Let's Play Lennus II: The Apostles of the Seals!

Episode 1: This Let’s Play Will Not Be Monetized.

Greetings one and all, and welcome to my second Let’s Play for the forum and just in general. Previously I played the super obscure SNES JRPG Paladin’s Quest. Now I’m going even further into obscurity by playing its sequel that never left Japan, Lennus II: The Apostles of the Seals. Being released in Japan a mere two months before the Nintendo 64 was brought over to America, Lennus II did not get an official release. Since this game was never released in English, I am making use of a fan-translation patch.

Lennus II000

This is the bunch that we have to thank for bringing us Lennus II in a form we can understand.

Lennus II005

And here is our title screen, and with it our title theme. That’s right, Lennus II can afford one of those!

Lennus II006

Our main menu is a bit more utilitarian, more in line with the previous game. Sound lets us choose between Stereo and Mono, Erase and Copy do what you think they’d do, and like the game says, choose Game to play.

Lennus II007

We will of course be using Log 1 for this Let’s Play. I’ll be making copies of my save file at certain points as appropriate.

Lennus II008

We will be sticking to the default name.

Lennus II009

We begin in the void.

Lennus II010

The void speaks. It goes about how everything has basically been suspended in a state of twilight until a light broke through the darkness to bring a new dawn.

Lennus II017 Lennus II018 Lennus II019

We see energy converge and a beam of light shine down at an angle. At the same time, music begins playing.

Lennus II021

We see four land masses floating in the void.

Lennus II023 Lennus II024

The light causes people to stop where they stand.

Lennus II026 Lennus II027

Finally, the light arrives at a strange structure.

Lennus II028

And there are people already gathered around the exact spot where it lands.

Lennus II029

Somewhere deep underground in the complex there is someone encased in crystal.

Lennus II032

Suddenly, this guy is talking, presumably to the guy in the crystal.

Lennus II034

And thus we are named Farus.

Lennus II035 Lennus II036

And thus Farus is freed from the crystal while being totally naked. Hopefully he can pick up some clothes on the way.

Lennus II037

And he does! And there’s that good old fashioned Mode 7 as Farus flies on up.

Lennus II039

With the light gone, we now stand in the center. Fun story; when I first played this game, I was still using the ZSNES emulator, which for some reason put Farus way up of where he’s supposed to be, but as soon as I could move he as in the right position. Snes9x has no such problem as you can see.

We also have the theme for our location playing, the Shrine of Farus.

Lennus II042 Lennus II043

So we already know that we’re a Raigan. No sense making that a late-game plot twist again. We also are given our mission right away, though we’re going to need a few more details before we can really get started.

Lennus II046

If we answer “No”, the Chief Caretaker will fret and worry and then ask us again. So let’s just say Yes so we can play the game.

Lennus II054 Lennus II058 Lennus II059

Well I wouldn’t want to keep them waiting…

Lennus II063

And then we have this moment. I can’t confirm it, but I do believe that there is only one moment in the original version where Farus speaks, and this is not it. There will be a fair few points where the localization adds in moments like these, but none of them are intrusive, so I’m okay with them.

Lennus II065 Lennus II067

We will take our time and speak to everyone, but there’s something I want to do first.

Lennus II068

By pressing X, I bring up my menu options! Save is always available, Health will automatically use healing items to restore everyone’s HP and the game is very smart about how it does it so I’ll be using that a lot, Party lets us change the order of party members and remove them, and then there’s Menu.

Lennus II073

Right now we have very precious little to our name.

Lennus II074 Lennus II075

We don’t even have any spells! We may be harnessing all the spirits one day, but we’re not doing that any time soon.

That said, there is one very important difference between Lennus II and Paladin’s Quest that we can see in our status menu; instead of Luck, we now have Wisdom. Wisdom plays a very important role in how powerful our magic is going to be; its not just our spirit levels this time around.

Lennus II076 Lennus II077

Speaking of Spirits, by going into the Spirits section, we can see that Fire, Light, and Air are all open, but we don’t have any spells from them. This will all get explained in the next update.

Lennus II078

We talk to the Chief Caretaker again, who explains that everything in the temple belongs to us so we should feel free to take what we need.

Lennus II083

If we answer no…

Lennus II085

But let’s not be rude and answer yes.

Lennus II086

He explains that there are four treasures in Andel that we need to gather and bring back here to usher in the Great Union, and he admits that’s the whole prophecy right there.

Lennus II099

This guy tells us that hundreds of generations of people have been waiting for the Raigans to awaken Farus to bring about the Great Union and make everyone happy.

Lennus II115 Lennus II119

I’ll let this guy speak for himself.

Lennus II121

This guy tells us that we have been in suspended animation for 10,000 years and all of his ancestors have been watching over us the entire time.

No pressure.

Lennus II128

These are the four treasures we are to find, and he warns us that while we are an Immortal Raigan, do not underestimate the perils outside. He is right to do so.

Lennus II136

If we say no…

Lennus II138 Lennus II139

No no wait wait, we want to know how to run!

Lennus II142 Lennus II143

Womp womp.

But yeah, we can dash in this game and I will be using it a lot. You’ll have to take my word for it though, since I can’t depict dashing in screenshots.

Lennus II144

Four continents, four caves, four treasures. Its a good thing that we don’t believe in Four is Death around here or I might be worried.

Lennus II147

Let’s answer no, since we haven’t.

Lennus II150

Aw, he sounds so hurt.

Let’s tell him yes now.

Lennus II152

So yeah, we’re going to be bringing the four treasures to this device specifically.

Lennus II157 Lennus II159 Lennus II160 Lennus II161

And we even have them all conveniently labeled for each treasure.

Lennus II162

We tell him yes and he lets us go downstairs.

Lennus II168 Lennus II169

We will definitely be talking to everyone.

Lennus II171

This guy is very excited at the prospect of our magic and how we will improve it, but as mentioned before, that will be covered in the next update.

Lennus II178

I do not know why these guys would be punished but I’ll make sure that they aren’t. He explains that this room contains the equipment of a hero who fell in battle defending Andel from monsters and now we are free to take it. He also tells us to search cabinets and storage bins as well.

Lennus II184

There’s always that guy.

Lennus II186

Nice thing about treasure chests in this game?

Lennus II189

They stay open after you’ve opened them!

Lennus II190 Lennus II191 Lennus II192

Unfortunately, the cabinets have nothing in them here.

Lennus II193 Lennus II194

And with a single press of Optimal, we get all of our equipment assigned just like that. No silly truncations in this game!

Lennus II195

When we move to leave these guys interrupt us. Fortunately they step out of the way right after so they get to keep their jobs.

Lennus II197

Downstairs in the room on the left we find a Light Card! I will use that after we get our official explanation about magic in this game, as there are some differences between it and Paladin’s Quest.

Lennus II198

This conversation is a treat and I will be showing all of it. You’re welcome.

Lennus II199 Lennus II200 Lennus II201 Lennus II203 Lennus II205 Lennus II208 Lennus II211 Lennus II213 Lennus II215 Lennus II216 Lennus II219

I did mention that this Let’s Play will not be monetized, right?

Lennus II221

She explains how each bottle holds nine doses, each bottle affects the medicine put in it, and in addition to shops we can also get medicine from free-standing machines and even rare individuals who will refill our medicine for free.

Lennus II228

She explains that we will need more experience before we get a spell that can restore HP, and also lectures us on how there’s no such thing as MP.

Lennus II241

I can’t think of a single time I would want to equip a bottle in a hand slot, but the option is there.

Lennus II242 Lennus II243 Lennus II245 Lennus II247

And right away we get to fill out a full party! Unlike in Paladin’s Quest, if we were to try to go outside alone, we would die horribly on the first random encounter. The land of Andel is rough.

If we talk to him again he’ll explain that anyone we dismiss will come back here and we can recruit them again. Furthermore there are Summon Taverns and other ways for us to recover old party members.

But that’s for later. Right now we need to meet our potential party members!

Lennus II255 Lennus II256 Lennus II257

Before we have anyone join, we’ll want to check out their stats and magic.

Lennus II258 Lennus II259

Suzan is Fire S, while Kekan is Bolt S. Having both Fire and Air gives Zock the SpeedUp buff. Unlike the original, this is not a party wide buff, not yet. As you gain more levels in your spirits, spells will gain improved effects, which for SpeedUp means more targets affected.

Lennus II261 Lennus II262 Lennus II263 Lennus II264

This guy certainly feels confident about himself.

Lennus II265 Lennus II266

Lelan is Break S. He has Defense Up, and despite being a level lower than Zock his attack power is higher than his.

Lennus II267Lennus II270

Joad gets a bad vibe from us, but he knows his job and will work hard for us if we do pick him.

Lennus II271 Lennus II272

Joad is very strong, especially since he’s the highest level of the three we’ve met so far. He’s got good spirit development and the Attack Up spell.

Lennus II274 Lennus II275 Lennus II276

Someone wants to be the new Midia.

Lennus II277 Lennus II278

Lelun is the group attack version of Lelan. Momrick is the Freeze spell of the game. Her speed is her best attribute so odds are reasonable that she would be able to cast Momrick before the enemies attack, which is the best possible time for that.

Lennus II279 Lennus II280 Lennus II281

And now for our fifth and final option.

Lennus II282 Lennus II283

Kekun is the group version of Kekan.

So, there you have it. We have five options and three slots to fill. Any party combination can be made to work, so feel free to vote however you wish. Just make sure that you vote for three characters and list them in order of priority so that I can tally up all the votes and determine who gets to get in.

Next time on Lennus II, the hope that we may yet be monetized. See you then!


Joad, Yuma, and Zock

Episode 2: Gwanji, where art thou?

Lennus II284 Lennus II285 Lennus II286

And so we have chosen our three warriors to help us on our quest to gather the four treasures. We could come back here later on to swap in the other two, but that would require level grinding to get them up to speed and I don’t want to do that.

Lennus II289 Lennus II291

Upon taking the elevator to the first floor this man rushes from the left and drags us back with him so we may learn about the Spirit Powers from the Spirit Mongers.

Lennus II295 Lennus II296

Here we will learn all about how magic works in Lennus II; elemental weaknesses are very big in this game, every enemy has them and you will need to target them or die. Furthermore, you don’t level up your spirits by casting spells, but rather by killing enemies who drop the appropriate spirits in battle, but this only works if you are equipped with the same spirit. This does free you up to act however you want in battle while still developing your magic, so that’s pretty nice.

Lennus II301 Lennus II304

He goes on to explain that right now we can only equip one spirit at a time, but if we can get a fourth spirit, we’ll be able to equip two. From this we can derive that getting six spirits will let us equip three and all eight will let us equip four.

Lennus II307 Lennus II308

He explains that this and an item called a Spirit Orb are the only ways for us to change which spirits we have equipped. We can ask him for a more detailed explanation of how to use the spirit exchange, but its honestly pretty self explanatory.

Lennus II321 Lennus II324 Lennus II328 Lennus II331 Lennus II333

This guy doesn’t really give us much new info, though we learn the names of the spirits for this game so that’s pretty nice. Note that the spirit names in Paladin’s Quest were accurately translated there, so this is a change between games and not a correction.

Lennus II335 Lennus II336

This guy, who has been given a very wacky accent, explains some stuff about spell names; any spell that ends in the letter “N” is an attack spell, “AN” means its single target, “UN” is group-targeting, and “ON” will hit all enemies. Furthermore, when we are on the spells menu we can press and hold L to see what the spells do and R to see the HP costs.

Lennus II357

Having spoken with everyone I go to the Spirit Exchange and I choose Light for my spirit. This will be essential to clearing the first dungeon without grinding.

When we leave the first guy will stop us to repeat what he’d said before, much like how the guards repeated themselves on making sure we equip our equipment, only longer. But if we talk to him again, he does say something new.

Lennus II360 Lennus II361

He just basically gushes about how long he and everyone have been waiting for Farus and what a momentous day today is.

Lennus II372 Lennus II373

This woman here can refill our medicine bottles for free, which we will take advantage of to save as much money as possible.

Lennus II378 Lennus II379

And she will restore all our HP for free. That’s some good home cooking right there.

Lennus II382

We answer yes and we get a whole long thing of him processing that he really is talking to the young Raigan and him asking us to autograph his shirt for him. We do and he leaves very very happy. Near as far as I can tell there’s nothing to be gained from doing this, but I like to do it anyway.

Lennus II400

And now we enter the world map, and with the world map comes the world map theme.

Unlike the adventurous Naskuot theme or the oppressive Saskuot theme, Andel is a somber world.

Lennus II401

Our next destination is the town down there. Unlike Paladin’s Quest, there will be no treasure chests scattered on the overworld map. That was a nice touch that will be missed.

Lennus II404

Upon entering town this kid rushes down to question us. We are also greeted by the town theme.

Its very very cheery.

Lennus II407 Lennus II410

The kid runs through town to tell everyone the good news and everyone starts coming out of their homes.

Lennus II413 Lennus II415

The camera pans down to this old man who says the town’s modest amenities are at our disposal.

Lennus II417

We are then warped to the welcoming party, complete with a chill welcome party theme.

Lennus II418 Lennus II419


Lennus II421 Lennus II423

Sorry kiddo, no hero ever awoke from their slumber after 10010 years. Its just not done.

Lennus II425 Lennus II426 Lennus II427

I’ll see what we can do for you.

Lennus II428 Lennus II429

This guy will tell us about the Al Rouge cave to the south that holds the Red Sleep.

Lennus II436 Lennus II437 Lennus II438

Probably! I mean, it wouldn’t be a game worth doing an LP of if the Great Union weren’t exciting!

Lennus II439

We will be doing that.

Lennus II440 Lennus II441 Lennus II443 Lennus II444 Lennus II445

Looks like not all is well. Well, I’m sure we’ll make the world a better place in the end and it will all be worth it.

Lennus II447 Lennus II450

He goes on to explain that Gwanji is a big bird that carries people between the continents and we should talk to Ben the Eagle for more information.

Lennus II458 Lennus II460

We answer yes to both questions so we can leave and explore the rest of the town.

Lennus II466

Thanks for the offer but we’ve already rested. Plus we haven’t even had our first fight yet anyway.

Lennus II467

We now step back into town and are free to explore it. With the graphics being bigger and more detailed than before, the towns feel much bigger than before as well.

Lennus II470 Lennus II471 Lennus II472 Lennus II473

Talking to her will give us a little preview of Du Terran.

Lennus II476

That question says so much.

Lennus II477 Lennus II478

As I stand outside the Spirit Exchange building, I finally remember to use the Light Card that I’d picked up before. Nice thing about this game, selecting items in your inventory will give you information on what they do. No need to dig through vague manuals or guides!

Lennus II479

And naturally we use it on Farus to give him a head start.

Lennus II480

We set foot in the spirit exchange.

Lennus II481

This guy reminds us that we can always use L if we are not sure what spells do. I would show this off, except I can’t hold down L and take screenshots at the same time.

Lennus II484 Lennus II485 Lennus II486 Lennus II487 Lennus II488

Talking to this guy gives you such important advice that will help you so much. I really appreciate the game having someone spell this stuff out for you instead of just forcing you to stumble about blindly until you chance upon what spells actually work. Now we have an idea!

That said we’ve already gotten our spirits set so we move on to the tool shop.

Lennus II490

That’s just common sense.

Lennus II491 Lennus II492

And here we see what will be for sale at every tool shop. I won’t be buying any of this for right now, but I may have cause to pick up some Spirit Orbs down the line.

Lennus II493

Medicine is sold separately.

Lennus II496

You bet I do!

Lennus II497 Lennus II498

That’s a big, big change from Paladin’s Quest. We can now change and upgrade our mercenaries equipment, and when the time comes to dismiss them we can automatically strip all their equipment and sell it off. To be frank, I like to recruit everyone and sell off the equipment of the characters I don’t plan to use.

Lennus II500 Lennus II501

And here we have the weapon shop, where we can see exactly what our new equipment offers in terms of attack value. Sadly, special properties of weapons will not be shown unless we examine them in our inventory. For example, the Little Slasher is a wapon that targets an entire group of enemies. All that said, I will not be buying any weapons right now.

Lennus II502 Lennus II503

Over in the armor shop, this guy has some common sense advice.

Lennus II505 Lennus II506

And here we have the armor shop. I will not be buying anything here either; truth be told, I am going to be saving my money up as much as possible in order to purchase some very expensive but very powerful weapons.

Lennus II508 Lennus II509

I want to see it too, don’t you worry about that.

Lennus II512

This line feels straight out of Dragon Quest.

Lennus II516 Lennus II517 Lennus II518

Hey, I signed his shirt and sent him on his way, its not my fault he hasn’t gotten back yet.

Lennus II519

Time for the hero fee.

Lennus II520 Lennus II521

I’d say that’s two birds with one stone, but that seems tacky.

Lennus II522

We set foot in the bar and listen to the bar theme.

They need to hire the piano man from the first game.

Lennus II525 Lennus II529

The dangers of basing your town’s economy on a single giant bird. Though I’m sure this guy would be drinking during the day anyway.

Lennus II531 Lennus II533

No, I think we get the picture now.

Lennus II534 Lennus II535

There is a stairway that you can just barely make out behind the strange foliage in town. Fun fact, I missed this stairway on my first playthrough, which made this next part of the game a little harder.

Lennus II537 Lennus II539

We get two treasures in this place, including our second Mini Bottle.

Lennus II538 Lennus II540

We promptly equip these.

Lennus II545 Lennus II546

This is Ben the Eagle’s house, and this is Ben the Eagle’s wife. She tells us about Doughren and how it implants its larva inside the Gwanji eggs and asks that we kill the foul monster so that we can get Gwanji back. We even know about our first boss already; isn’t Lennus II nice like that?

Lennus II553

Up there we can see a unique sprite that looks fitting for a man named Ben the Eagle.

Lennus II555 Lennus II558 Lennus II559

And that’s because it is. He is having a real rough time of it without Gwanji.

That concludes our business in Gwandell. Next time, I will be heading to the Al Rouge cave and taking on the challenges therein. I hope you’re excited, because I sure am.


Episode 3: Watch out, its raining Gwanji Eggs.

Lennus II560

On our way to the Al Rouge cave, we have our first battle of the game! Each battle opens with a shot of our heroes ready to face off against the monsters that are all over the place. We are also introduced to our battle music.

It doesn’t go as hard as the battle theme of the previous game, but it works pretty well here. It captures the ebb and flow of a hard fought battle.

Lennus II561

In any event, these weird flying things are Baby Jumpers and we’re going to try out a variety of attacks on them.

Lennus II564

You may notice over to the left that there are bars, one labeled party and the other labeled enemy. Every time someone attacks, those bars will rise to indicate the relative level of attack and defense power involved. Joad’s rod attack is significantly higher than the Baby Jumper’s defense, so he does some good damage to it. We also see over on the right that character’s spirits, which will get little dots if that character is using a spell involving those spirits.

Lennus II565

When a monster dies it goes up in a little cloud and drops a spirit. For Baby Jumper, that means an Air Spirit. While I didn’t use it here, the Baby Jumper’s weakness is fire, so Suzan or Suzun would be the way to go.

Lennus II570 Lennus II571

After battle, we get our rewards, but unfortunately despite the Air Spirits being dropped, Zock is unable to level up his Air Spirit. I do not know how the game calculates these things, but it seems like something that might be affected by level, wisdom, and what specific monster it is. Later on in the game we can expect our spirits to go up by 2 or 3 after a battle, but that’s a long way’s off.

Lennus II572

Now we enter the Al Rouge cave and hear our first dungeon music.

A bit spoopy, but as hostile as I might like.

Lennus II573

In a wonderful display of beginner’s dungeon design, we are given a Flight Door right away, allowing us to escape from the dungeon if we are in dire straights.

Lennus II574 Lennus II575

And so we get our first enemies of the dungeon, the Fusenka and the Kone Dragons. The Fusenka works just like the Balloon enemies in the original, inflating themselves to explode on you for massive damage. The Kone dragons by contrast are regular attackers.

Lennus II579

They are weak to lightning and drop Fire spirits upon death.

Lennus II580

Yuma’s Kekun spell is enough even at the start to one shot the Kone Dragons, so that’s really nice.

Lennus II581

Zock uses Suzan and does a lot of damage, but its not enough to defeat the Fusenka. Two of them have already achieved the first stage of their death cycle, so we should do something about that.

Lennus II585 Lennus II586

Because of our low levels Momrick is only able to target a single monster rather than a group, but even at this starting stage it is able to reliably keep a monster from doing anything for the rest of the battle, and seeing as this monster was on the verge of exploding, this was a very good thing.

Lennus II588

The Fusenkas drop Fire and Light Spirits, which means that between them and the Kone Dragons, everyone stands a chance to gain spirits from this encounter.

Lennus II589

In the end the third Fusenka explodes and does over seventy damage to Farus and Joad.

Lennus II590 Lennus II591 Lennus II592 Lennus II593

But its all okay, because not only did we win, but we also got level ups and several spirits. A good fight all around.

Lennus II595

We use the Health option after that fight to heal ourselves, and everyone is brought to full except for Yuma. The game determined that she hadn’t lost enough health to justify a Mini Bottle dose and so she goes without. As I said before, the game is very smart about this sort of thing.

Lennus II596 Lennus II597

Heading down the stairs we get a Home Door, which when paired with our Flight Door means we can return to town from any point in the dungeon. That’s really nice.

Lennus II598

Here we encounter the Kedama Mush. Physical attacks can cause them to split, but being plant monsters they are vulnerable to fire.

Lennus II599 Lennus II600

The Kedama Mushes drop Light Spirits, and accordingly can do single target or group targeting electricity attacks. I can’t help but feel that if there had been a Lennus III, some sort of formation function for your party could be implemented so that depending on the particular area of effect of an enemy attack, some of your characters might not get caught up in it.

Lennus II602

Momrick also works on these guys.

Lennus II605 Lennus II606

A level for Farus, and more spirits. I remember back when I was first playing this game I swore I read somewhere that the particular spirits you have equipped affect your stat growth, but I can’t for the life of me find where I saw that and in any event I do not know what impact what spirits would have. What I do know is that late game stat growth gets really good.

Lennus II607 Lennus II608

We find a very big egg in our way and upon touching it, it cracks open.

Lennus II609

We now have a miniboss fight complete with miniboss theme music!

That said, the Tainted Clutch is only a miniboss in the sense that it is not a random encounter. While they do have a lot of HP, their attack power is not anything remarkable.

Lennus II610

Sometimes they retreat into their egg to charge up a bigger attack, but as long as you have everyone cast Kekan, he should die before that becomes an issue.

Lennus II612

And upon death they drop a Gold spirit.

Lennus II614 Lennus II615

This was a very good fight for Yuma.

Lennus II616 Lennus II617

The egg now gone, we are able to get the Mini Bottle, a good reward and it teaches us about fighting slightly stronger enemies, and it gives us a hint to what kind of attacks will work best on the Doughren. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; this game has some really good design.

Lennus II618

Checking the Mini Bottle reveals that it heals 800 HP instead of 300 HP, which makes sense considering the much higher HP growth in this game. Paladin’s Quest scaled much more like a Dragon Quest, while Lennus II scales more like a Final Fantasy.

Lennus II620

New enemy, the Dancing Birds.

Lennus II625 Lennus II626

Set the Dancing Birds on fire. That does the trick.

Lennus II629

More good spirit growth.

Lennus II630

Another new enemy, the Armored Naga. While they are more vulnerable to Lightning attacks, its not as stark as with other enemies.

Lennus II631

So until Yuma’s stats get a little better, I have her use Momrick to keep the Armored Nagas in check.

Lennus II636

Once I have both of them frozen in place I start having her use Kekun, and that 54 damage is just not going to cut it.

Lennus II638

They drop Gold and Wind spirits.

Lennus II640 Lennus II641 Lennus II642

We are gaining levels and spirits at a very good pace.

Lennus II644

I encounter another Tainted Clutch, this time a mandatory one, and since Zock’s attack options do next to no damage to it, I decide to have him use Speed Up so that the others can go a little quicker and kill this guy faster.

Lennus II646 Lennus II647

Fights in this game feel very snappy and satisfying. Going through the interface is really fast and the animations and sound effects are all solid.

Lennus II648 Lennus II649

I have no idea how anyone could be expected to get to this point solo. Unlike Paladin’s Quest, there is no way you’re going to get through this without a full party at all points in the game. The Anti Bottle heals poison and paralysis. Not that I can think of any enemies in this dungeon that use either of those status effects.

Lennus II652 Lennus II653

Yuma’s magic is going to get really strong with that wisdom growth.

Lennus II654 Lennus II655

Random encounters are shut off in this room on account of all the giant tainted eggs that are being dropped down on us. Fortunately, they drop down in regular patterns so if you take a little time to observe you can completely avoid all fighting in this room.

There is also a constant rumbling sound that only stops when you go into a fight, so its a bit of a tradeoff.

Lennus II656

This goes onto Zock, since he doesn’t have Kekun and so needs a way to do good damage against the boss.

Lennus II658 Lennus II659

The light shield slows Farus down a little, but the defense gain is more than worth it, especially with a boss fight in the near future.

Lennus II662 Lennus II663

After climbing up to the next level, Farus gainst a level.

Lennus II665 Lennus II666

And then so does Zock. Magic is not going to be his strong suit.

Lennus II667

Here we find our fourth Mini Bottle and equip it to Zock so now everyone can heal.

Lennus II668

Our first pre-emptive strike. Unlike Paladin’s Quest, the enemies are not white outs and we can see who we’ve gotten the drop on.

Lennus II671

Upon rising to the second floor once again, the music cuts out and we hear a sound like a heart beat. There are no random encounters here.

Lennus II672

We give ourselves a full restore.

Lennus II674

And there’s the Doughren, along with the Gwanji egg and the Red Sleep. Everything we need in one room.

Lennus II675

We walk up to it to trigger the boss fight, and so we get our boss fight theme.

My strategy here is simple; Farus, Joad, and Yuma will all use Kekan while Zock buffs everyone up with Speed Up.

Lennus II676

Joad does good damage.

Lennus II677

Doughren retaliates by launching an air based attack that rips up the ground at our feet and deals around 100 damage to everyone.

Lennus II680

He can also lunge at individual targets for more damage.

Lennus II681

Upon getting everyone’s speed up, I have Joad cast Attack Up on Zock.

Lennus II685 Lennus II682

Finally, once his health gets low enough, he starts healing himself by eating the tainted eggs. While this does keep him from attacking us, it does mean that unless we can consistently do over 300 damage a turn, this fight will never end.

Lennus II683

Fortunately, everyone else does around 100 with Kekan and thanks to having a dagger and Attack Up, we are just able to push over that 300 damage limit. I usually like to stop and grind up a level here to make sure I can do enough damage. But this time?

Lennus II687

That grinding was unnecessary. And its usually the only grinding I end up doing the entire game.

Lennus II688 Lennus II689

Bosses have a very high chance of dropping their items after battle. Helps minimize save scumming.

Lennus II690 Lennus II691 Lennus II692

A few levels and spirits later, we return to the main screen.

Lennus II698

For some reason this seems out of order. But its in our inventory so all’s well that ends well.

Lennus II699

The egg also follows us around, but it is not present in battle so we don’t have to worry about it getting broken.

We go to grab the Red Sleep…

Lennus II703 Lennus II705 Lennus II707 Lennus II709

Hmm, a mysterious face tries to warn us not to do it.

Lennus II710 Lennus II711

We could just leave it here.

Lennus II712 Lennus II714

But there wouldn’t be a rest of the game if we did.

Lennus II715 Lennus II716

And here we have the descriptions of the Gwanji Egg and the Red Sleep in our inventory.

Lennus II717

Me being me, rather than just use our Flight and Home Doors, I will walk out of the dungeon and gain more experience that way. Anything to avoid running around in circles.

Lennus II719 Lennus II720

On our way back Yuma gains a level.

Lennus II721

And then we get this bullshit where the eggs roll up the opposite way from how they did before and I get hit by one and I’m forced into a fight. Rude.

Lennus II723

After that incident I avoid any further egg incidents.

Lennus II724 Lennus II727 Lennus II732

Some more levels on our way out.

Lennus II734 Lennus II735

After leaving the dungeon I saved and quit, and when I got back on I decided to show this little feature. If you are stuck and you are completely without recourse, you can choose the help option. I never do this, but I appreciate that Asmik is looking out for the player.

Lennus II736

On our way back we encounter the other overworld enemy of the Al Terran continent, the Pilopin. They are reptiles, we can zap them and get fire spirits.

Lennus II740 Lennus II741 Lennus II742 Lennus II743 Lennus II744 Lennus II745

But rather than go straight back to Gwandell I instead go to my temple to refill my medicine and get healed for free.

That’s one treasure down, three to go. Next time we’ll be visiting the Du Terran Continent and finding out what ordeals are in store for us there.


I’m going to make sure that future updates are not as long as the previous update was. I just got real excited and wanted to get the entire town and the entire dungeon in their own updates. Please let me know what length in the posts work best for you all.

I would also like to clear up something I’d said earlier; I did some homework and as it turns out each character does in fact have a hidden stat for each of their spirits that determines how easy it is for them to level their spirits up from 1 to 3. Farus naturally has a 3 in all the spirits. This and the number of spirits that gets dropped is used to determine how spirits level up after battle.

Now onto the LP!

Episode 4: Welcome to Revenant, home of no vengeance ghosts.

Lennus II746 Lennus II747

Back in Gwandell, we get some updated dialogue responding to our success in the Al Rogue cave.

Lennus II748 Lennus II749

I’m pretty sure the Great Union isn’t going to change that.

Lennus II751 Lennus II753

The tavern will keep the booze flowing no matter what.

Lennus II754

Its hard for me to capture here, but the dancing girl is twisting her body around and then turning her head. Dancing has certainly come a long way since the days of Paladin’s Quest.

Lennus II755

Will do!

Lennus II757 Lennus II759

We of course hand it over, we don’t have a way of using it ourselves after all.

Lennus II762 Lennus II763

He puts the egg into the machine, it makes noises, a much bigger egg comes out and hatches to reveal…

Lennus II764 Lennus II765

…Whatever that’s supposed to be. I was told that Gwanji was a bird. That is not a bird. Its a beaked turtle with a propeller! Which sounds a lot like a power rangers monster come to think of it.

Lennus II768 Lennus II769

But yes, this is Gwanji who will take us to the floating continent of Du Terran.

Lennus II774 Lennus II775

It may look extraordinarily goofy, but we do get the flying music.

So that’s pretty chill.

Lennus II776 Lennus II777 Lennus II778 Lennus II779 Lennus II780

I like the way the game switches between the different sprites to convey perspective during the flight.

Lennus II782 Lennus II784

The Eagle’s Flute will allow us to summon Ben and Gwanji to ferry us between the continents. Naturally we have to go to the other continents by the intended means first before he can ferry us to and from them, but its still a very helpful item.

Lennus II789 Lennus II790

The guard then hops way up in the air and moves aside.

Lennus II791 Lennus II793

One of these guys gives us a warm and cheery reception. The other does not. Let us hope we find more of the former rather than the latter.

Lennus II795 Lennus II796 Lennus II797

As someone who can’t stand the taste of alcohol, I can’t say that I see the appeal.

Lennus II798

A festival eh? I like festivals, the last town we went to threw one for us, they were very nice like that. Maybe all we have to do is introduce ourselves to the mayor and we’ll get that party started? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Stay tuned for the next installment of Lennus II: The Apostles of the Seals!

So how is this length?


That’s a good length for a shorter update.

(I forget to set the tracking option for this thread, so I missed the 2nd and 3rd updates when they came out. Sorry!)

No problem, I’m just glad that you’re on for the ride.

Episode 5: The Fanboys are here to help.

Lennus II799 Lennus II800 Lennus II801

This Kai sounds like a rambunctious little tyke. I’m sure that while he makes his parents worry he won’t do anything too bad.

Lennus II803 Lennus II804 Lennus II806

To make the cranky old man’s long story short, and he basically does not believe in the prophecy of Farus at all and thinks that the Mayor has everyone worked up over nothing. He’ll be in for quite a shock when he realizes who we are.

Lennus II802 Lennus II813 Lennus II824

The weapon shop has a Light Sword, but while that is better than what we have, I’m still not buying anything. I switch Farus’s spirit from Light to Air at the Spirit Exchange and then use the Air Card I won from Doughren. I did not have to wait to change the spirits to do this though; as long as one of the spirits is available to Farus, you can use the appropriate card to gain points in that spirit. Just something to keep in mind.

Lennus II815 Lennus II816 Lennus II817

For whatever reason, we can’t just simply tell the guards that we are Farus. No, we need to do things a little more convoluted than that. The inn also contains the tool shop, and it seems we have our own squad of fanboys in town. Nifty. He even mentions that the meeting spot was supposed to be somewhere in the mayor’s house.

Lennus II819 Lennus II820

This lady bad mouths Kai and so gets robbed by us. We’ll put that money to better use anyway.

Lennus II822 Lennus II823 Lennus II825

By using a door on the side of the armor shop, we get some free goodies. The Dawn Hat gives Farus a much needed defense boost, and with how hard enemies are going to be hitting in the next dungeon, we really do need that.

Lennus II826

Not enough to spend money on new armor of course, but the option is there.

Lennus II827 Lennus II828

Not to worry, your butt is being sacrificed for a good cause. Just to the south are more guards blocking another exit out of town with nothing new to say.

Lennus II831


Lennus II833 Lennus II835 Lennus II836

The goons inside the mayor’s house are not helpful, but the secret moving bookcase is helpful.

Lennus II837 Lennus II839 Lennus II840

The Sir Farus squires are about to get their minds blown. We tell the third kid, who as it so happens is Kai but is not identified as such until a later text box, that we are Farus and we need to see the Mayor. Armed with this knowledge, he opens the secret door into the Mayor’s room and thus makes himself the most useful NPC we’ve met since the time we left the temple.

Edit: I realized I could go longer on this update after all so we’re going to keep on going.

Lennus II849 Lennus II850 Lennus II852

We rob the mayor because we are the immortal Raigan. Upstairs there is a strange device we can’t do anything with, while downstairs the door is locked from the outside, apparently. Our only way to progress is to talk to the Mayor.

Lennus II854 Lennus II856 Lennus II857

The mayor is incredibly groggy and takes no small amount of time to process that we are the young Raigan that he has been waiting for. Once he’s caught up, he rushes downstairs.

Lennus II869 Lennus II871 Lennus II872

We finally get a proper reception, only for it to turn out we are tired and need to go to sleep. Naturally, the mayor has the lights shut off.

Lennus II881 Lennus II883 Lennus II884

Hijinks ensue in the darkness, and the inn theme plays.

Lennus II887 Lennus II888 Lennus II889

He is not kidding by half. The Sir Farus squires are gone and left a note saying they went to Du Flair to retrieve the Blue Flame for us. So now we need to rescue them in addition to retrieving the Blue Flame. The mayor also tells us that it is a place of roaring fire, so odds are we won’t get much use out of Suzan.

So yeah, the kids helped us out, and are not creating far more trouble for us. Lesson learned, fanboys are never good news. Next time, a little more talking in town, then off to Du Flair.


Episode 6: I Fell in a Ring of Burning Fire.

Lennus II902Lennus II904

The mayor has his priorities all in order.

Lennus II906 Lennus II907 Lennus II908

There’s nothing sadder than food going to waste. I’m sure she’ll figure something out though. As for the weird guy on the roof…

Lennus II911 Lennus II913 Lennus II915

We ask him to read it to us, and it basically says that we can use this device to go to Tol Terra and Kura Terra, but first we need the Blue Flame to power it up.

Lennus II921 Lennus II923


Lennus II924 Lennus II925 Lennus II927

These places sound like they’re going to get exciting!

Lennus II929 Lennus II930 Lennus II931

Kai’s parents are besides themselves with worry. No doubt they will be very relieved when we safely return their wayward son to them.

Lennus II933 Lennus II934

Somehow I don’t imagine someone who is repeatedly described as young themselves would use the word Sonny.

Lennus II936

Sometimes this translation can get a bit questionable.

Lennus II937 Lennus II938 Lennus II939

These two have flipped their scripts on us.

Lennus II940 Lennus II943 Lennus II944

Events in the bar are much the same as before. I doubt anyone here would notice the kids were gone.

Lennus II946

Finally we talk to the guards and get out of town.

Lennus II947 Lennus II953

A new enemy on the field, the Bowing Bird. Nothing special about this one. Fire is the most effective way to go, and they drop Light and Air spirits.

Lennus II954 Lennus II955

The overworld around here has lots of enemies that drop Air spirits, so if you want you could spend a little while grinding to help bring Farus’s air spirt up before going down into Du Flair.

Lennus II957 Lennus II959

Another level for Zock right before we get to the cave.

Lennus II960

Welcome to Du Flair, home of lots and lots of fire.

Lennus II961 Lennus II962 Lennus II963

If you step on the fire, your entire party gets reduced to 1 HP. We do not have the kind of healing that would let us shrug that off. So how do we get past?

Lennus II964

By stepping on these raised tiles to make the fire go away.

Lennus II965 Lennus II966

But we can only get rid of one type of fire at a time. Navigating this dungeon will involve having the right switches pressed so we are not constantly getting caught in the fire.

Next time, we actually explore Du Flair.


Episode 7: A Weird Place to Get the Munchies

Lennus II967

We open the update with an encounter with three new monsters. The Needlesaurus can either shoot spikes from its tail or bite down on you, both attacks seeming to do the same amount of damage. Lightning elemental attacks are your best bet against them, and they drop fire spirits. Likewise, lightning is also effective against the Multitusks, who sometimes spend a turn to charge up for a bigger attack, and drop a fire spirit upon death… The Cave Ogre can do a regular attack, or it can do a bigger attack with its horn growing out and there is no charge-up for this. Lelan is what you want to use against them, and your reward is a Light spirit.

Momrick also wonderful against any of these enemies; once you’ve frozen an enemy, they will stay frozen for the rest of the battle and that can save you from a world of hurt.

Lennus II976

We’re still early in the game and this is a dungeon where its easy for you to get in over your head, especially if you’re careless about the fire, so we get another Flight Door.

Lennus II979 Lennus II980 Lennus II981

And down on the next level we pick up a Home Door, which is actually not necessary. The Eagle Flute will also take us back to town and it won’t expire either. Still, the game is being consistent and I can’t knock it for that.

Lennus II984 Lennus II985

The game is actually a little mean here; see, I actually want to go to the upper left first, as that will take me down to a level where I can get an item, but since my attention is drawn to that treasure chest there, I end up getting directed to go down where I need to go to finish the dungeon, which is the last thing I want to do. Literally, I don’t want to finish the dungeon until after I’ve gotten all the treasures.

Lennus II986

But at least Farus gets a level.

Lennus II989

And in this fight, we get one of the nastier enemies in this dungeon, the Earth Lip. They recover HP equal to half the damage that they do to you, and that’s just the beginning. They don’t do it in this fight, but they can eat one of your party members, which results in them being stuck in their mouth. While a character is being eaten they cannot do anything and they take 1/10 the damage that you inflict on the Earth Lips, and killing the Earth Lips is the only way to release them. Furthermore, the Earth Lip will continue to attack the target they’re eating, only now they recover HP equal to the full damage of the attack. Fortunately for us, we never encounter more than two Earth Lips at a time, but when we do encounter them, Lelan and Momrick are a must. Upon death they drop Fire and Gold spirits.

Lennus II996 Lennus II997

After fiddling with some switches, we get the Canvas Shoes which will give Farus an immense boost to his speed. This is part of why I’m not bothering about buying any equipment right now; we can get the equipment upgrades we need just by going to the dungeons. For now.

Lennus II998

And now the final new enemy, the Nellin. These guys can hit three times in one round, and if they focus those attacks on one character that can get real dicey. Fortunately, they are weak to fire and we have plenty of fire power in this party, which lets us get a much needed Air and Gold spirit. Combined with Yuma’s Kekun to deal with the group of Multitusks down below, and we can take care of this enemy formation straight forwardly.

Lennus II1003

The air spirit is great for dealing with both the boss and some of the nastier monsters in this dungeon, but it is hard to get points for it. If you want to use the Light spirit for Farus instead, that could also be viable, but in the end using Air works out for me this run.

Lennus II1006 Lennus II1007

And this is what it looks like when we get eaten by the Earth Lip, as well as when the Cave Ogre uses its more dangerous attack. Casting Momrick on the offending Earth Lip can be a big help in keeping them from draining the eaten party member dry.

Lennus II1012 Lennus II1013 Lennus II1014

We find one of the missing kids who tells us that Kai is in deep deep trouble, but he can wait while I grab a Little Slasher from the chest next to him. I equip this to Joad, as he is the only one in the party who can equip it, and so now he has a group attacking option. This will be very helpful.

Lennus II1018 Lennus II1020 Lennus II1024 .

Also helpful for Joad is another level, along with levels for Yuma and Zock. These levels happen when I realize I need to turn around and go the other way to get the missing treasure chest.

Lennus II1028

We find another of the missing children, who shares much the same story as before.

Lennus II1029 Lennus II1032

Our reward for coming out this way, in addition to a level for Farus, is another Anti Bottle. I think its a bit weird that we have two anti bottles, yet the first status condition we run into is not one that the Anti Bottle can do anything about. This game usually has good design, but this is an oddity.

Lennus II1034 Lennus II1035

After a few more fights, Joad and Yuma have now reached level 2 in Fire and Light, respectively. Every 32 points that a spirit has raises it up a level to a maximum of 8. Every odd level represents a significant advance in power, so keep an eye out for when I reach level 3 in a spirit; things will get interesting then.

Lennus II1039

On the penultimate level, we must turn the fire on at our backs, locking us in.

Lennus II1042

And so here we are at the bottom level, with the music gone and a heart beat beckoning us on. What has become of Kai? What sort of fiery monster lurks down here? And will we get another cryptic warning from the Blue Flame? The answers to all these questions will be in the next update. See you then.


Episode 7: Kai’s Terrible Awful Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Content Warning: There is child abuse in this episode. I will warn for when it is about to happen.

Lennus II1046 Lennus II1048 Lennus II1049

In front of the Blue Flame we find Kai who attacks us! Also, his battle sprite has very strange proportions.

Lennus II1050 Lennus II1051

He just attacks by stabbing with his knife for a small amount of damage, no big deal at all. Lelan and Kekan are both very effective on him.

Lennus II1052

After a few rounds of hitting Kai, the real boss finally shows itself.

Lennus II1053 Lennus II1054 Lennus II1055

Zuzanut has a single target fire breathing attack and has overall higher defenses than Kai.

Lennus II1056

He also has this fancy area attack here, and that’s it. Its a very straightforward boss fight, no tricks up his sleeve.

Lennus II1057 Lennus II1058 Lennus II1059 Lennus II1060 Lennus II1061 Lennus II1062

Thus we explode the fire monster and get all the goodies.

Lennus II1066 Lennus II1070 Lennus II1072 Lennus II1074 Lennus II1076

Fortunately it seems we did not end up killing Kai in the process and he is able to hop away fit as a fiddle to his no doubt relieved parents. Thus all we have left to do is retrieve the Blue Flame and be on our way.

Lennus II1080 Lennus II1081 Lennus II1083

The mysterious bald man tries to convince us to stop, but we want to see where this JRPG is going to take us. So we take it.

Lennus II1084 Lennus II1085

We restore health, press the switch on the floor, and head on our way out.

Lennus II1086 Lennus II1089 Lennus II1096

By the time we get back to town, we’ve gained two levels.

Lennus II1097 Lennus II1098 Lennus II1099

I decide to play the Eagle Flute, which plays a little tune and then Ben shows up. I have him take us back to Al Teran so I can use the Temple Facilities to restore myself to full for free.

Lennus II1101

Note that he drops you off between Gwandell and the temple. So I go to the temple, get into one fight along the way, heal up, and then use the Eagle Flute to return directly to Revenant.

Lennus II1104 Lennus II1106 Lennus II1107

The people in this bar have a drinking problem.

Then we go to visit Kai’s house. Here is where the child abuse is. I will be spoiler blocking this for those who would rather not see it.

Lennus II1109 Lennus II1112Lennus II1114Lennus II1115

We now put that unpleasantness behind us.

Lennus II1117 Lennus II1119 Lennus II1120

The kid then notes that since Farus is technically a god, this means it’ll be easy for us to do the same. The English script has Farus telling the kid to lose the attitude. Come on Farus, don’t act that way with kids, its beneath you.

Lennus II1124 Lennus II1126 Lennus II1129

See, these people have the right idea on how to be when the kids are back home safe and sound.

Lennus II1130 Lennus II1132 Lennus II1133

Yes you are mayor, yes you are.

Lennus II1136 Lennus II1137

Next time we will use the device to go to Tol Terran. Theoretically we could go to Kua Terran first, but for various reasons Tol Terran is the better option.

See you next time!


Episode 8: Fear the Reaper

Lennus II1138 Lennus II1139

Using the transporter in Revenant, we arrive in Tol Terran next to the town of Gondo Ata. Upon entering we are greeted not by the usual town music, but this haunting tune.

This, combined with the faded gray look of the place, does not bode well.

Lennus II1140 Lennus II1141 Lennus II1142

There are three graves right out front. Say, didn’t that old man in Revenant say that Tol Terran was the domain of a vile death god?

Lennus II1144 Lennus II1145 Lennus II1146

This kid has both good news and bad news for us. I wonder what kind of church this was, before Forga decided that more people needed to die.

Lennus II1147

Now this is a town where its valid for people to get really hammered.

Lennus II1148 Lennus II1149 Lennus II1151

There are things to be done here, but we want to do them very carefully.

Lennus II1152 Lennus II1154 Lennus II1155

Unfortunately as the JRPG hero of this JRPG story, I am the designated driver and thus can’t get soused with you.

Lennus II1156

Make sure you get this chest now; once we have defeated Forga, it will be gone and if you didn’t get the Mini Bottle you will lose it forever. No I don’t know why this chest is like this, it just is.

Lennus II1157 Lennus II1158

While the shops are closed, and indeed no one is outside, this guy will refill our medicine for free should we so desire. So at least we can stay healthy around here.

Lennus II1161 Lennus II1162

Upstairs in the shop is the Spirit Exchange where we are again told about the Gold Spirit temple. As much as I would like to do there straight away and then deal with Forga, there’s a very good reason we will not be doing that.

Lennus II1163 Lennus II1164

But I will be picking up this Air Card and setting Farus to Fire for the upcoming dungeon.

Lennus II1165 Lennus II1165 Lennus II1167

I also use the two fire cards I’d already picked up, and then the Air card. Sadly I get the worst improvements from all of them, but that’s still a lot of battles worth of progress that I just saved on.

Lennus II1169 Lennus II1170 Lennus II1171

These creepy little devil things are hanging around outside this house. I think we should check out what’s going on inside this house.

Lennus II1172 Lennus II1173 Lennus II1174

She explains that every family in town has lost someone and now Forga has cycled back to her home to target her husband and she begs for someone to come save them.

Lennus II1180 Lennus II1183

After talking to him, a scene triggers.

Lennus II1184

This is Forga, the messenger/god of death terrorizing Gondo Ata.

Lennus II1185 Lennus II1187 Lennus II1188

Forga seemed to just want to taunt us and rub it in. Next time, we continue to explore the town and go see the priest to find out what we need to do to face Forga and keep more people from dying. See you next time.


Sorry for the long delay. If you want to blame anyone, blame Stavekoff for getting me started on Genshin Impact. Not really, its a fun game and I need to be better about self control. But still.

Episode 9: Do Not Follow Instructions

Lennus II1190 Lennus II1191

This brother-sister pair in another house are having a hard time of it too. Being the eldest sibling and having to try and be strong in the face of tragedy is not easy.

Lennus II1192 Lennus II1193 Lennus II1194

More children having to face their mortality way too early.

Lennus II1196 Lennus II1197 Lennus II1198

The parents here are not much comfort.

Lennus II1200 Lennus II1202 Lennus II1204

This guy is the reverse of all those hack comedians who say “take my wife, please!”

And with everyone else taken care of, we now go into the church to talk to Bargan and find out what he knows about defeating Forga.

Lennus II1208 Lennus II1209 Lennus II1211

He will ask us if we are prepared to face Forga, and upon us saying yes he will give us the combination for the right safe; up, right, right, left, down. He will then explain that Tol Mira has three doors and we must take the right door to go fight Forga.


I just wanted to make sure that I got that out there. He also tells us that if we go to the Gold Temple first, he might remember something new.


The reason I say this is simple; Bargan is not in his right mind and it is heavily implied that this is Forga’s doing. If we go anywhere but the correct way to Forga, people in town will die and we will be called out for that. I for one do not like having blood on my conscience, even 16 bit virtual blood. I’m a softy like that.

Lennus II1223 Lennus II1224 Lennus II1225

Nice of the game to tell me in advance that the Mira Key is a one-use item.

Lennus II1226 Lennus II1227

Here we enter Tol Mira and see the three doors. The middle door is the correct door. We’ll eventually go down the other two, but we want to kill Forga straight away.

Lennus II1228 Lennus II1229

New enemies! The Two-Neck Bird can either do an area take with blades of wind, or they can do a series of three attacks with their heads. They drop Light and Air spirits. The Hell Hound can do a single target electricity attack and drops a Light spirit. The Needlesaurus looks the same as before, but has higher stats.

Lennus II1236

After just a couple fights we’re already down a full set of heals from my Mini Bottle in the inventory. The Health option makes sure to use these bottles before tapping into the ones equipped to party members.

Lennus II1240

The rest of the new enemies in this dungeon, the Mimi and Dark Leper. The Mimi is just like the bunny enemies from the original game and will sacrifice itself to heal everyone else when it is low on health. They drop Fire and Light spirits. The Dark Leper can attack physically or call for help in the form of more Dark Lepers. They drop Light and Air spirits.

Lennus II1243

We’ve reached the end of the line; each segment of Tol Mira is a linier path that twists and turns about, and there were treasure chests on the way to this one, but I did not open any of them. I don’t know if opening them gives Forga time to go kill more people in town, but I don’t want to take that chance and have to do the boss fight over again.

Lennus II1244 Lennus II1245

Opening the chest beckons Forga to answer our challenge.

Lennus II1247 Lennus II1248 Lennus II1251

Forga does not play JRPGs and thus does not realize that killing gods is standard procedure for JRPG protagonists.

Lennus II1252 Lennus II1255 Lennus II1256

Forga opens the fight by just attacking one party member at a time with one of their grim reaper followers for decent damage, nothing to worry about. Not yet; you will want to keep your party’s health from dropping too low for reasons I’ll soon explain. In any event, attack with Fire, Air, and physical attacks during this phase of the battle.

Lennus II1257 Lennus II1259 Lennus II1260

After dealing enough damage, Forga will reveal their true monstrous form, which judging from how the horns look kind of like legs amounts to Forga flipping upside-down. Despite how silly that sounds, this transformation is no joke; Forga can now attack us with a whole host of grim reapers to hit multiple characters at once, and more importantly they can go on a rampage with their horns, attacking many times with those attacks being distributed randomly among the party members. It is this latter attack that we have to watch out for, since if those attacks pile up on one person, that person could easily fall

Lennus II1261

This kind of spike damage is key to a good boss fight I’ve come to realize; a boss that always does the same amount of damage each turn just isn’t scary the way a boss like this can be.

Lennus II1263 Lennus II1264 Lennus II1265 Lennus II1266 Lennus II1267 Lennus II1268 Lennus II1269 Lennus II1270

With that said, we are able to slay the Reaper and reap our just rewards. Level 10 all around, that’s very nice.

Lennus II1273 Lennus II1276

Much like the child back from the village, they ask what awaits them upon death, but unlike then we have nothing to say one way or another.

What awaits us on the way out, and have we truly managed to avoid extra casualties in the village? Tune in next time for a hopefully more timely update.


Episode 10: The Wonders of Multi-Hit Weapons

Lennus II1279 Lennus II1283

On our way back out, we get two very good treasures; another mini bottle, and a very important new weapon the Twin Arrow. In the original Paladin’s Quest, there was only one weapon in the entire game that could hit a single opponent twice, and that was a late game weapon. Here in Lennus II, there are many such weapons and this Twin Arrow is just the beginning.

Lennus II1284 Lennus II1285

That 209 damage there is the best and most consistent damage we’ve been able to get up to this point. Weapons that can hit multiple times are by far the best and thanks to not having to use magic all the time to level it up, we can really go to town with this weapon.

Lennus II1288 Lennus II1289 Lennus II1291

Right away things are much brighter in town, and no new graves have been put up, signaling that we did not waste any time taking down Forga. We already know how to reach Kua Terran, so this kid’s worrying is for naught.

Lennus II1292 Lennus II1293 Lennus II1296

The Black Light is indeed in Tol Mira; theoretically we could have ignored Forga entirely and gone straight for it and left this town to suffer a gruesome fate…but then we’d be missing out on that boss experience and I want that. Also I can’t let people die.

Lennus II1297 Lennus II1299 Lennus II1300

Doing things properly also means no one in the shops die and we get to get free refills of our medicine, letting us continue to save money.

Lennus II1302 Lennus II1303

The weapon and armor shops are now open, and they have some good stuff, including the Twin Arrow. No one in this party can equip the Power Slasher interestingly enough.

Lennus II1305 Lennus II1306

The Gold Spirit will be an immense help and we will be going to get the Gold Spirit very soon.

Lennus II1308 Lennus II1309 Lennus II1310

They don’t call us the Young Raigan for nothing.

Lennus II1312

This kid would grow up to be the guy who sued Mr. Incredible for saving his life.

Lennus II1314 Lennus II1315

We’ve done good all around here today.

Lennus II1316 Lennus II1318

Unfortunately, even doing the best that we can isn’t enough to save everyone. :frowning:

Lennus II1320 Lennus II1321 Lennus II1322

Bargan will now give us all the safe combinations so we can explore all the paths of Tol Mira. We’ve already opened the right safe, but the middle safe is Left-Right-Left-Down-Down while the left-hand safe is Down-Down-Up-Left-Left.

Lennus II1328 Lennus II1330

For our return trip to Tol Mira, I set Farus to Light spirit, since the enemies here will drop a lot of those. I really should have gone to the Gold Temple first so that I’d be able to equip two spirits and be able to level both up for a longer period, but I’m dumb.

Lennus II1333 Lennus II1334

We begin our way down the right hand path and in a random encounter Farus gets two points to light. That is really good, especially at this point in the game.

Lennus II1336 Lennus II1337 Lennus II1338

The Hunter’s Knife and the Light Shield will both go on Zock to improve offense and defense for him.

Lennus II1342 Lennus II1345 Lennus II1346

In a random encounter I get an Air Card and promptly use it on Farus. Yuma gains a level in a subsequent encounter; our levels are not coming in as fast as they once did.

Lennus II1348 Lennus II1349

The Purpbird feather returns, despite a lack of Purpbirds up to this point. It gets used on Farus straight away.

Lennus II1350 Lennus II1352 Lennus II1353

And at the end of the right-hand path is the White Shadow, a fake treasure. Its not completely worthless, but its not what we need to progress the plot.

What awaits us down the left-hand path of Tol Mira? And what challenges await us in the Gold Temple? Find out in the next update.


Episode 11: All that Glitters is Gold

Lennus II1354 Lennus II1359 Lennus II1361

On our way to the third and final door in Tol Mira, Farus gains a level and I use the Heal option to patch everyone up. We are at the point where the Mini Bottle is no longer a guaranteed full heal, and as we gain more health, we’re going to need more potent bottles. But that’s an issue for later in the game.

We encounter nothing of interest on our way to the Black Light treasure, so let’s see if the spooky friend shows up again.

Lennus II1364 Lennus II1366 Lennus II1367

He does, but again his warnings are garbled and again we must progress the plot the only way we know how.

Lennus II1368 Lennus II1369

With that, we leave Tol Mira behind for good and head out for the Gold Temple which I should have done sooner but I’m an idiot like that.

Lennus II1371 Lennus II1373

And back in the overworld we run into a new enemy, the Chick Army; these guys have the gimmick that when one of them attacks, they all attack. So since there are three of them, that means three instances of three attacks against me. Being birds, fire works really well as do physical attacks. Upon death they drop Air spirits.

Lennus II1374

There’s the Gold Temple, on a sectionn of land that looks very different from the rest. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about that.

Lennus II1375 Lennus II1376

This is the Gold Temple. It is Lennus II’s very own teleporter maze. Fortunately, its not actually that difficult. At least I don’t think it is, but that may be because this is my third time going through it. Its certainly better than Doth’s maze from the previous game. The screenshots don’t show it, but only one of the panels is active when we show up. By activating the console upstairs, we switch which panel is active. That’s basically the key to progressing; activating consoles to get the next panel active so you can teleport around.

Lennus II1377 Lennus II1378 Lennus II1379

New enemies for the Gold Temple, the Sleepy Mist and the Corpse Pillar. The Sleepy Mist can stun you, while the Corpse Pillars can make themselves grow bigger to spew more skulls at you to damage more members of the party. The Sleepy Mist drops gold spirits while the Corpse Pillar drops gold and fire.

Lennus II1381 Lennus II1382 Lennus II1384

Finally, Yuma will have a good, consistent opportunity to level up their gold levels. This is a dream come true for them.

Lennus II1385 Lennus II1386 Lennus II1387

So in order, use the right panel in the first room, the upper left panel in the next room, and then the upper right panel in the third room.

Lennus II1388 Lennus II1389

Middle panel, Upper left…if I’m recalling correctly. It has unfortunately been a little while since I did this maze. But its really not that bad, you can’t get that lost and the walls and layouts of each room are different so you can keep track of where you’re going.

Lennus II1390

We get the drop on another new enemy, the mold drop. They can inflict the moldy status, which blocks off one of our options in battle. Say, you know what we haven’t run into yet? An enemy that can inflict poison. You know what we have? An item that heals the poison status! Sometimes this game is weird. Oh, and the Mold Drops drop Light and Air spirits.

Lennus II1394 Lennus II1395 Lennus II1396

And with that we reach the end of the teleporter maze and can ascend to the second level. A little trial and error was involved, but all’s well that ends well. Joad even gains a level.

Lennus II1398 Lennus II1399 Lennus II1400

What haphazard carpet placement. It was so curious it gave Yuma a level.

Lennus II1401 Lennus II1402 Lennus II1403

And as you likely guessed, the carpet pattern down below indicates where the invisible floor is. This chest is also the only one in the Gold Temple, so don’t worry about exploring alternate branches of the Teleporter maze.

Lennus II1404 Lennus II1405 Lennus II1407 Lennus II1408

Hilariously enough, I mess up anyway. At least I get another Gold Card as a random drop, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Lennus II1409 Lennus II1412 Lennus II1413

This is how we will be earning our spirits throughout the rest of the game; instead of paying a shop, we instead have to find the spirit and beat it senseless.

Lennus II1414 Lennus II1415 Lennus II1416

The Gold Spirit straddles the line between looking really goofy and really horrifying. Fortunately for us, he is not that imposing a threat. He can either attack one party member or multiple party members by spewing gold spirits at us, but either way the damage remains the same and is nothing to worry about. Physical, Light, and Fire attacks work best on him.

Lennus II1421 Lennus II1423

I don’t even need to heal at any point in the fight.

Lennus II1427 Lennus II1428 Lennus II1430 Lennus II1431

And so by checking the spirit menu we see that Gold has now been unlocked for Farus; if I’d purchased a Spirit Orb I could use it right now to set the Gold spirit, but I did not.

Lennus II1432 Lennus II1433 Lennus II1434 Lennus II1435 Lennus II1436

So I go ahead and use up all my cards to boost up Farus’s spirit levels.

Now then, what awaits us after the Gold Temple? You’ll have to wait and find out.


Episode 12: You Are Huge, That Means You Have Huge Guts!

Lennus II1442 Lennus II1443 Lennus II1444

We use the Eagle Flute to return to Revenant in Du Terran, go up to the roof of the mayor’s house, and activate the teleporter to send us to Kua Terran, the fourth and final continent of Andel. Not shown is the massive clifface to the north that blocks our progress, forcing us to go into the Giant House.

Lennus II1445 Lennus II1447 Lennus II1449

Right away we notice some very interestingly named little people in the giant house. Right Big Toe will explain that he saw us 10,000 years ago when this world was created, and that he is but one part of Igles the Giant.

Lennus II1455 Lennus II1456 Lennus II1458

As we talk to all the various pieces of Igles, we get the idea that Igles ate something off the ground and this somehow split him apart into pieces. As far as scenarios go, this is delightfully out there.

Lennus II1459 Lennus II1460 Lennus II1462

The different body parts, now being separated, are free to blame one another and have different opinions on the quality of ground food.

Lennus II1463 Lennus II1465

This guy will tell us that we do indeed need to go north to get the Green Rage.

Lennus II1466 Lennus II1467 Lennus II1468

We will do what all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could never hope to do and put Igles back together again. Just goes to show that when you want something done right, you send in a Raigan.

Lennus II1469 Lennus II1470 Lennus II1471

Here we have the weapon shop, which carries nothing I would be willing to spend money on.

Lennus II1473 Lennus II1474 Lennus II1475

I would personally not put a middle finger in charge of trying to sell equipment. But maybe that’s just me.

Lennus II1476 Lennus II1477 Lennus II1478

The appendix, appropriately enough, is the crankiest body part we’ve met. He is also running the item shop, the only shop whose wares never change.

Lennus II1480 Lennus II1482 Lennus II1483

We learn some more about what happened when Igles split apart, and rather than an inn, we get four little guys running down the stairs to massage us. Even the game notes how strange it is that this works to heal us, but free healing is always a good thing.

Lennus II1489 Lennus II1491 Lennus II1493 Lennus II1495

Poor Diaphragm.

Lennus II1496 Lennus II1497 Lennus II1498

Between this and the massage, we can heal for free as much as we like. If you want to grind here, this is a good place to do it. We can also change Farus’s spirits here, but I’ve already got them set for what I need for this section.

Lennus II1499 Lennus II1500 Lennus II1501

With that warning I close the update. Next time we will enter the Giant’s head and see if any monsters from the Dragon Cave dungeon from the previous game get recycled.


This update is probably going to be a little long, but I think it’ll be worth it.

Episode 13: A Killer Queen Headache and a Sheer Heart Attack.

Lennus II1502 Lennus II1503 Lennus II1504

Upon entering the Giant’s head, we establish the basics for how we are to progress through; by stepping on those tiles we make those strange growths recede allowing us to step onto the red circles that will take us to the next part of the mini-dungeon.

Lennus II1505

Upon entering the next section we see a strange pulsating orange growth covering the tile that we need to step on to advance. But before we can do that, we have a random encounter to resolve!

Lennus II1506 Lennus II1507 Lennus II1508

Our first enemies for our new dungeon are the Bell Ringer and the Dancer Balls. The Bell Ringers have an attack that can reduce your speed, but that’s nothing to really worry about. The Dancer Balls can do fire attacks but are otherwise nothing special. The Bell Ringers drop Fire and Light while the Dancer Balls drop Light and Gold.

Lennus II1512 Lennus II1513 Lennus II1514

I check to the right to show that our path is indeed blocked and we encounter some more new enemies, the Heebal and the Killer Phage. The Killer Phage is a spiky variation of enemies that split apart when hit with physical attacks, while the Heebal is weak and feeble and burns on fire really really good. The Killer Phage drops Fire and Gold while the Heebal drops Light and Air.

Lennus II1517 Lennus II1518 Lennus II1519

Upon examining the red thing, we get a mini-boss fight with the Germ. As you might guess from its fiery red coloring, it is very resistant to fire, so you want to use everything but Fire against it. As you may note, Yuma does an absolutely incredible amount of damage with her Kekan spell; that is because Yuma got to level 3 with her Light magic without me realizing it in the last fight which means that Kekan gets a new bigger, flashier animation and does a lot more damage. With that kind of damage, the Germ really can’t do too much before it dies and drops so many fire spirits that Farus is able to gain 3 from them. And there are going to be more than a few germ encounters here, so Farus’s fire magic is going to start getting really strong really fast.

Lennus II1520 Lennus II1521 Lennus II1526 Lennus II1527 Lennus II1528

I show off that Yuma had achieved that third Light level, heal up, and pick up a Dragon Horn from the only treasure chest in the Giant’s head to unfortunately minimal effect. Oh well. Three points of wisdom is better than nothing.

Lennus II1532 Lennus II1533

Here’s another germ fight that lets me do a better job of showing off the difference between Yuma’s Kekan and Joad’s.

Lennus II1542 Lennus II1543 Lennus II1545

We will end up with a lot of Germ fights which a lot of fire spirits. In addition we win a Purpbird feather and put it to work on Farus immediately to make him much much faster.

Lennus II1549 Lennus II1551 Lennus II1552 Lennus II1553 Lennus II1550Lennus II1554

The Virus, the boss of this mini-dungeon, is just the Light version of the germ. Note that Joad has gotten to the next level of Fire magic and how much more impressive his damage is because of that. All in all, the Virus is not terribly challenging.

Lennus II1555 Lennus II1556

Fortunately the loot is good.

Lennus II1559 Lennus II1562 Lennus II1565 Lennus II1566

After defeating the Virus the dungeon is gone and the Head is restored and he implores us to save his heart, his achey-breaky heart, he just don’t think it understands.

There, now I need to get healed along with my party.

Lennus II1570 Lennus II1571 Lennus II1573

The Giant’s Heart, on the other hand, is nowhere near as fun as the Head was. See, every time we take one of those tubes, we get zipped around to another part of the dungeon, and each time there is a chance we have to fight a pair of Anurisms. The Anurisms are a huge pain in the ass because until they reveal themselves, you can’t hurt them. Furthermore, when they attack, there is a chance that they’ll just retract into the darkness at the same time.

Lennus II1576 Lennus II1579 Lennus II1584

On top of it all, they don’t even have good drops. These fights take way too long and are way too annoying.

Lennus II1587 Lennus II1588 Lennus II1589

Its at this time I remember to use the Light card I got from the Virus before. This does push Farus into just enough light to get him level 3 light spirits, so that’s good.

Lennus II1591 Lennus II1593 Lennus II1594 Lennus II1595

Second verse, same as the first, though Joad gets a level after quite a while of no levels.

Lennus II1597 Lennus II1599 Lennus II1600

With this the Giant Igles can now restore himself and carry us off to Kua Gelga. But what awaits us in Kua Gelga, and what tricks will we have to overcome for the final Hidden Treasure? Tune in next time to find out!


Did not mean for there to be such a long delay for this next update.

Episode 14: Burning Man

Lennus II1607 Lennus II1608 Lennus II1609

I manually heal everyone, restore my bottles, and set Farus to Light and Wind spirits. I manually heal because the little giant who would heal us is no longer there.

Lennus II1611 Lennus II1613 Lennus II1615

Only the item shop, run by the appendix, remains. Poor appendix.

Lennus II1617 Lennus II1618 Lennus II1622

We see all the other non-appendix parts all gather inside this box, creating a light that grows bigger and brighter until…

Lennus II1625 Lennus II1627 Lennus II1628

You better believe I want to take a stroll with this dude!

Lennus II1631 Lennus II1632 Lennus II1633

And so we emerge onto the world map as the giant Igles.

Lennus II1635 Lennus II1636 Lennus II1638

With his help we are able to overcome the inconveniently placed barrier and avoid random encounters, but the dungeon we must tackle alone. And this dungeon…oh this dungeon.

Lennus II1639 Lennus II1640 Lennus II1642

What does this sign mean? What this sign is trying to do is explain to us how to press the tiles we find on the ground in order to manipulate the different pools of colored water so that we can make our way through the dungeon. Here’s the thing. I’ve gone through this dungeon multiple, multiple times, and I still don’t understand how it works. I have to brute force trial and error this stupid dungeon every single time.

Lennus II1643

You can just make out that there is a raised circle and triangle, and a square that is already pressed down. How any of this is supposed to correlate with the current pools of green and blue water, I don’t know.

Lennus II1644 Lennus II1645 Lennus II1647

Fortunately I do know how to deal with the monsters in this dungeon. The Static Midoro does electricity attacks and resists electricity himself, so use other tactics on him to win his Light spirits. We also get a Spirit Orb from this fight, so that’s pretty nice.

Lennus II1648 Lennus II1649 Lennus II1650

Yuma and Zock gain level and we get good spirits from this fight.

After that I mess around with the switches to open the path to the left, not remembering that I want to go to the right because I try not to remember this dungeon in general. Its okay though, I’ll eventually head to the right anyway because I am dedicated like that.

Lennus II1651 Lennus II1653

Our next new enemy is the Gastro, the exploding rock jerks with high defenses that you want to kill before they can explode and they do massive damage to you. Using wind magic on them is great for killing them and getting their Light and Gold spirits.

Lennus II1656 Lennus II1658 Lennus II1659

We get a Whip, a Tough Robe, and we have to go back to the first level to try and get rid of the red water.

Lennus II1663 Lennus II1664 Lennus II1666

Ultimately we have to have the green pool be the only one showing on the upper level so that our path will be clear on the lower level. Then we find this platform here where we need to press more buttons to get this treasure chest here.

Lennus II1667

This nets us a Power Slasher.

Lennus II1670 Lennus II1672

Zock’s air spirt levels up and so his Lelan spell rips up the ground as it tears the enemies to pieces. Nice.

Lennus II1673 Lennus II1675 Lennus II1677

More fun having to mess with pools to get around and get treasures.

Lennus II1678 Lennus II1679 Lennus II1680

It was very worth it though, since we now have our first High Bottle, able to heal 2000 HP. This is going right on Farus and is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Lennus II1681 Lennus II1682 Lennus II1683

We reach the basement at long last to fight the Mad Mudborn, who you might remember as Bubbly from the original game. Something about his proportions looks off to me this time, but its no big deal.

Lennus II1684 Lennus II1685 Lennus II1687 Lennus II1688

Air magic is the most effective attack against him, and Joad’s spirit levels have reached the point where his Attack Up spell can now affect two party members at once. Mad Mudborn can either blast the entire party at once, or smack us around with his big claws.

Lennus II1689 Lennus II1690 Lennus II1691

All in all, as long as you have strong wind element users in your party, you won’t have a problem.

Lennus II1697 Lennus II1698 Lennus II1699

Our mysterious friend doesn’t get to say much, but at least its mostly coherent. Not enough to keep us from taking the Green Rage though.

Lennus II1702 Lennus II1703 Lennus II1704

I find this dungeon so annoying that rather than have to deal with making my way back up manually, I use a Flight Door to return to the beginning. That’s how bad this place is to me.

Lennus II1706 Lennus II1707 Lennus II1708

We set things up so we can go into the little room on the right and pick up the treasures within.

Lennus II1709 Lennus II1710 Lennus II1711 Lennus II1712

Winning a light card in battle prompts me to use the stat boosting items I’d picked up earlier.

Lennus II1714 Lennus II1715 Lennus II1716

I equip the tunic onto Farus for a nice defense boost, while Joad picks up the Middle Shield.

!Lennus II1717 Lennus II1718 Lennus II1719

With all of the treasures obtained, we return to the Al Terran continent so that we can finally get this Great Union in motion with no dire consequences whatsoever. Next time, make sure you have your popcorn ready.


No Farus! Wait until the pandemic is over before having your great reunion thing!

PFFFT! Farus, don’t listen to the anti-maskers!

Episode 15: The Great Union

Lennus II1721 Lennus II1724 Lennus II1728

Upon returning to the temple, this priest will greet us and remind us that if we don’t get the Gold Spirit now, it will be gone forever. I can appreciate the game wanting to make sure we don’t lose out on something as important as that.

Lennus II1731 Lennus II1733 Lennus II1734

I decide at this point that I will be recruiting Chest and Melina for the sole purpose of taking all their stuff so that I can sell it. Admittedly their stuff isn’t worth much, but every gold counts. And the nice thing is, we don’t even have to manually remove any of that stuff; going into the section to dismiss our party members will give us an option to just plain take it all off, and either way the game will remove any bottles that were equipped on them so you really can’t mess up. Good game design looks out for the player like that.

Lennus II1736 Lennus II1737 Lennus II1738

And so we dismiss them almost immediately after recruiting them and get back our regular party members.

Lennus II1740 Lennus II1741 Lennus II1742

The temple is otherwise notably empty as everyone has come out onto the roof for the big event.

Lennus II1743 Lennus II1746 Lennus II1751

Everyone has plenty to say, but there’s a lot of people here so I’m just going to show the most representative bits of what they say to us. Like the old man’s continuing obsession with autographed shirts.

Lennus II1756 Lennus II1758 Lennus II1761

Even among the priesthood, the levels of faith vary.

Lennus II1766 Lennus II1767 Lennus II1768

Expectations are pretty high for the Great Union. Let’s hope it doesn’t let anyone down.

Lennus II1770 Lennus II1772 Lennus II1775

The Chief Caretaker is going to jump out of his skin if we don’t hurry along. I don’t need a skeleton on my hands, so let’s do this thing.

Lennus II1776 Lennus II1779 Lennus II1781 Lennus II1782 Lennus II1783

After putting everything in, for a moment it seems like nothing happens. But then the treasures start to glow, and things start to shake as the theme of the Great Union begins to play.

Lennus II1787 Lennus II1789 Lennus II1792 Lennus II1793

A shadow falls, the monitor now displays the four continents, and shows that they are coming together.

Lennus II1795 Lennus II1797 Lennus II1798

Two of the continents have now joined together like puzzle pieces.

Lennus II1800 Lennus II1801 Lennus II1802

So I wasn’t able to catch it as it was happening, but that mountain on the left there in the third screenshot? Yeah, that’s where Gonda Ata, the town plagued by the Death God, was. In the end, no matter how many people we managed to save there, they were all doomed from the outset.

Lennus II1803 Lennus II1804 Lennus II1806

Things take a turn for the strange as the four treasures fly out at Farus and create a light around him.

Lennus II1809 Lennus II1810 Lennus II1813

The light knocks the chief caretaker back.

Lennus II1815 Lennus II1817 Lennus II1819

And so Farus and company are lifted up into the sky to parts unknown, leaving behind the doomed world of Andel. Why did all of this happen? Who was the man who tried to warn us, and what was the source of the interference that kept him from being able to explain? And where are we being taken to? That will have to wait for the next update.


Make sure you have your popcorn ready, this update’s all cutscene.

Episode 16: Welcome to Eltz

Lennus II1820 Lennus II1821 Lennus II1822

Farus and company have now been brought up into a new place, a more brightly lit place with a lot more green going on.

Lennus II1824 Lennus II1825 Lennus II1826 Lennus II1827 Lennus II1828

Whoever his Efram person is, they certainly like to talk and they like to be insulting to us.

Lennus II1830 Lennus II1831 Lennus II1833

Efram probably has a job where men pay her to insult and belittle them. I just get that feeling from her.

Lennus II1834 Lennus II1835 Lennus II1836

And now we’re going to start setting up for the plot of the rest of the game, the REAL plot you might say. If Efram can stop insulting us for five seconds to actually tell us.

Lennus II1838 Lennus II1839 Lennus II1841

Whatever the Real Great Union is, it could not be done without first destroying Andel by bringing all the continents together. And whatever it is, there’s no doubt it’ll have just as bloody a death toll.

Lennus II1842 Lennus II1846 Lennus II1847 Lennus II1849

Just like a bully; when they realize their victims can actually stand up to them, they try to save face and act like them running away is them showing mercy.

Lennus II1851 Lennus II1853 Lennus II1854

Aha! Efram let’s slip the truth; she isn’t killing us because she is under orders to do no such thing. On the one hand the big boss not wanting us dead means we can live longer to thwart his evil plans. On the other hand, the big boss not wanting us dead rather implies that he plans to make us part of his plans to begin with. Let us see what level of Chrono Cross we are in terms of how manipulated we’ll end up being.

Lennus II1856 Lennus II1858 Lennus II1860 Lennus II1862

The screen turns dark and Efram blows us a kiss. A strange musical jingle starts playing. Then it comes to an end and seemingly nothing happens.

Lennus II1865 Lennus II1868 Lennus II1869

Efram certainly thinks that she’s done something to us.

Lennus II1870 Lennus II1872 Lennus II1873

I feel like there are certain circles of fandom who would find Efram to be Hashtag!relatable.

Lennus II1874 Lennus II1875 Lennus II1877 Lennus II1878

And with that, Efram disappears and light begins to return.

Lennus II1879 Lennus II1880 Lennus II1881

That’s not good. That is extremely not good. Lennus II is not the kind of game that you want to run around with no party members in. We need to figure out a way to undo the petrification that has been put on our party members.

Lennus II1882

With nowhere else to go, we set foot into Eltz and are greeted by the new overworld theme.

Despite our present predicament, its a very adventurous theme, as though promising that our current predicament is but a passing thing. Next time, we figure out how to turn our allies back to flesh and blood.