MANGOES (japanese manga adult literature)


anyone wanna read some manga and swap it.
this is a Very Glam thread, but in addition to the fantastic manga society exploration here I’m just generally “vibing” a catch all thread for the mangoes


Adult like Naki no Ryuu?


Adult like anywhere from pointlessly juvenile to Naki no Ryuu


no one is surprised I bloodpotioned the mahjong manga

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Been pretty into the following:
Slow Motion wo Mo Ichido – Two kids who are super into 80s stuff and embarrassed to admit it find each other (and love!?!)

Dungeon Meshi – A group of adventurers wander a dungeon straight from your favorite JRPG and eat a lot of what they kill. They may also occasionally practice forbidden magic

Dr. Stone – Everyone gets turned to stone, but then a select few start to reemerge after eons, and one man uses his knowledge of science to try to rebuild society. Whacky hijinks ensue.

To You, The Immortal – An immortal creature that can assume the form of objects and beings it encounters wanders the land trying to grapple with the meaning of emotion and interpersonal connection while being hunted by an unexplained malevolent force.

Kimetsu no Yaiba – A kid becomes a demon hunting swordsman in order to find a cure for his sister who is turned into a demon. Surprisingly gonzo sense of humor.


I am very glad someone else is reading Dr. Stone.

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Dungeon Meshi and Kimetsu no Yaiba are funny because the former is mostly whacky comedy that occasionally gets pretty dark (moreso as the later chapters are going along). The latter, meanwhile, is generally pretty serious (if not exactly grim, it is pretty violent) but bursts out into pages of being straight up zany.


dungeon meshi is super rad and bafflingly well written fantasy


i’ve read the first two volumes of girls last tour, adn i’m really enjoying it.
i especally love the scribbly art, especially especailly on big wide landscape shots


I’m one volume away from finishing Urasawa’s Pluto. Turns out Urasawa is very good at this thing.

On the downside, the first seven volumes were very well translated, and suddenly the source has changed.


Let me get back to my home and I’ll throw down a list of MANGOES I’VE HEARTILY CONSUMED.txt

Cromartie High School has been sitting on the backburner for a while, because the website I was reading started putting up dual-page scans (which doesn’t fit my browser!) during the underground gorilla arc and stayed that way for a good 30 or so chapters. Really killed my interest.


Okay, I finished up Pluto this morning. Goddamn. This easily sits up there with the best robotics fiction.

Other stuff I’ve been reading on my phone over the last few months:

Claudine…!: I far preferred this particular sad trans manga to Sword of Paros. Also, it’s getting an english publication soon? Super cool.

Confession: This is the psychological thriller by Fukumoto and Kawaguchi, not the shoujo romance. Really really good single volume story. Takes place in a single cabin and you really get a feel for the space by the end of it.

Getter Robo Go: Nagai wasn’t involved with this one, it was just Ishikawa. I felt like the volumes were arranged well, so it never felt like a book ended right in the middle of something. Also wow the stakes in this get high.

Giganto Maxia: Kentarou Miura has some cool sci fi ideas (also combining super robots with wrestling) but if I never have to see him joke about drinking loli piss again it’ll be too soon.

Gorgeous Irene compilation thing: Some of these were decent but Araki really didn’t hit his stride until he started Jojo.

Hotel compilation: Most of these are goofy ideas but the titular Hotel story is amazing. Didn’t know Boichi was capable of this, he struck me more as an artist than a writer.

Fantasy World Jun: Shotarou Ishinomori’s quasi-autobio acid trip visual art experiment. It’s insanely gorgeous.

Makai no Ossan: This was one of ONE’s webcomics. ONE’s webcomics are pretty aimless, but enjoyable. Makai no Ossan and One Punch Man has a similar cynicism that I don’t really mesh with, which is weird because Mob Psycho 100 is the exact opposite.

Maou Dante: So this was the “prototype” for Devilman, and it pumped the brakes and jumped ship roughly two volumes in. Devilman is unintentionally hilarious while also definitely being Art, but MD starts off Art and becomes unintentionally hilarious. The couple of volumes of MD are totally worth reading imo, because the artistry is really pretty, and the trainwreck immediately before the cancellation is a hilarious plot infodump of the dumbest stuff you’ve ever heard. It’s incredible.

I also read a bunch of mediocre one-shots that aren’t worth mentioning.

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i’m gonna read the magus wife


please mention them! manga one shots are interesting, becase it’s so easy for them to be washed away by the tides



Magus Wife is great.

Here’s my list with a small blurb for each…

Mousou Telepathy - Single page comic of the adventures of this telepathic girl who sits next to a guy that fantasizes about her every day. And Mana, an animated pair of croissants!
Helck - A human hero who doesn’t like humans comes to the Demon World aiming to win the tournament that decides who the next Demon King will be. Anne From Management is keeping an eye on him…
My Hero Academia - MUSOU NEVER FEAR ALL MIGHT IS HERE and his apprentice who has just as much spirit but not nearly enough strength to contain it.
Made in Abyss - Etrian Odyssey except inverted and featuring an adorable pair of adventurers way out of their depth but fiercely adamant. Has a tendency for NWS imagery on occasion.
Kengan Ashura - Loser salaryman turned underground fighter manager. And Jerry Tyson.
One Piece - Rubberman pirate child collects friends and enemies in equal measures on his adventures to become the next pirate king. This one’s a given for this crowd.
One Punch Man - Saitama can floor any challenge with one punch, so now he’s bored and wondering what his life should be. Another obvious choice.
Tower of God - Manwha with the best mangator and I guess some other Korean shonen going on
Hunter x Hunter - Long running shonen featuring Gon, implacable child looking for his father. Does a pretty good job of incrementally increasing power without bringing numbers into the mix.
100 Mob Psycho - Author of One Punch Man, featuring MOB a child psychic who believes in not using his powers, and his mentor, Reigan! A con-artist psychic with absolutely no ability but his pure shamelessness.
Tamen De Gushi (Their Story) - Best friends who are dorks around each other but one day one of them starts falling for a girl…

I gave Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid a good long whirl but while it has a good main character the supporting cast devolved into boobs.


Nobody read my Girlfriend is a T-rex. He doesn’t even date the T-Rex by the end.


Read Inosan/Innocent because it is overripe megatrash


Ahh, okay. A lot of what I read were shonen author oneshots, though, and those often try to hit the same notes because they’re hoping to spawn series.

Bakemono Recchan: This one was by Inio Asano, of Goodnight Pun Pun, so it was a cut above the others to start with. I felt that I didn’t quite get the message of it, but it was still an interesting story for the social situation it depicted (a monster high school girl being treated fondly (insincerely) by her classmates). The end stung.

Blust!: This was a Yusuke Murata (Eyeshield 21) oneshot. I read quite a few of his, since I’d just caught up on OPM and have yet to start ES21 itself. This was about a guy with cybernetically enhanced arms with curry powered nukes in them. It took place in an unconventional real world place for shonen, but I can’t actually recall much that struck me. I want to say it was nicely done, though.

Heroes of Fury: Another Murata work, this time written by ONE. The joke is almost about misogyny, but ultimately it’s just a misogynist joke.

Gokiburi Buster: Another Murata/ONE piece. This one is actually quite funny and worth a read. Translator’s note: Gokiburi means cockroach.

Hanshin: I’m pretty sure I and everyone has read this at one point. It’s that chilling story about conjoined twins, where one has all the brains, but the other leeches all the nutrients, and then at one point they must be separated so one can survive. It’s required reading for everyone.

Harukoma: Irie Aki (Ran and the Gray World author). I wish I could say I remember! The art was really pretty and the writing was reserved. Also the protagonist was a cool woman who killed people. I need to read it again.

Jiya: Technically this was a different kind of one-shot (three chapters long). Akira Toriyama wrote it, but Masakazu Katsura drew it. I find most of Toriyama’s oneshots fall flat (Kintoki was the most recent and was really generic Toriyama), but this was actually very charming and had his trademark cheeky juvenile humor.

Kintoki: Pass.

Loop: This was rated really highly on batoto, so I gave it a read. It’s one of those Groundhog Day time loop type of stories about a rich boy reliving his own murder until he fights back. This one was really uninteresting to me. Skip this, go read All You Need Is Kill.

Madofuki Park: Another Murata oneshot. This was about a kid working a window washing gig in a city of skyscrapers and flying cars. It’s a really cool idea!! I think it needed a series to really get to the good stuff, but unfortunately this was published in 2008.

Minds: This is the last Murata oneshot, I promise. This was about a recon soldier riding a motorcycle into the battlefield. The action was pretty nice, but I thought the characters and setting overall didn’t strike me as particularly unique.

Mu-kai: This is supposedly a pretty popular one. A couple of kids are stuck in a strange world that appears to be frozen in time. Any more explanation would spoil the gradual reveal of the mystery, but I thought it was really nicely done. Not sure if I’m satisfied with the ending, but oh well.

I Am A Wolf After All: This is a good one. This was a very lonely, children’s book type of story without a forced resolution. The art is extremely good and stylized.


now I want to name everything Blust

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