The constant parade of death that is my T-T thread has really been bringing me down lately, so I have decided to make a thread for old timers that have been at it for decades and are still making amazing things, or in the very least not being so obnoxious that you retroactively start to hate the good stuff they made when they were younger

coincidentally it is also Dr John’s birthday today

also ATCQ just did a new album (RIP Phife) and did a good job performing on SNL last week


Cool thread idea.

(I actually think Carnival Of Souls is the worst Pere Ubu album. But it’s still pretty decent. And this and “Irene” are great.)


want to keep this alive & fight demons & resist the darkness

this is of course all somewhat timely bc of carrie fisher’s death, and paul simon has always seemed like kind of an asshole as a person, but i can’t help the fact that his dumb music is embedded in some weird primal sense memories of my formative years and is thus part of my essence, and graceland especially is an album i’ve revisited constantly over the course of my life and always found something new in

in spite of that i’d never actually listened to hearts & bones (the song or the album) until recently and, shit: that is a really amazing song

his new music honestly sounds kind of bad lyrically, but i give him respect for still making albums and still performing with what looks like a legitimately excellent band


slightly off topic but not entirely