Non-art objects you have made

Make gadgets for around the house? Build a deck or tree house? post it up!

My buddy CJ and I are building a go-kart / power wheels racer for the “Power tour” a nerdy racing series about building budget vehicles in the style of, or out of, powerwheels cars and racing them.

There are size contraints a budget limit is 500 dollars and we have a max amperage load we can run for the voltage we are running.

our entry is going along pretty well. Its mostly made of found materials, the frame steel is from a bedframe. The GO will be provided by the motor from a tread mill and 2 12 volt batteries we will be wiring in series.
Nearly everything else we are fabricating as best we can in the humid Florida summer.

This is the result of many months of tuesdays of planning and building. Since we are building around the human body and driving comfort (which we cant represent on graph paper) its come together in stages. Basically we do a thing, sit on it realize it feels wrong, or isn’t going to work and change it.

The trouble with steel, thin steel in particular is that the welds you make when hot shrink when they cool so everything kinda pulls together. If your welds aren’t even it twists up and gets wonky.



i went to a silicone-working workshop and it was just like, bathroom caulk and organza and gloves, so accessible. keen to get into that some more

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steering, motor mount and electronics shelf mostly complete


Does IKEA furniture count

if it counts to you it counts to me.

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well… it rolls! still some work to do on the control system. you gotta surf the throttle and if you go too hard or light it resets. closed loop control is the next step