I'm selling the remains of my video game collection!!!!!!!


hey ya’ll i’ve decided to get rid of my video games, most of them are gathering dust and are leftovers from my childhood

also i’m going to emulate everything. nintendo can’t stop me

anyways here’s the google doc. I’m selling NES, SNES, GEN, N64, Dreamcast, GCN, NDS, and GB/GBC/GBA games. all the prices are based on pricecharting.com and can be lowered or whatnot. i want to make money more then get rid of this stuff but like i have no idea if they’re fair or not.

i haven’t clean and tested anything, but i can upon request. except maybe snes games, i think my snes doesn’t work atm


interested in:

cruisin’ world $7
Mario Golf $16
Mario Tennis $15

Toy Story Racer $5

since i still have your SSB64, i can pay you for that while we’re at it as well!~

also also, if you have a transfer pak, let me know


ty for reminding me about SSB64 haha. that’ll make it easier on shipping :shuffle:

and I do have a transfer pak!! i have two actually, it turns out. i can throw the extra one in for free if you want. overall that’s $85 + shipping, does that sound good


Thinking about Circle of the Moon, I will let you know at some point I think.


How lit is Timesplitters 3? I’ve been looking for a copy.


sounds great, i’ll PM you my address and you can give me your paypal or w/e


i remember really liking it as a teenager but i can’t say i had the best tastes back then


2 might be a top 20 game for me. It’s a bit more than I can justify impulse buying. If no one else is frothing for it, lemme see where I am this weekend.


You still selling stuff?


yup! everything in that google doc is still up for sale


I’m interested in that Mario Kart: Double Dash. Should I PM you or will you PM me?