japanese punk girls


japanese all girl/female vocalist punk bands fucking rule. discuss


GOOFY18 played in my town and i got a tiny tote bag it was great
i always have a soft spot for drum/bass 2-pieces (DFA1979 come home)

The screams in this band are really good.


i hadnt heard of them before, but i like this song a lot


maybe crossing over into some weirder territory here but i also like this band

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Super Junky Monkey is a treasure


Miya the bassist and much of the screaming, has a newer band called 385. nobody slaps a bass like that woman.

She also plays with Zazen Boys


TSMMR has a whole lot of music. I highly recommend checking out more, if you haven’t.

I was able to see them live in Oakland on Halloween, 2010. At the warehouse owned by The Phenomenauts. One of the musical highlights of my life.

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i have every single one of their albums!

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That was fackin good. Never heard them before!


Here’s a song form Yuumi Nakashima’s solo album which she re-did and punked up. “amanojyaku”.

Original, which is a sort of carnival waltz

She later punked it up for a one time live performance. The video was on youtube once upon a time, but now lost to the sands of time. That same show also had a redone version of Mitsugetsu, which has never been recorded.

And then years later, she finally recorded the redone “Amanojyaku” with her band Chirinuruwowaka, on their second album. There’s no decent quality of it on youtube, so you can listen to my upload on FB **oh I found one on youtube. Should be time stamped for 23:35:

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i still like afrirampo

i dont know if these count as punk but i love nisennenmondai

straying further from punk but ooioo was great, it was impossible to stay still when i saw them live


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