I made a Mastodon instance for nice gamemakerers


There’s another one, but it says ‘by gamers for gamers’ on the welcome page so------

Feel free to join. Registration’s invite only at the mo’, but should be ready to go public tonight? Just gotta agonise over the rules some more.

Invite URL: https://gamemaking.social/invite/knaWRUdi


OOo I joined. I don’t know how to mastodon (or social media), so advice on how to help is help to me.


Cool, i’ll write a little thing or post some links when it’s not 44 degrees.

Main etiquette things are how people use content warnings to hide both things that might upset people and shit people just get tired of seeing.

It’ll all make more sense when the instance federates properly, as will this sentence :wink:


Apparently I registered here when you first posted this! Speaking of delayed revelations, it would seem the witches.town mastodon instance is dead as of last month. So I switched my bookmark to this one!