Mort Garson


When I was young, I saw Son of Blob (a.k.a. Beware! the Blob) on television. I don’t know whether I watched the whole thing, but the opening credits always stuck with me. I watched it again recently and found that it was pretty terrible, but I still like the opening credits:

It turns out that the music that accompanies the kitten is by Mort Garson, who is also responsible for the album “Plantasia.” That’s the album rumored to have inspired some of the music for The Legend of Zelda. If you’re unfamiliar with those rumors, this link jumps to a part that should sound somewhat familiar:

I guess there is one other scene in Son of Blob that I found at least somewhat entertaining. It’s when the guy is singing and playing his guitar in the sewer.

Also, here is a link to Plantasia, in case you have not heard it and would like to:


isn’t Plantasia of special importance to @bigheadmode or did i mix this up with someone else

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bhm did mention this album one time! i’ve been trying to buy it on vinyl ever since.


Oh yeah, you had a whole thread about it.

Thanks for the download link! It’s a nice little pile of good vibes.


I’ve only known about Plantasia for about six months, actually. A friend of mine found it when he impulsively searched for “music for plant.” Obviously, we were both blown away.

Since then, I’ve run across other Mort Garson albums on YouTube, and they’re all pretty great. Toups poste an astrology one a while ago.

Anyone into Mort should definitely checkout Raymond Scott’s elecronic works.


Mort Garson did the song that’s in the opening for The Adventure Zone podcast

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Was trying to remember that name while plowing through my tomita records the other night! Thanks.

Mort has quickly become a hero of mine after hearing about him on here. Black mass such a great piece of work.

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Wow, I thought for sure that was a recent song by a fan!


i don’t hear much zelda in that section, but i’d need to listen more closely

i do hear zelda in this:


Compare with


ahh, i hear the similarity now (was looking for similarities to zelda 1 tunes). it’s a bit of a stretch though; the rhythm is the same for about a bar and a half, as is the melodic contour and underlying chord structure, but the actual content (relative to key) is different. i could see it, but it’s not like the kondo tune in question requires an explanation or explicit influence; it’s a rather simple little tune


here’s one i consider a bit less of a stretch, for reference:

compare to the bridge in SMB overworld


listening again i think maybe i’m fucked in the head? i hear the motif more clearly and i think what i said earlier might only apply to a different part, later on