I Rediscovered A Lost Easter Egg From 1973

I originally created an account here after the discovery of the Spitfire Easter Egg, which completely blew me away! But while discussing old computers with some friends who are into pre-'80s gaming, we realized there was an even earlier Easter Egg played by a relatively small group of people in the '70s and promptly forgotten!

I’ve made a video about this forgotten game, and the other games with Easter Eggs that were created between it and Atari Adventure. (I link to the Select Button thread on the sources page, of course!)


I know it’s probably to do with SEO or whatever but it tickles me that this video is placed in the context of yo FUCK that movie


Nah, it’s not SEO, it’s more about trying to get a casual audience as interested as the hardcore fans. My main interest is digging up lost history, but I also enjoy the challenge of presenting the information in a way that (hopefully) appeals to enthusiasts while educating mainstream viewers enough to maybe turn them into enthusiasts.


I went through and watched your videos, totally fascinating stuff and well researched/reported/presented.

Getting called a CLOD in the first ever video game easter egg will be a video game I think about a lot from here on out