I'm 300 years too late to be playing the Pokemon TCG but here I am

Speaking of Target not selling any cards - turns out they totally do. My roommate went to Target this morning to get something and he saw people in line just buying boxes of Pokemon cards. So I didn’t see any bc they’re just bought out by the afternoon and later :confused:


I’ve seen very little of the anime, mainly a few episodes of the second season, but I’d still come across screens of the franchise and marveled at how it was the TCG equivalent of Ben 10, where the show ages up with the audience that started watching at season one. I had no idea they brought Dan’s story back though, letalone who this new Gallet guy is. Is Gallet’s Revolution the one you liked? What makes it so good?

Between Gallet’s Revolution and Cardfight Vanguard Overdress, it looks like otome are the next audience to capture if you’re trying to keep a long running TCG anime going.

Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero (2013-2014) is the one I liked, it was the last one animated by Sunrise. It was very entertaining with great production value, and it showcased the card game remarkably well. The rules were clearly explained and accurate to the actual card game, and the deck selection had a really nice balance of promoting whatever set was being released that week and getting you interested in various existing deck archetypes, even weird meme decks at times

Oh, I just remembered: I was at an anime con last week and I saw a box of the newest Pokemon TCG box (Celebrations?) going for $200. Such a crazy markup but I guess people buy it??

Also saw individual trainer cards going for $200+ but I guess that’s standard? Gotta get your holofoil Cynthia and Lillie’s

I guess the good thing about how Pokémon rarities have evolved over time is that the bulk of the value in a given set is tied up in especially rare art variants, but nothing is exclusively available as one of those rare art variants, so if you are interested in just playing the game, you can acquire the more basic, mechanically-identical versions of those cards for relatively cheap. The most basic version of Cynthia has a nice median price of 69 cents.

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Ooh, I didn’t know! That’s a really nice system where everyone can be happy!

(Except me who wants the fancy card but also I only play on the digital game)