SB raised my interest in this game. I first saw it on youtube and thought “what is this jank?”. Then someone here (@BustedAstromech) posted about it and I thought, well, that’s interesting. Now the game popped up in my youtube feed again and I just had to try it out.

I played for 4 hours and the verdict is: you can’t judge this game in the timespan of 4 hours, duh!

I recorded my time with the game so far and I think that video will never go anywhere but I can extract some screenshots from that and maybe walk y’all through what I experienced so far. That would be fun but right now I’m too addicted to stop playing, so it will have to wait!

For those interested and uninitiated: Kenshi is an old-looking (it’s been in development for 12 years or so), janky game that’s hard to describe because it’s so unique. It’s a sandbox RPG that’s fully committed to the sandbox – there are no quests and there’s no story line other than the ones you make yourself. The game gives you a lot of freedom to do what you want with it and the game at times does what it wants with you as well. Way of the Samurai fans should probably check this out! Maybe the Steam description can describe it better:

It’s on gog and the humble store as well:

Good ass trailer:

If there’s a thread for this game already kindly point it out! I couldn’t find it.

Post your Kenshi froth (21 sbers have this on their Steam wishlist!) or recount your tales itt!


this is mount and blade for people who do acid


That’s a good description. It’s got a lot of body horror and crazy shit in it. Like giant bugs and cannibals, both of which eat you. One of them alive, the others cook you first! It’s pretty disgusting actually. Hasn’t happened to me but I’m a coward and hit load game before the really terrible stuff happens

I recruited a couple of people and that plus base building makes this a really cool RTS in addition to an RPG.

I’ll write more later today or tomorrow