I made some snes wallpapers nerds


hi nerds, i made a bunch of 1080p wallpapers from vgmaps

i’ve got like 25 more but i’m busy at work so all you get is this right now.



cant wait til you get off work these are great
whats the boat from?

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That boat is now my desktop!


the sailor moon s fighting game


btw I tried to name the files accurately so you should be able to tell from that

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this riules

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Great work, hot damn. TY!

I’ve had a couple around with wallpapering in mind but not as clear or organized as these, maybe locate/share later.


These are so great

4K? Pretty please?


just double the resolution in an image editing program and use nearest neighbour scaling


I liked the first one the most but then I noticed it’s Gundamns

Whatever, I still like it


So it’s actually only 22 total because I deleted some I ended up not liking. These ones work really well as rotating wallpapers IMO. Here’s a zip file of all of them


@Father.Torque I made a 4K version just for you https://clint.neocities.org/SNES%20Wallpapers%20pack%201%204k.zip

I really only got to D on the list (I started with Gundam Wing randomly) so I’ll probably make some more soon. I might go back and do some games I didn’t consider too - my original goal was just fighting game stages but lots of 2D platformers (and occasionally JRPGs) were fitting the aesthetic as well




irfanview baby


thank you hero

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if you’re doing fighters could you do the godzilla one soon? its great

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They’re all really great, very cool

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I made 38 more of these getting all the way up to I, but I’m sitting on them while I evaluate them as actual wallpapers. I’ll probably delete a few as they come up and burn my eyes out.

@stavekoff I can’t find the stage backgrounds for these online. I might go and make them myself but do you know if I can find them anywhere first?


i tried but I dont know how to rip bgs. Sorry!


SNES Wallpapers Pack 2 (1080p)
SNES Wallpapers Pack 2 (4K) (@Father.Torque)

So I ended up with 36 this time, deleted 2 of them that were not very good.

This could have just been the Earthbound and Front Mission pack but I resisted.


that front mission one is so gorgeous

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