I actually didn't know jack for once

finally took part in a drawful 2 stream recently and it was really fun, and only requires one copy of the game across infinite space? is this a thing SB would do, because I find several of those games are vastly improved by a group of witty people

related concept: game streaming solely for SB, since twitch teens are exhausting

i’d play this

wb <3

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(I am consistently surprised that y’all miss having me around but also tysm! :lovepigs:)


I’d be down. No idea how it works though

I don’t actually have a copy lmao BUT from what I’ve played of drawful, a person runs the game and sends out a code so others can join via browser (pc, mobile, whatever). You’re given a prompt and a short window to poorly draw something and then everyone has to guess what it is. Those guesses are then thrown in to a poll with a decoy answer and the actual answer, and everyone has to pick what they think the real thing is. You’re also allowed to “like” answers, in case you’re just entertained. The people whose answers are chosen get points, and the people who get likes get separate points, and those both are counted up ultimately into different win states. Basically you just fuck around and make jokes, which is how several of the party box games work. The rest are quizzes and are therefore inferior.

sb jackbox has happened a few times recently

no, it wasn’t all dick jokes


so apparently it turns out I have the second jackbox pack so maybe this will happen sometime!

there’s no drawful included but it does have fibbage 2 and quiplash xl

sounds like a time

Quiplash is the best

True, it was mostly butt jokes

r-really cool butt jokes ;___;