Looking to make a hori shootan

DLed the godot engine, feel like I need to work fast because i want to make it for a friend who is developing neuropathy in her hands and shes not gonna be able to game anymore at some point that is approaching probably sooner than we’d like. Her favorite game is Gradius V and that’s a bit much to measure up against on a first try but I want to make something she can enjoy annd that maybe other people can too. i don’t know what i’m doing and am kinda sad. I’ve never understood the mentality of creating art for yourself that art people say is what you MUST do. I wannt to make something for a friend, an artifact of human connection. this is going to be my thread of doing stuff to that end


Well, on electro-paper, it sounds good; gamemaker or rpgmaker 95, or 2k seem easy enough for the basics…

i’m not personally familiar w it but if speed is important then it might be worth looking at the shmup creator engine: https://www.shmupcreator.com/
it looks competently made and might help to speed up the production process.
this sounds like a really nice thing you’re doing btw.