this isn’t even that unheard of lately. people just want invented anchors for their takes. we got too used to publicly constructing reality so now everyone does it professionally

criticism is kind of dead right now but in variously misleading ways


Very very cool game, just put about 2.5 hours into it and think I’ve seen most of the like, important plot. I love scrubbing through video tremendously.

I haven’t read any of the reviews.

i haven’t seen credits either, I’m kind of surprised? Maybe I’m missing some huge thread though.



  1. From The Director Of Her Story
  2. From The Writer Of David Lynch
  3. From The Same Format As SQL

I agree, I’ve been wondering all day since I finally read the review this morning whether the reviewer like, even found the stuff there is to find in this game. I can’t imagine someone who found even a little bit of the cool stuff thinking that this is what the game is about.


I found the last clip

Don’t worry if you don’t

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what is it? I think I have the last clip but I’m not sure.

oh, it’s probably more accurate to say all of the clips because I think you can finish each film in any order.

if the version you’re playing has achievements they’re tracked there. the flags are probably in the saves?

the amount of work that must have went into tracking objects like necklaces, sunglasses, wallets, etc is mind-blowing. i feel like how people must have felt seeing donkey kong country for the first time, or maybe virtua fighter is a better comparison cause the military would love to track and catalog the appearance of objects on video


playing the gog version, so no cheevos. I think its better having the uncertainty of whether or not you’ve found everything, but I’m relying on scene numbers to tell me if I’ve finished collecting all the film scenes.

Are there any clips older than the soap commercial?

Similarly, any clips newer than the scene where the Other One sets Marissa on fire?

The coolest part is how the hotspots can change where they lead to in the middle of a scene, based on like angle or whatever.

I assume that it came down to a massive amount of labour rather than anything automated. Like rotoscoping every frame of film, but instead of drawing something visible, you’re just outlining hotspots.


No and no. At the smallest icon size I have two on the bottom row.

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Oh, and regarding the ~*~themes~*~ of the game

I think its cool that the story invokes the stereotype of a waif-ish muse exploited by domineering male artists only to completely invert that. Marissa isn’t the muse, she is the artist, and the attractive young men and women she surrounds herself with are her muses. IIRC she even says so explicitly in one of the clips (or maybe its the Immortal who says so, but they’re the same person)

Tellingly, in the scene with Andy Warhol, she’s the one in control, a complete contrast to Warhol’s real-world treatment of women.

Though already immortal, she seeks the immortality of the silver screen. It is this that motivates her more than self-expression. Her character is compelling in how predatory she is, in both a figurative and a literal sense.

Probably the most Lynch-like aspect of the game is the irony between surface and substance.

edit: oh, of course. She seeks immortality of the screen because it would mean that she leaves a mark on the world that doesn’t disappear or become distorted by time and memory. I love how grim it is, that even her dream of making celluloid history is ruined by happenstance.


I reached the credits but then I went back in and found a lot more scenes. I’ve barely used the menu, so I have no idea how many scenes were locked behind other scenes.

The last one I found before the game crashed (for the third time, overall) was the alternate version of the talk show, which went 5-6 layers deep. I’m not sure that one makes a lot of sense, but it’s interesting. I think I found only two others that have several layers like that, one in the interrogation room and one with two non-speaking close-ups of people who aren’t even part of the story (?).

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Imagine if you found that immediately after starting the game by messing around! :smiley:


this game makes me think of @Felix a lot




Yes, I’m curious about what scenes are accessible right away if you know what you’re doing from the start. Another one that I found very late was Marissa’s audition. And, of course, the alternate version of it. I assume that one was available earlier and I just missed it because it seemed to have the most obvious cues of any scene in the game.

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There’s no tool-based gating, just information and the hypertext to get there — so you might not get to some videos until you get your first video with eg a rose in it. (Roses as a generic example.)

I found that a couple of the generic alternate scenes with black backgrounds can be triggered in a bunch of different places (unless I’m mistaken). Specifically, the awakened into chaos one and the Great War one seemed to pop up all the time. I kept thinking that maybe there was more to them because it kept showing them to me.