One Game For SButt To Play

As a companion to the complaining and whining that is going on with the Top 64 (85) games thread, what is ONE game you would want the community to play? It is pretty surprising reading the voting threads how many games posters haven’t played. That’s neat! I ain’t shaming. I checked and I felt I could say I had played 79 of the 85 of the Top 64 Games.

So what would each you love to grab every member of the forum and tell them to play? Is it a game you love? Is it a game you hate? Is it personal? A classic? A new modern standard?

I considered this for a while and my answer is BERNBAND. This was the actual game I was sad didn’t make the top 64 (85). It takes 20 minutes and you can almost certainly run it on whatever windows computer you have lying around. It’s so cool! Wonder around this alien megaopolis and look at stuff. They like ain’t even point to game. Cool sound design. It looks great. It does so much world building! And again you are done in 20 minutes. I think about this game all the time. I want all of us to love it. We could all love it within a week!

Don’t even look at those screenshots just download and launch that sucker. I convinced Tigress and Tulpa to play it one night and they love it. You gotta respect Tulpa’s tastes more than mine.

MAYBE AS AN ARBITRARY RULE only blood potion a post in this thread if you’ve played the game


Space Station 13

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Love this rule

I’ll put Arcanum down as my one game for SButt to play. If you respect my tastes now, you won’t respect them after spending a bunch of hours with this very released-in-2001 video game. Or, on the off chance you can put up with iffy systems, bad combat, and an absurd UI, you’ll see what I saw in the game, which was one of the most passionately detailed fantasy worlds I’ve played, complete with sprawling nonlinear quests and a wonderful interplay between your companions and yourself. Its still one of the only cRPGs where your party members felt realistic, rather than as accessories to your personal hero narrative. They will sometimes object so strongly to your actions that they’ll quit the party, some even becoming hostile if you do something that they personally cannot stand (one dwarf will attack you if you disregard his distaste for necromancy and decide to cast a spell like ‘speak to dead’ in front of him). Other times, they will leave, seemingly for good, with little explanation, only for you to stumble upon them in a seemingly unrelated sidequest hours later. The companions are treated like the protagonists of their own stories, even when they have good reason to travel with you.


baroque (the ps2/wii remake, since that’s the only version in english. if you read japanese well then try both the saturn/psx original and the remake and see which you prefer). a guide might be helpful for the true end.

bernband owns


I love Bernband. Feels way more like dreaming than LSD Dream Emulator ever did. It also makes good on the memory I had of playing Another World on Amiga as a kid and looking out a window and seeing a huge city and wanting to explore it. I wish there were more games like it!! Games with the feeling of accidentally stumbling into a lecture already in progress and staying for no other reason than to exist in a place for a time that you normally would never be… if that makes sense!! Def hyped to play the sequel.

I love Arcanum. The only game where I can be an Elf blasting people with a tesla gun while wearing a pink dress. One of those games I immediately replayed just to do another playstyle. Maybe it’s kinda fucked up but I laughed out loud at so many of the low intelligence dialogue choices. You can get NPC’s so mad that they attack you just from repeatedly getting their name wrong!! I wish another RPG would come along and do its setting… the only other I can think of is Space 1889… and that game sucked!!!

Anyway my recommended game is Inherit the Earth. It’s my favorite adventure game. I’ll just copypaste the review I wrote on GOG:

Inherit The Earth: Quest for the Orb takes place after humans have disappeared, leaving animals to interpret our legacy.

Halfway through the game you have to fix a broken lens from a telescope. You take it to a village of ferrets known for their expertise in building things who marvel at it and wonder how it could have been built. They consult a hand-held artificial intelligence, who they simply refer to The One Who Knows All, on how to build another. It’s a world in which mankind is remembered for our seemingly magical technological and artistic achievements, and not that of destruction or cruelty. It’s really hard to overstate just how much the wholesomeness and naivety of the animals contributes to the enjoyment of this game.

I mean just look at the boxart for the PC98 version of the game… like… 4 real


Damn, almost broke the totally unenforceable rule, wanted to blood potion this post but will wait to play inherit the earth



what wholesome box art

Dodonpachi Daioujou (2002)

Black or white version, it doesn’t really matter. Just one of the all time great action games. Every design decision feels measured and “tapped by a Miyamoto-esque feather.” (probably Tsuneki Ikeda in this case). Activating the hyper laser is the most satisfying brain hug button press in any game.

Chaining isn’t my favourite scoring system but it’s immediately obvious to the player how it works and it feels chunky and ‘physical’. Level design music and sound effects extremely extreme and well matched. And yes, it’s difficult - I can barely get to Stage 5 on my best runs, but that’s the thing - it’s so immediately great to play that dying in stage one is fun. Here’s a video of stage 4, probably the high point in terms of level design. An absurdly difficult stage leading up to a slightly easier, iconic boss (the hyper / laser bomb at the end is so free)


This thread is really testing my compulsion to blood potion everything. Gosh, I want to pick something obscure but lovable…

I’ll champion Mercenary (1985).

It’s so playful and original and filled with little easter eggs. I find the simple implementation of 3D to be delightfully eerie. I mean, look at these colors!

The world is impressively large with its grid-drawn city and series of underground labyrinths. You are left free to discover things on your own and follow any bit of information you find. There are so many moments of joy and discovery that I don’t want to spoil too much.

I’ve been meaning to play its sequels but they are a bit more intimidating in their size and scope. The original feels just right, a delightful toy playset.

It’s somewhat easy to play nowadays since the fan community has tinkered with the trilogy so it can run smoothly in Windows, OSX, and Linux.

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It’s not very obscure but Galatea is my favorite piece of interactive fiction and I think about it a lot. If you haven’t already messed with it, spend an hour or two with it, I think you’ll enjoy it.


These reccs are great but just in case folks get scared you don’t have to say something super obscure you can go with a Majora’s Mask or a Godhand.


ARGH this is so hard ive been thinking about it for like two hours, my bones want to scream DYAD but im pretty sure ive forced everyone to play dyad and also i just want more levels ive exhausted the available dyad and bonus levels and its deflated my excitement on the game

and im not wasting my spot on ffxiv because ive got like 10 people to play that already

but more would be fun

okay fine come play ffxiv with me


Inherit the Earth is tight and thank you for bringing to our attention this incredible Japanese boxart.

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Bloodlust, an OHRRPGCE horror game that’s not great, but really really interesting and literally nobody has played it except people who already know what OHRRPGCE stands for and can recite it from memory any time of the day.

Interesting things about it:

  • made in OHRRPGCE. Always interesting.
  • you level down as you win more battles, because you’re more afraid
  • monstrous vaginas
  • everything is the world of corruption from silent hill
  • teen drama

I know of OHRRPGCE. I did not play Bloodlust. I played the unfinished and slightly unbalanced game Wandering Hamster well back in the day in the early 2000s, when it had like 3 areas and it ran in DOS.

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I played Arcanum once

I picked an 1 INT character because I really liked the novelty of having an 1 INT character be an actual idiot, and playing the game was an awful experience because I never realized I was absolutely NOT supposed to do that on my first playthrough

The real idiot was me all along


Gotta go with the first game to come to mind. I just bought it again for Halloween after losing it in a red-ringed 360 years ago. I could have come up with a way cooler answer. It’s pretty uncool.

It’s Grabbed by the Ghoulies.

Yeah, the character designs (especially the humans) are almost offensively bland, the comic strip cutscenes come off as a time-constrained compromise, the character voices are Rareware farts and screeches taken to breaking point and the story is a hacky facsimile (the butler did it!) BUT…I appreciate the pork-fisted punch ups and REALLY like the environments. Most of the rooms are rendered with soft, haunted lighting, hand-painted shadows and spooky splashes of colour. And they’re jammed and crammed with clutter and bustable knicks knacks that ground the atmosphere in a way that feels…hangoutable. For me. It’s stuffed with self-referential debris as well (Conker, Killer Instinct, Banjo, Sabrewulf…)

In a lot of ways (groan-worthy innuendo-based ”humour”) it’s the most Rareware of games, but in a lot of ways it’s not. This was the big sign (if Star Fox Adventures wasn’t enough of a hint) that Rareware were on a downward slide. It’s a modest game by their standards, a compromised game that started on the Gamecube and was painfully ported to XBox and rushed out the door significantly downsized (there’s a grotesque creature you meet at one point, behind bars and seeming to allude to a future confrontation that never happens. Likewise for the intended penultimate boss who just kicks it in a cutscene after clearly being built up as a future battle throughout the game).

It came out two months after I put 2,742 miles between myself and my hometown to start college and a month after my 18th birthday. My taste in video games was changing. I was bummed about Rareware’s moving to Microsoft and really wasn’t feeling their last few titles (in my mind, this was another exercise in Nintendo Shadowing (Super Mario 64 > Banjo-Kazooie, Mario Kart 64 > Diddy Kong Racing, Ocarina of Time > Star Fox Adventures, M̶e̶t̶r̶o̶i̶d̶ ̶6̶4̶ ̶>̶ ̶J̶e̶t̶ ̶F̶o̶r̶c̶e̶ ̶G̶e̶m̶i̶n̶i̶, Luigi’s Mansion > Grabbed by the Ghoulies). This one though, it felt like a postcard from a friend who was staying back home, settling for something that maybe was less than they deserved. A heartfelt goodbye from a station platform (laced with an in-side joke) drowned out by the locomotive of Next-Gen. It doesn’t feel like a lonely game but it feels like a game that is lonely. Like, no one hangs out with it but it could really use a friend to play with and it’s actually quite nice despite being a total dork.

Gameplay-wise, yeah, it’s a Brawler for Babies (intermittently injected with Baby’s First QTEs). The input is underwhelmingly simplistic and rather frictionless BUT the impact of attacks is quite satisfying, be it a garlic gun to the face of a chicken, a boot to the bum of a ninja Jinjo or fast food flung into the face of a zombie pirate. The whole game has foodfight slumber party pillow war energy. The environment is a much more interesting weapon than your limited moveset. It’s good dumb fun.

And that’s my little love letter to a goofy game that started as nothing more than an uncle joke of a title referring to the seizure of one’s testicles.

Why is this a game I’d like everyone to play? Because that would be hilarious to think about, let alone watch. I don’t think many people would find it terribly interesting… I can’t defend it as, like, brain-tickling exciting gameplay, but those who might vibe with it, I raise the Ladle of Big Beatdowns to you.


I want everyone to know that I like their posts but I have not played any of these, save the exquisite Galatea.


My pick is Wilmot’s Warehouse , I already talked about it here, it’s the best time I’ve had playing a multiplayer videogame bar none.

It perfectly alternates between therapeutic item sorting sessions, and stressful item retrieving sections that test your own memory of your sorting methods in such a disarmingly clever way

I was sadly the only one to nominate it for the top 64 games

Available on Switch & PC