Mad God 💼

Finally watched Mad God after giving up hope of seeing it in a theater. It’s very good. I guess some people don’t like that it has no intelligible spoken lines but I’m glad it doesn’t. If not done just right or with a very light touch, talking can easily cheapen a work like this the way some of the jokes do Junk Head (in my opinion).

It’s also worth noting that there isn’t a straightforward narrative. It’s closer to something like The Mind’s Eye or an extra long Brothers Quay thing than a traditional movie. And I have no problem with that.

For anyone not familiar with the writer and director, Phil Tippett is responsible for visual effects in

  • the original Star Wars movies
  • Starship Troopers
  • Robocop
  • Jurassic Park
  • and so on

Mad God took Tippett 30 years to make, with some stops and starts.


There are parts that get a little disturbing or gross, but it’s actually tamer than I’d expected. Maybe I’m too desensitized.

You can watch this movie for free if you sign up for a seven-day trial for that “Shudder” streaming thing (through Amazon or separately). I noticed that the credits included those who worked on “DVD special features” so I guess that’s coming as well.


The reason I created a new topic for this is so we can maybe also discuss other stop-motion animation. For example, I like Bruce Bickford’s work. I first stumbled upon this video, which I found mesmerizing. I eventually ordered the Cas’l’ DVD. This movie took a mere 20 years to make, compared with Mad God’s 30.

The music used in the above video is not actually from the movie, incidentally. It’s this:

I found it more difficult to track down Prometheus’ Garden, which I have not watched yet.


And I mentioned Junk Head in the first post. If you haven’t seen it, don’t let my comment about the jokes dissuade you. It’s very much worth seeing.

I’ve only seen the short version from 2013. The 2017 full movie is finished but as far as I know there is no (legitimate) way to see it at the moment. It’s been years and I don’t actually remember how I saw the short version. It might have simply been on YouTube in its entirety.


I watched Mad God with some friends not too long ago, great stuff but realised it was like three parts from 2013, not the final release that came out in 2021 so I gotta watch that version soon.

Other stop-motion stuff I’ve watched in the past few months, from the great Jan Švankmajer, Jabberwocky, a free-flowing parade of imagination and craft (love the dancing switchblade):

and The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb which was really fun and gross with delightfully uncanny pixilated human actors (originally conceived (and rejected) as a christmas special (hence the few holiday references) for BBC2):


heard superlative things abt this one


This was a favourite way back in the day via the Encarta-adjacent Microsoft Dinosaurs (1993). Had no idea it was the same guy who brought all those Star Wars critters to life (was probably just getting into those movies around the same time). Still rules.


I was a little surprised at how small the amount was that they requested for the Kickstarter (which I didn’t even know about at the time), but that’s because everyone involved was a volunteer and they just needed to pay for supplies.

It looks like they already produced three separate physical releases for backers, with special features. I can only assume that there will be a combined version with everything but I can’t find any details anywhere.

The only physical merchandise they have at the moment is a small collection of shirts and stickers and things.