Official SB Anime Club


if you can add it as permanent you can add it now

but if that option is unavailable to you, wait till tuesday


it’s Tuesday! it’s less than an hour before the 6:30 EST live-action preshow! the main features of NONANIME NIGHT will start at roughly 8:00 EST.

not that we’re getting entirely away from the notion of anime, anyway.

we’re still using as the viewing place out of inertia. show contents have been finalized and are visible on the… seperate planning sheet- aside from the previous post’s show listings the main switch is from MIB to Extreme Ghostbusters and the addition of The Thief and The Cobbler.

we’re starting with Russian Tom + Jerry soon followed by the above Cybersix. feel free to throw in thematic filler, I don’t have much readied yet.


it’s time!


God, I feel sick! This world is a mess, my job is a drag, and my diet is awful! This is me, right now, and I’m miserable!

Good thing it’s 8PM on a Tuesday and that means it’s time for ANIME CLU – wait, what? You mean there’s no Anime Club tonight?! Holy shit, what am I going to do with myself?! Maybe I’ll just click on that bookmark anyway –
the bookmark that leads to – and watch last week’s features and remember the good times…

But wait, what’s this?! There are cartoons playing, but they’re not…anime?! My world’s gone topsy turvy! And it’s all thanks to index-j! Whoaaaaa.

You’d think such a thing would make me feel sicker, but no, I’m cured! Because I am with my Anime Club pals for NONANIME NIGHT. Please…log on and join us!


when will I get a chance to unleash this business



damnit haley where’s all the marisas


…anyway. showing:

  • Magical Idol Yumi Pastel
  • Tweeny Witches
  • Super Sailor Moon S: The Movie
  • Cosmic Baton Girl Comet San
  • Sugar Sugar Rune
  • Magical Princess Gigi
  • Magic Knight Rayearth


Not to step on index-j’s toes – thank you so much for that post – but I spent an hour drowning a lousy pose with all the shoujo tones on planet earth and it took half an hour to export so here’s tonight’s ad, mere minutes before the Magic Begins!

Please log on to right now! Become a soldier of love tonight!


my home internet isn’t working tonight


omg :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


here are the marissas i found on my phone at a glance that i can remember posting, you’re right that there’s a sore lack

anyway that was really sweet and makes me happy and ilu all~~~


Hello everyone. It’s me, your favorite person, @HOBO. In case you forgot I am the Official Honorary Founder of the Select Button Anime Club, and that means when I speak you better listen, even if it’s at 3:39 in the AM and you’re feeling so tired you don’t wanna hear about anime. Sorry! You knew what you signed up for: when you join anime club you join anime club 4 life. And that means tomorrow, at 8PM EST, you’re gonna log-on to and watch some fuckin’ cartoons! Cartoons featuring this broad!


And these guys!

And maybe there’s a tiny boat up in there!

Maybe I could share with you more screenshots from this exciting, lifelike anime…but I think that would just get you way too riled up! You’d just go loco with anticipation, and maybe miss Anime Club! We can’t have that happen…we need you! We love your company. So please, log on at 8PM EST – or, even better, at 6:30PM EST for loki’s fabulous pre-show – and watch JOHNNY SOKKO AND HIS GIANT ROBOT!

Do your duty. Do anime.


there are mere minutes before it’s time for fun, fighting and friends :smiley:


The SB Anime Club…world renowned for its fearlessness. For its willingness to “go big” regardless of the costs. We’ve watched so much anime, done so much chat, and stared into the depths of Hell itself…that’s right, I’m talking about Gall Force there. Never forget that we watched every episode of Gall Force. Never forget how tough you are, fellow Anime Club members. Never forget.

But tonight we’re going bigger than we’ve ever gone. We going giant. We watching an entire series…all in one sitting…and that series is GIANT ROBO.

So please…log on to, regardless of the hour. Cuz we’re gonna be here awhile. And we’re all gonna have a good time…together…in the Select Button Anime Club.

Thank you.


I’d cry for Giant Robo

what a majestic heart


i can’t make anime club’s normal timeslot with my work/class schedule but would people be down to watch a couple things some time on a saturday evening

i wanna watch street fighter ii: the movie (warning: i do not have a copy of it)

i… can’t think of any other anime movies i wanna see but if for some reason you want to make haley watch something you think she’ll like this is your chance !!! maybe

or something,


I’d personally log-on and get real excited about anime on a Saturday evening but I won’t be able to for the next two weeks. I am sure you can get a Club goin’ though. We’ve had plenty of folks show up for non-Tuesday Anime Clubs. Just set a time and post about it in advance (or spontaneously!) and people will definitely show.

Looks like there are a bunch of rips on youtube so you’re set.

If you ain’t got mod privs on the SB channel you can probably hit up @Tulpa. Or you can make your own channel if you want, it’s real easy.

Good luck!!! I’m legit sad that I’m going to be missing all these animes…


if my internet is cooperating i’ll definitely be down for some Saturday anime fun. I know it’ll be evening time but i’ll still get in my jammies and pour out a bowl of cereal for my homies


ten minutes till the pre-show, which starts off this week with a particularly violent episode of dumb sukban fighting show majisuka gakuen, then more unlikable superheroes being pricks to each other in kamen rider kabuto, and finishing off with sukeban deka ii, which is probably the best tv show ever made~!

then some anime, but i don’t know what because nobody never tells me nothin’


:drudgesiren: four minute warning :drudgesiren:


Ohhhh shiiiiittttt!!!