iconic vgm source material


Guilty Gear X

Streets of Rage 2


Without posting every classical music piece ever

Various bosses

SMB3 airships

Arranged for a level in Flower, Sun, and Rain


Y0 is stuffed with homages to 80s pop

Speaking of Bowie, might just be the bass synth part but still



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speaking of Tetris music


holy shit. the sound is so glitchy and weird on those levels I never realized

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streets of rage og


If you want, the Garegga Ltd Edition came with a book where one of the composers lists off albums that inspired him. I can try to write that up for you if you don’t have it.


wow i would love to see this, seems like manabu namiki has a penchant for this

does anyone more familiar with his soundtrack work have any other examples besides this and jupiter jazz -> underwater rampart?

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A list of albums mentioned. I don’t read Japanese, so I am just gonna Google translate the commentary and give a summary for each if I can. It looks like some of these are later released compilations but they’ve included their recent releases:

Summer Carnival '92 Recca OST (released in 2005)

Mentions that some of the programmers from this game worked on Garegga. Also right away gives a shout out to the Underground Resistance record that nocode posted (or a similar compilation).

Various Artists, "The Art of Noise: The FON Mixes" (1991)

Mostly just talks about mixes they liked from this album.

Sueno Latino, "Sueno Latino" (2015)

Apparently a remix of Manuel Gottching's E2-E4 from 1984 that shows German Prog Rock as an influence on techno, which then Namiki loves German Prog, apparently. Shouts out to Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, King Crimson, Genesis. This rerelease also has some additional remixes, but the original version is from 1989 and is up on Spotify.

Opus III, "Mind Fruit" (1992)

Specifically shouts out to the first two tracks on this album as big Garegga influences.

Various Artists, "Remix Trax, Vol 7 - Cosmic Soul" (1994)

Detroit techno compilation by the magazine REMIX. Mentions Naomi Daniels "Stars (Formula)" and Derrick May's "Icon" (tracks 4 and 9 respectively). Also says that he feels Battle Garegga was (excuse the Google Translate here) "duplicated in the world that Detroit techno people wants to express". He draws some connections between the steampunk of Garegga, the desparate situations of African American people in the Detroit Techno scene, and something called (from katakana) Shyutoro Future (no clue). It's a lot!
There are five more listed in the article. I will try to get those up soon.

imo this album essentially created the outrun soundtrack (naoya matsuoka has been directly cited as an influence by hiroshi kawaguchi as well)

“When I worked for Out Run , I liked Latin music at the time, and I was influenced quite a lot by a musician called Naoya Matsuoka, who passed away recently. I was listening to a lot of instrumental songs by artists like Masayoshi Takanaka and Casiopea, and I picked out elements I liked from those to make the Out Run series music.”