Methodical / Slow Action Platformers


Number of these dudes also apparently worked on Chippoke Ralph no Daibōken


imaginarymonsters is a guy who made an 8-bit platformer called Halloween Forever and is now working on Abyxsis, which seems like it will be a Gargoyle’s/Demon’s Quest inspired followup.


Oscar Celestini, dev of Black Jewel is also working on a Gameboy styled TMNT action platformer.


might as well dive into this batch

Dark Devotion (PC) - Hibernian Workshop, 08/2018

Death’s Gambit (PC) - White Rabbit, TBD

Void Memory (PC) - Gustav, 2017

Corpses 'N Souls (PC) - Kai Kubicek, ?. Possibly not in development anymore and I can’t figure out what the game actually is from the posted vidz but too wild to forget


I actually still haven’t finished it. I got past the… snake boss? and then completely forgot to keep playing.

Felt satisfied enough that I’d gotten that far, I guess. It feels like a Viking Makaimura/Ghouls and Ghosts to me.


I think Ranger-X for the Genesis qualifies.


its neither methodical nor slow?

though tbh I don’t really have a sense of what this thread is about.

Like the first game I thought of was the original prince of persia, but ‘cinematic’ platformers aren’t counted.


Maybe I’m weird, but I play Ranger-X both slowly and methodically. Perhaps Ranger-X isn’t really a platformer though?

I saw Assault Suits Valken somewhere in the thread, which is what made me think of it.


The Crown Stones: Mirrah (PC) - Frater Studio, TBD

Castlevania: Bloodstorm (PC) - esperware, 2010. Abandoned project, demo floating around. Dev now working on pre-rendered CValike Anathema.


I don’t know if Nosferatu falls into this or the cinematic platformer category.


Seems like your classic cinematic platformer to me, but also wow that’s a cool looking game I have never heard of. but also ban this sick filth.

I was just about to ask in the questions thread if anyone could think of Japanese developed cinematic platformers other than maybe that green monster game on the Saturn I can’t remember the name of? edit: Nanatsu Kaze - No Shima Monogatari, and I guess upon further review doesn’t seem to have any jumping mechanics at all so I guess just a full on 2d walking-sim.


Moon crystal on the nes!


See, the platforming is textbook cinematic platformer but the combat is much more detailed and possibly combo-heavy than I’d consider to be a hallmark of the subgenre. It’s an oddball.

Also it might be terrible. I saw screenshots of it in a magazine when I was a kid and wanted it terribly, but it got delayed forever and I thought canceled. Found out years later it actually slipped out unnoticed very late in the SNES’s lifetime, picked up a copy and… had my heart broken.




I concur.


Mystik Belle (PC) - Last Dimension, 2015

there’s some hectic elements to this but peep the pillowy soft jump arcs


Battle Princess Madelyn (PC) - Causal Bit Games, mid-2018

As mentioned in previous updates, we wanted to add more progression into the story mode of the game and get closer to the Wonderboy 3: the Dragon’s Trap feel we wanted. Now we’ve really separated arcade mode and story mode. Arcade mode is totally action based, while story mode has you upgrading and tracking down the needed items needed to reach your final destination!

I think this is the near-future videogame I desire the most.


Looks good, prob won’t be released for years?


Looking good. Guy from Maldita Castilla making a cameo. Excited to play.


Went a long time without mentioning Strider.