Literary Magazines

I always assumed literary journals were for art snobs, until I realized I am an art snob. I’ve been catching up on this year’s Lapham’s Quarterly, and I read the David Lynch Zoetrope issue which has made me a subscriber. Gimme literary mag/journal recommendations, particularily visual arts and poetry since I know little about the former and I’m looking for contemporary examples of the latter that doesn’t read like Rupi Kaur.


Am I to believe this is the only thing out there that SB doesn’t have an opinion about

None of us is actually as snobbish or erudite as we pretend

I’ve never opened a literary journal in my life


I’m inherently distrustful of all art academia from my exposures to it, so I’ve never sought it out after college.

90% of the visual art writing exists to explain why boring art by rich kids is super deep, and therefore the perfect art object to invest in for money laundering.

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From what I’ve seen this also extends to poetry because they’re both abstract. I’m not interested in things that need explination, although since that sells articles I guess it explains my frustrations with these journals.

This might be a useless gesture but sending out a Batsignal to @Telengard

He doesn’t just read poetry journals, he’s contributed to some!

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I only have time to read posts

I was subscribed to Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet for about a year because they published a friend’s story (and Kelly Link (who I love) is a co-editor).

I should read more literary journals, because I actually love short fiction.