methods of input


Has ports that map input from controllers for people with limited mobility to standard Xbone buttons


Look at this its a stand to make your switch look like a Nintendo Vs. ~$85 JDM.

Hibachicandy’s concept for a Taito Canary styled Switch dock.

Some very nice customized sticks from the same person. Cool.

Looky here, 8bitdo apparently preparing a bluetooth Saturn knockoff with dual-analog. Oh nevermind this is an April Fool’s prank aparently.


too bad, i’d buy it.


there are wireless Saturn pads coming, just not from them and without analog sticks


A is too close to the right stick anyway (but I’d still buy one)




SLS has a grand history of amazing arcade related products. Some of our favorites include the legendary Sega Saturn Virtua Stick & Virtua Stick Pro, modeled after the Astrocade line of arcade machines from the early 90s. Eventually SLS would close it’s hardware division but not before giving us awesome gems like the Virtua Stick High Grade & USB releases of the Sega Saturn Gamepad. However, there was one unique product for the PS2 that got away.

At Tokyo Game Show 2005, SLS announced a full arcade panel sized arcade controller unit series dubbed “A-Stick” and featured both single player and dual player configurations. At TGS 2005, Sega featured a few models of the product showing off the single/dual player setups in addition to a co-branded one with SNK for the King of Fighters series.



Don’t remember ever seeing this black PS2 variant of the Virtua Stick.

Check out this boy’s modded VSHG.


sls also made the excellent usb saturn pads about a decade ago, that now sell for over £100 on ebay.


Can anyone identify this object?


didn’t sega make a lot of their development tools inhouse back then? it’s possibly something that exists only in that building at that time


That actual specific one? I dunno but it just looks like one of the input/mice attached to old CAD tablets.



Oh totally, thanks! I was wondering if that circular shape was somehow for tracing.



Sony HB-101 MSX-1 PC - 1984

I think it would be cool to use one of these as a keyboard somehow.

Oh my.

Look at this, the person who did the Famicube concept mashed it up with the later HB-FX1D into a what-if MSX3 design. I think this person also took that top photo and that video. A true committed degenerate.

and then this other person modeled the drawing in 3d


I stumbled upon these during some quick backstory sniffing after seeing one of these sweet plastic fantastic Sony joysticks, and its v.sweet packaging, on YJA.



Gonna be real: joystick on the right is a fucking cursed setup.


I know you’re not talking about this specifically, but I grew up with arrow keys + ZXC/shiftctrl/spacebar and WASDing 2D indie games make me very angry.


Oh goodness, this is so irritating and uncomfortable for me. I’ve quit moderately interesting indie games over this.
(I have similar but less passionate feelings about the jump only being mapped to the arrow key/W in indie platformers.)



Also check this guy’s crazy, seemingly direct-to-lcd wired, MVS cab control panel supergun setup; the importing of which last night made perfect economic sense to me.


I know there’s another thread for this, but that tiny prison monitor is so cute!