uhh i’m making (close to completing!) a video game, as a result of having a silly idea in my head months ago and talking about it to a friend and then getting way too enthusiastic about it. it’s atrociously bad but i’m kinda proud of it for some reason. it’s been a cool learning process at any rate i guess.

so anyway in MUSCLE WORLD you’re a big muscley boy… but kinda everyone is too so in order to become the biggest muscley-est boy of all you must travel to… the MUSCLE WORLD.

… which is a spartan dark void with no floor that will test your muscles and determination. in the MUSCLE WORLD either you suffer… or you DIE. but usually both of those ha ha as you traverse the dark, hanging from the ceiling trying to navigate the muscle world using the dim lights in the distance as guiding stars.


that lil green bar represents you strength. as we can see this fucker is pretty close to exhaustion from hanging around in the void for too long. fortunately he is in a safe place and has a comfy mattress just a few steps away to get a good rest and restore all his damn muscle to full power. you better be ready big muscle boy, because soon you’ll have to plunge into that darkness again… and there are things to worry about out there… the limits of your own strength are not the only thing that can kill you… in the muscle world…

anyway i might post screenshots/thoughts from a dumb person trying to learn the gamedevs while making this because i ended up learning a lot from this project and some of it might even be interesting to read for someone.

also if anyone wants to inflict this game on themselves i can send you a magical secret download link and/or a link to the magical secret playtesting discord where i gathered a bunch of people and forced them to play this garbage.


Please post screenshots and words about dev. Thanks


is there by any chance a mac ver

because please, thanks


Magical secret download link please. I luv 2 muz


there is! i’m making this shit in unity so i just hit all the build buttons and annoy everyone at the public library with laptop fan noise.

plus someone’s actually tested that version and it works!


are you kidding me I am muscle boy, I want this game

DL link pretty please??


I long to muscle, boy


Yes I will try this


really wish my computer was reliable rn


i sent you all download links! thanks everyone for the interest <3

also disclaimer do not expect this videogame to be any good


where the muscle girls at?


unfortunately nowhere since toxic masculinity between dudes is kinda central to the game as a theme :frowning: i’ve been fretting over this a lot myself though


yeah hit me with one them mac codes if u want plz

that title screen is fuckin blisteringly good, wow


Please toss me a link, I’d love to flex it.


hey everyone

i just released this thing

big thanks to everyone who helped <3

you too can now enjoy muscle for the low price of zero dollars

thank you