How ‘worth playing‘ is...

Strider ‘14?

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So worth playing I beat it but totally forgot existed until after I read this post


I feel like everyone had this exact experience.

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It’s pretty good! But yes you will forget it.

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I love it! It’s a metroidvania with extremely minimal backtracking, and after a couple upgrades the combat goes from feeling sloppy to Treasure-y.

for about a year i got into no-glitch speedrunning the game, so i’d say it’s…pretty worth it?

it isn’t necessarily my favorite Strider game (though, to be clear, i don’t think there is actually a perfect Strider game in existence; only in abstract), but it is surprisingly enjoyable. put another way, i’ve been thoroughly sick of metroidvania-style games since like 2010 and i still had a good time.


I’ve been thinking about replaying it since it’s by far the closest I have to all the achievements on a single game. I think the barrier is finishing a jumpy area without falling, and playing for three hours just to try that part seems like a bad idea.

play cannon dancer


its kind of a slog

Play Bionic Commando ReArmed instead


Play Bionic Commando 2009 with Faith No More’s The Real Thing on loop


I really enjoyed Bionic Commando Rearmed, but I wonder lately if it aged well or it was just satiating at a time when not that many 2d platformers were getting released. Maybe the no-jump thing would still feel fresh in 2021, I’m honestly unsure

(I liked it enough that I replayed it several times and got all the way to the final boss on Super Hard difficulty. But then it was finally too hard for me and I gave up. So after all that tense platforming in levels where most enemies can one-shot me, I didn’t get the relief of making Hitler’s head explode)

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want to change the title to sucks or does it format so so badly


You can add it as a subtitle!