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this thread is both for posting recordings of live performance (length is welcomed) as well as posting about live performances attended irl. the definition can be super loose: if it “feels” live, it’s probably fine for this thread, regardless of the sometimes unknowable context of its recording.

i want to see @Father.Torque posting in this damn thread :]


let’s get the shameful secret out of the way:

Yeah, i like collins drumming like a mad man.

but better to admit that than to admit being enarmoured to live dub/singing (badly) at max volume the theme song from Yamato, whenever you come across it.

both these songs unleash the inner sentai spirit, and like Evangelion has taught us, you need to wait until the powers runs out after disconnecting the umbilical cable/power source… and you can do a lot of Sasaki impressions in 5 minutes, let me tell you.

so, Q: what about pseudo-live performances?

that specific vid featuring Lykke Li on KEXP comes to mind, which i remember well for being surprised how well her songs work when pared back to a minimum, and how she’s seriously having some issues with the replies she’s giving, almost to a slightly creepy level.

and Q2:
then there’s also an interesting aspect about how live recordings just never sound like the original studio recording, and how that makes the song come out much stronger than a perfect, ABBAesque levels of recording/arranging ever could. That’s probably why the live concept goes so strong with artists that can perform live, without backing tracks et al… experiencing that raw talent, unfiltered, is what really makes it worth it, i think.

i wish my tumblr wasnt broken so i could go through the LIVE PERFORMANCE tag and fill this thead endlessly. but i gotta consult my memory and make an effort instead

here is a placeholder

YOURE biased

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Live music performances is one of the things that makes me miss Japan.
Everyone is quiet and chill. The smaller live houses often have comfortable seating. You can just sit and relax and enjoy some alcohol and live music. The smaller, small capacity live houses are such a great way to enjoy a band performing.

It was nice getting to find new artists by listening to various artists perform outside train stations. If I enjoyed a performance I could talk with them and get the details for their upcoming live house performances.

Even fairly popular signed musicians often play at only slightly larger live houses.
Wildly popular bands of course play huge stadiums, but unless you want to see the most popular bands chances are you will get to enjoy really intimate performances. It’s wonderful.

Basically, it’s like a good bar show but without the WOOOs and YYEEAAHHs. It’s surprising how strongly their absences enhance the experience.



I still return to these videos periodically:




I came across this a year or so ago and I listen to it a lot. I pulled the audio so I don’t have to be on YouTube to hear it. It’s called “Neverending Story” but it’s not music from the movie.


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good and nice

This keep starting in the middle for me so you may have to manually set it to the beginning.

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