nu-metal/jungle fusion & digital hardcore


the spawn movie ost, the ideal shin megami tensei soundtrack, hackers starring angelina jolie and matthew lillard, the DOOM 3 generation, counter-strike source 2




this is the thread that plays on the Fuse network after an advertisement for a dell pc


A couple years ago at a Halloween party, the host for some strange reason left it to me to pick a cd to play. Me being me grabbed the Spawn soundtrack which obviously wasn’t one of his “cool” albums. The host and another dude played air guitar and lip synced along to the entirety of the album, complete with string breaks, tuning, and Prince-style air mic moves. I think I got most of it on camera. Afterward the air guitarist fell face first into a cat box, also on camera. The Spawn soundtrack and it’s cousins Judgement Night and Blade 2, all rule.


No Remorse was a mainstay for many years in my car rotations. I’ll scrape up some tributes for this before RE2make later tonight

That ‘98 thread still around???

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No, I refuse to see this dreadful garbage rehabilitated, not on my watch


more garbage

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I think the 98 thread only lives on in my heart.


Such abrasive music evokes the memory fuzz

*I have never seen it but high school cohorts and I wrote loose scriptwork for Titanic Dos: Jalapeno Bagel Lovers


Oh hey me-at-15 haven’t seen you in a while how it’s going?


Okay cool check you later!


there are no good limp bizkit jungle remixes i checked everywhere


I bought chocolate starfish yesterday and it fuckin’ sucks.


i was listening to it last night and the tracks that weren’t my way were actually impressing me a lot. wes borland is a really interesting person

borland’s other band is shadow the hedgehog-core which is another thread to be made


I hear he’s a nice guy and both him and the drummer (John Otto, take em to the Matthews Bridge!) seemed like they were slumming it. Back in the day people repeatedly told me to give Big Dumb Face a try, but I never did.

That sample of DMX screaming that occurs throughout the Rollin’ remix is solid gold. Probably my favorite part of the whole record (although I never got around to that Stephen Jenkins answering machine message in the hidden track).


Fred Durst needs to rehearse, needs to reverse what he’s saying.

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Limp Bizkit was the first band I really got into and I’ve been ashamed ever since. It made me more tolerant towards teens with terrible taste in new music though, so it was good for something. It can happen to everyone I tell you


there are surprisingly less hardstyle and gabber nu-metal remixes. gabber and hardstyle seem like the nu-metal of dance music, but that’s actually dubstep/trap/whatever “riddim” is

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