October is Ball Bullet Gun month, PLAY IT OR DIE

Hi everyone! With the new Book Club format, I’m trying to make sure I get votes in sooner rather than later so we have a whole month to play whatever game ends up getting picked. So, even before we record the one for King of Demons, here’s the next three selections! Vote below, and descriptions even belower

This is a good crop by the way.

Ball Bullet Gun

A turn-based strategy game based on paintball simulation battles.


Ball Bullet Gun: Survival Game Simulation is a Japan-exclusive turn-based strategy game for the Super Famicom. The game allows the player to create a party of “soldiers”, though the implication is that these are regular civilians taking part in a military simulation, and determine their names, faces and loadouts. The player then takes this team through a series of missions, using whichever members best fit the criteria.

The game makes heavy use of fog of war, making it impossible to see the enemy’s team unless they get within visual range. The player characters can use cover and change the direction they’re facing, which allows them to get the drop on enemies. Everything - movement and reloading or shooting a weapon - requires a finite number of “AP” that replenishes after each turn. Both sides take turns to be the remaining team on the field.

PS Ball Bullet Gun DOES have a translation

Gokujou Parodius

A side-scrolling Arcade shooter with an overdose of the strange and cute. The third game in the Parodius series.


Gokujou Parodius (“Fantastic Parodius”) is a game based of the foundations of the Gradius franchise. In Gradius the enemies are mostly aliens or alien spaceships. In Gokujou Parodius the enemies are Maoi heads, bald eagles, bunnies, bunny-girls, giant strippers, and octopuses. The power-up system is also present in Gokujou Parodius but is character specific. Characters also have their own weapons like missiles, lasers, shields, or options. Each stage opens with the player character flying through space before they enter the stage.

Dragon Quest III - Soshite Densetsu e…

The third release of the Dragon Warrior franchise saw the story take a trip back in time before one and two, taking up the sword of the warrior of legend, Loto.


Dragon Warrior 3 represented a number of leaps forward for both the series and JRPGs in general. The original Famicon version of Dragon Warrior 3 not only had improved graphics over its predecessors, but also an improved user interface, a larger and better developed game world, and a much more complex story line. The robust class system was also quite innovative for console RPGs at the time, and the ability to change classes part of the way through the quest added even more depth. Dragon Warrior 3 also debuted a unique Day/Night system that has been an established feature of the series ever since. The Day/Night system allows time to pass while the party moves about on the overworld map. The effects of the system were more than just cosmetic as towns and castles could change remarkably during the night and some characters and quest objectives could only be encountered at a specific time of day.

The 1996 Super Famicom port, subtitled Soshite Densetsu e… (“Thus Into Legend…”), is an enhanced remake that upgraded the graphics and expanded the game’s features. This version of the game was never localized for North America due to how late it was released in the Super Nintendo’s lifespan, but was fan translated in 2009 by the DQ Translations group.

So, get voting! And this will eventually become the discussion thread for whatever game wins.

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uhh, that’s not fair, how am i supposed to choose? parodius is rad, dq3 has the job system + the personality system so it’s pretty rad, and bbg looks rad.

I know right?? It’s a good dilemma to have but gosh what a dilemma


(secrets lovers)


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when your parents tried but it just wasn’t enough.

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everyone’s voting choices continue to baffle me even this late in the game

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you know this is a book club now right? like you gotta pick games you want to play

i voted for wyrm warrior iii.

I want to Explore! I’ve played the other two.

Take me on a journey to paintball based SRPGs. I don’t even like SRPgs!

Shit the paintball tactics game won.

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Everyone Loves Balls

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The presentation in this paintball game is slick as fuck. The enemy turns do seem glacial as per usual for tactics games of this era, though.

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It’s time.


October is Ball Bullet Gun month. I applied the translation patch so you don’t have to. Play the game! Post your tips! Let’s make this into a cool SB thing where we all talk about a game!!!

I’ll be streaming it this Wednesday as well.

Post in this thread and we’ll talk about you on the podcast, if you want!!! I’ll read your good words


So I tried to stream this game. I really did. But Mixer was going to make me sign the Streamer’s Pledge so I decided I’d never stream again.

(But no I just didn’t realize I’d need to get a new streaming key and then wait 24h (!) so i couldn’t stream)

Regardless, I did play the game and stream it to some folks in the SNEX Discord, so that was fun.

This game is pretty frickin good! It’s like…XCOM-lite, or something similar. Very tense and filled with lots of difficult decisions, and huge huge Fog of War problems to solve. Plus even though everything is BB gun based, you can totally stab someone until they die.

Also, these menus…they are good looking.

So you start the game by making a team of 8 total people. I named my team Team Gutsy for some reason, and went with a Leader (you have to), 3 attackers, 1…scout, I can’t remember what the T means but it’s a scout, 1 Defender, and 2 snipers.

Unfortunately the early missions have very low deployment numbers, so I think at most I used 4 out of the 8.

Each class has a special ability, let me try to remember what they are from 6 days ago.

Leader can…wait what does the leader do, I can’t remember??
Attacker I also can’t remember?? shit
Defender can heal any unit and themselves for 1 HP, which is super important because the most HP I’ve seen anyone have is 5
I didn’t even use a sniper or a scout, shit

Anyway, you can change the loadout of any of the characters to whatever you want, but their stats will make them better or worse suited to specific guns.

Oh and yes, this game has real fucken guns

I mean, it’s all like…airsoft versions of a desert eagle. But it’s ridiculous.

There are multiple kinds of objectives on the map, including Murder Everyone Else, Shoot The Other Teams Cans, Get To The Point, and I think maybe defend a point, but I didn’t play one of those. You’ve also got turn limits but I didn’t run into that in any meaningful way yet.

The silliest thing about it is that the enemy turns are essentially invisible to you, but your characters will call out what they see and experience from this cute little interstitial:

Also yes those are skulls. This game veers wildly back and forth between Very Cute and Desert Eagles and Skulls.

I’m going to try and stream it again tomorrow night on Mixer, for real this time, so come hang out at like 9 Central with me. There’s a button that makes fireworks go off on my screen so…do that.

Anyway, y’all should also try this game out, I think it’s really compelling! Also would be a very good choice to emulate on a phone since it’s turn based and could be played in little 15 minute chunks.

I’m also curious about what people who actually play strategy games thinks of this. I usually don’t like strategy games but I’m having a good time with it…so something is probably wrong with it!!


Whoa I actually streamed this!


Alright y’all, we’re comin’ up on the end of the month so if you did play BB gun this is your last chance to say anything before we record Nov 1 or 2.

I spent 40 minutes getting fast forward to work in retroarch (needed to disable vsync in Nvidida.)

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While Cania was away we made a little cast about Snoopy Concert.


I apologize for the Miss Piggy impersonation. I promise it won’t happen again. I’m no Frank Oz…!!

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