[infohazard] psychotic and dissociative states in media

midsommar is pretty good trip imagery but the baseline reality of the film was never really in question, imo

la la land… yeah maybe! it’s been a while though, i forget how immersive they are

I do think there’s something about musicals, like the logic of reality in them, which makes them kind of surreal in this way. Haven’t watched it in a while but, relatedly, the film Madeline’s Madeline might be a fit for this topic. Edit: Well, actually I’m not sure I remember that film enough to say whether it is about this stuff or if it comes close to having a similar affect. The affect is what I guess we’re after here.

Oh, speaking of musicals

The Legend of the Stardust Brothers certainly feels like a film-length dissociative state

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No joke: Yu-Gi-Oh. Someone dissociates literally every episode even in the US dub.

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Milk outside a bag of milk outside a bag out milk


the new Nathan Fielder show, The Rehearsal, feels psychotic and dissociative to watch and is just in general kind of psychotic and dissociative.


i was not in a state to follow any plot but this was a gorgeous time thanks

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