deadlines are rapidly approaching for all classes and i failed to motivate most of this group to do much of anything when we weren’t horrendously busy despite repeated pleas/prodding/attempts to set an example so i guess i failed

i feel like shit~!


professor gave barely over a week between finally getting gm pro licenses on some far-away lab computers and the due date for the vertical slice

also he has the third individual project due right before lol

also also it’s the same professor who teaches my web dev class that has a prototype due the same week and where my group there has done about as little

also also also all the people coming in at the last minute at work and making my job hell

i want to scream


This professor really seems to have their act together.


I want to thank you for convincing me I should never learn how computers work, Haley.

I typed that weeks ago in reply to some other post and never hit submit but hey looks like it still applies.


. . . COMING SOON . . . ? ? ?