Katamari Damacy Demo music


I’m not sure of the story behind this but here’s a Youtube video full of demo versions of Katamari music and some unused tunes:

If you go to the actual video the description has times and names for each track.

The differences in the demos can be pretty slight, like Angel Flavor’s Present having the Katamari tune playing near the 3rd minute. I don’t hear any difference at all in You Are Smart. But Katamari of Love sounds very different and unpolished. Katamari on the Rocks and Lonely Rolling Star are basically different songs entirely.

Two of the unused tracks are totally weird gold. The first one sounds a lot like Katamari March Damacy but instead plays where Fugue 7777 would normally. That’s the track that plays as the King evaluates your Katamari, I think.

The second unused song sounds like an indie rock song from 2003 except the lyrics are just La la la la. It’s pretty great and totally doesn’t fit the game at all.

Anyway, a neat piece of Katamari Memorabilia. The video is unlisted so don’t expect to be able to search for it.

EDIT: Oh shit here’s a whole writeup of it. Shoulda looked at this before I wrote this post - I just got the link elsewhere. https://fmfridays.tumblr.com/post/143539570641/so-ok-ok-so-let-me-give-you-a-little-backstory


i saw this post searching for another one and wanted to see what the fuck i was talking about, and now the video and the blog are both gone


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hope i got the record for longest self-bump


I found some of this stuff on YouTube:

This is that “la la la” song. Very shoegazey. You were right, it doesn’t fit the vibe at all!

This is nothing special, exactly what it sounds like

I think this is the other one you were talking about. I dig it!

Take THAT, linkrot!

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