How to: Enable/Disable Blood Potion Notifications :bloodpotion: 🔪

By default, notifications on blood potions received are now opt-in, rather than opt-out. If you want to receive blood potion notifications (or have them enabled and want to disable them again), then:

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Click on your avatar in the site header, then click the person icon, and select “Preferences”.

2020-10-28 14.09.16 4dbf09cb397f
Click on “Notifications”. You’ll see the option to change when you’re notified of blood potions received.


You can now toggle whether or not you see the Blood Potion button and blood potion counts on posts via an option in your preferences.

Go to Preferences > Profile and scroll down until you see “Disable Blood Potions”.
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Click to enable it, then save, and refresh (or change your theme).

Now instead of squeezing the blood from a blood slime in order to give a blood potion and perpetuating the massive slaughter of innocent monsters, you’ll just respond with a relevant quote from House Party!

Peanut, fix me some of that Dick Gregory. bloodslime