy to add you as a contributor if you want, also :blush:

Here are some specific shout-outs for ones I’ve played and loved that were online:

Online multiplayer bullet hell game where you compete to do the most damage on a boss, and you can create your own bosses or play other people’s, with an in-built youtube player that allows you to add custom music to your bosses basically. Highly recommend. Came out very recently… My friend and I played for 5 hours straight, then, when he went offline, I went back for more.

perfect park
online racing game by the same creator as the one above… an extremely slippery, drifty, rocket-powered car racing game with a lovely aesthetic and really fun controls when you get used to it. Super fun.

New Super Mario Bros. - Mario Vs Luigi
That vs mode that was on the wii and DS version I guess of Mario but online! Just a blast. Really chaotic and fun.


This one isn’t on itch, but it’s fun. I think the last time I played it was around 2005, though, and because it’s written in an old version of Game Maker I don’t know about running it on platforms other than Windows. This game got a positive review by Maddy Thorson (who these days is known for Celeste).

Bacteria 2 by Simon Donkers


I was obsessed with this mode on the ds version when the game first came out because you only needed one copy of the game to play
Childhood memories of competing against a friend playing in another room after his strict parents mandated that we sleep
Very cool to see this remake exists. Maybe literally just because of the new in the title, since I was 9 when it came out so its not like it wasnt a really long time ago for me, but it is weird to think that the game is almost 2 decades old now. It really is time for new new super mario bros

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hey @Zed_Amadeus, cool to see you here so quick (i think i recommended sb to u from itch).
as for the topic:

red desert render is a chill wander around tumble down hills get launched into space and discover the ocean type game, which i think still has multiplayer going? not sure how Ian is hosting it so maybe it’s just off a laptop in his kitchen idk. anyway it’s p friendly.
i would be surprised if mars first logistics doesn’t have some kinda multiplayer in the works too, but that’s a significantly more complex game so who knows.


I might see if I can get it working with Wine or something, but I’ve never had much luck with that haha… good to know about, though!

Oh hey! Yeah, thanks for telling me about this place. :smiley:

Wow, this game is really interesting… and just beautiful to look at! Takes me back to the feeling I got messing around in Overgrowth’s sandbox levels, tumbling down the desert hills. got its own vibe and focus, but it’s a nice, sort of familiar feeling to be reminded of. I’m gonna try and get my friend to download it later tonight!

Do you want me to add you as a contributor?

to the itch collection? nah dw i don’t care.

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this is a really good idea for a list!! Also welcome to SB!!!

Here’s my thought:

Last time I checked it was still possible to play online very easily. I…have never actually played it online other than to check out if it works though. Still, one of my favorite soundtracks and a really interesting game for a number of reasons, and should run on a potato


Thank you! Oh man, I’d love to try it out, but it says “PowerPC applications are no longer supported.” Apple is killing me lmao… what is their problem?!?

just finished playing a game of your only move is hustle which is a pwyw turn-based fighting game. and it rules! it’s very easy to play and very fun to watch a 30 minute game play out in 30 seconds once it’s over. i think it requires at least two machines to play (unsure), but it supports local and remote play in private or public lobbies.
a real spectacular piece of game design imo (and it doesn’t hurt that it’s made in godot :heart:).

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