It’s been nearly 4 months and I still listen to this Casiopea album at least once a week.


had a dream last night and I was looking at a cartoon of dead jazz musicians drawn as teen anime girls

'oh there’s Charlie Parker…there’s Mingus, you can tell by her eyebrows", I thought to myself


80s city pop / late 70s japanese jazz fusion

please let me hijack this thread to request all of it

dang ol everyone in japan in 1980 really fucken liked weather report i guess

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Recent discovery: the Icelandic jazz fusion band, Mezzoforte

If you love yourself some Gran Turismo menu BGM, this is the good shit:

And this is so city poppy, I can’t get enough of it:

(@VastleCania this is what I was talking to you about this morning)


I got a copy of this Blue Note release from '95 and I have been listening to it every now and again it’s pretty cool I like it cool record

also these amazing '54 sessions with Miles, Sonny Rollins, Monk, 3/4ths of the Modern Jazz Quartet, etc, I think all of the tracks are split among the two Prestige releases?:

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Miles has been my muse and favorite musician lately. Rest in power

Eric Dolphy is honorable mention


I been watching these NYU interviews with (mostly) living luminaries. They are perhaps not the best interviews ever but I have enjoyed them, worth a watch if interested.

Also this 4-part brodown with Lovano and Wayne Shorter is a dope vid. Wall to wall shag jazz.

Jimmy Cobb is 89, can’t be long until all Kind of Blue players gone.


porn music is good

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I had a percussion teacher tell me a story about how he was a fill-in for a little orchestra contracted to make porn music in the 70s and he kept missing his timpani cue because he couldn’t stop staring at the monitors



real good


straight incredible

The word “Jazz” is slang for fucking.


Been listening to Freddie Redd’s live recordings lately

*candid recordings. they’re extremely charming

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