Is Windows Live Still Butt? (Lost Planet 2 is $4)

I mean the bad kind of butt.

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yes, but the instructions on that Steam forum work correctly (I last set this up January 2017)

“instructions on that steam forum work correctly?”

I have been googling for fixes for getting rid of GfWL and I don’t exactly understand what you’re referring to, so my hopeful brain is pretending like you’re saying LP2 can be played online w/o GfWL using instructions from a Steam forum. If so, I’d really appreciate the appropriate links…

These are instructions for getting the Windows Live installer to work correctly; I was able to log in with my Xbox Live account and play online with my wife.

yeah it took some tinkering but i was able to get it working without too much trouble. there’s no way to play LP2 online without GFWL, so i just installed the stuff and my computer is still doing pretty alright

as in like, it only runs when i run lost planet 2, there’s no tomfoolery going around behind my back as far as i know

Whenever we’ve tried to SB-it it likes to cause troubles for one person at random. Just hope you’re not that person~