This was a birthday gift to myself. I bought it cuz it rocked the Select Button “What Should Bachelor Buy On His Birthday Trip to Gundam Planet” vote. It is a robot from Sakura Taisen, a game I have never played. I believe it’s a strategy RPG for the Sega Saturn that is also a dating sim. At one point in my life that sounded like a dream game, as I liked doing strategies, and also enjoyed romance, but nowadays only one thing can make my heart go pitter-patter: robot model kits.

Here are the runners. There are 7 of them. This is a High Grade kit, and High Grade kits tend to have about that many runners. This kit was more expensive than your average Gundam High Grade though. Those are usually $10-25. This kit cost me $35 after discount! That is Master Grade price range! Master Grades are larger than High Grades, and far more detailed. They will have well over a dozen runners, and they’re all very big runners. I assume the higher price is due to licensing costs. I think Bandai owns at least a part of Gundams so that keeps costs low. Or perhaps they’re jacking the price up because Sakura Taisen fans are marks. I don’t know! I just know this robot better be worth the money! And I’m sure it will be, cuz I have faith…in Bandai, and all you dopes who said “buy the pink one.”

This is my “setup”. I have a hobby knife! I have two pairs of nippers. One of them is a very cheap pair I got in a Gunpla “starter kit”. I use that to cut pieces from the runners. Then I use my much nicer Gundam Planet branded nippers to make a second cut much closer to the “flesh” of the part. These cuts are often clean, and don’t require much sanding. This greatly cuts down on the time you spend building a kit! I highly recommend investing in a second set of nippers if you get into doing Gundams.

There’s a brand of nippers called GOD HAND and they are allegedly the best possible nippers, but also fragile. And expensive. I do not own a set of GOD HANDS. I’m not using an SB-friendly euphemism there. I think it’s totally okay to own and/or play GOD HAND. I am simply happy with my Gundam Planet nippers. But if I ever win more than $500 playing scratch off lotto…you better believe I’ll spurge on some GOD HANDS, and talk about them a lot on Select Button in hopes that the 4 people who are still are still around who remember the “playing GOD HAND” filter give me pity blood potions.

I use 400, 600, and 1000 grade sandpaper. They’re taped to…like…sticks. Don’t ask me what those sticks are. I took them from my moms. I think you’re supposed to dip those sticks in moisturizers and then slap your face a bit. But I don’t care about faces. I care about robots. So I used to superglue those sandpapers to sticks but then I ran out of superglue. Now I just tape them on using some old-ass double-stick tape. So those sticks are cleaner than they look, ok. Here’s what you do with those sticks: if you cut a piece from the runner and it’s lookin’ not great you start with the 400 for a few strokes, then you bust out the 600, and then you go down to 1000, and hopefully everything is ok.

I live an elaborate fantasy life and sometimes I imagine a real looker coming over to my apartment – which is at least 30% model kits at the moment – and shaming me for having slightly visible “nub marks” on my completed builds. But that’s silly! That will never happen. To me. Or to you. If I came over your place and you had a real shitty looking Gundam there’s no way I’d bust on you for it. I’d just say a silent prayer of thanks. “Thank you, friend…I love model kits, and if you give money to the model kit makers that means I may get more cool model kits, someday.”



I think I uploaded the same photo twice but who gives a shit, one’s TATE and one’s HORI and if you complain about that I’m gonna move this thread over to Insert Credit.


I really want to give you a Zaku to build, because I think gunpla are really cool but I don’t have the attention span for detail work (I love the little tools and stuff you need!!!) and I’d much rather see what someone who appreciates it can do. If pocket circuit has taught me anything, women love a true gunpla master.

wait is this what hori meant the whole time oh my god i need to lay down


god the picture of your tools and instructions is so fucking cool. i love model kits so much

i have this five star stories model kit i planned to build during quarantine but haven’t started yet. maybe over the easter weekend i’ll do it.


AHHH I LOVE FIVE STAR STORIES post about it if you do build it!

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I’m not going to repost all my stuff from the main model thread here but I can’t help but want to post my still in progress Warhammer mecha project anyway. >.>

I’m sorry for stealing robo valour from your thread bachelor I just want everyone to see my Warhammer work too. <.<


i built a gunpla once

it was fun


real talk tho isn’t it TATE and YOKO? or did shooting games lie to me AGAIN


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yes (it is yoko)


hori and vert

oh boo i am sad. hori and tate was making so much sense in my head. well, i guess im stealing that then

sometimes words can mean anything you want them to

unless you want them to mean something that bothers me, shrug, specifically; I (shrug) am very important/arguably the center of the universe, etc.

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shrug, you and bachelor should team up to forge a gunpla and a blade that can kill God, for She has created the dreaded words and meanings that we must live by

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hori is also a well-regarded manufacturer of controllers


It’s now officially Whip’em Out Wednesday and everyone can show off their robots.

Also it’s always hori to me.

Check it out. It’s Sakura Taisen herself. She has no limbs or eyes or colors but she is is going inside this robot, unpainted, because I do not own any paint. When I got into gunpla I made a conscious decision not to make it yet another artistic outlet. I would just follow instructions and do nice, simple builds. Save my creative juices for more important things. But God, I wish I had some paint. I wish I had an airbrush. I wish I had the money and space for all that shit. I wish I could spend hours painting this anime figurine that goes inside a robot, where it’ll never be seen again.

This is exciting, this shit here. You got two little “gem” stickers for the mech’s “eyes”! I don’t know if “gem” is the proper term for them ok, that’s just what I call them. Also a sheet of foil stickers, which thankfully all go inside the cockpit and will not be visible from the outside. I loathe stickers. Nowadays before I buy a kit I will look at sites like dalong.net or 1999.co.jp, which have photos of everything you gonna get in that box. If I see too many stickers I say NO THANKS, take that shit on down the road!

And that is why I haven’t bought any Virtual-On kits: they are like 90% stickers.

If I painted, though…I’d do it. I’d buy a Temjin or Armphbadt or some other VO mech – I don’t remember any of their names, sorry – throw the stickers in the trash, and paint them up real nice.

Also in this baggie: some…tubing? It is made from…string? Rope? We will talk about that later!

Here’s Sakura Taisen from the back, in case you want a peek at where the fudge is made.

I spend 95% of my waking hours at this desk yet somehow I’m reasonably certain I am going to live forever. When I first got into Gunpla I’d stand the runners up in the box and dream of owning a proper “sprue holder” like “the pros” use but then one day my mom was looking to get rid of this…book rack? And I said “Give that to me, I can use that for Gundams.” It does the job, mostly. Some runners are too big for it. Some are too tiny. But it was free,so it is fine.

Next to it is a little ceramic cup I yoinked from the kitchen. That’s where I store all the nubs I snip off, which I do not throw away. I have 3 large jars and 1 Kenny Rogers Action Cup filled with these plastic rainbow colored sprinkles. Please do not ask why I am keeping them. I do not have an answer.

Assembling weapons and accessories tend to be the final steps in Gunpla instruction manuals but I believe guns are better as an appetizer than a dessert, so I often build them first. And sometimes…sometimes I don’t build them at all. Heck, once in a blue moon I’ll even give a robot an accessory that once belonged to another. You can do that, you know. There are no rules here.

“Gunpla…is freedom” – Gundams creator Yoshiyuki Tomino, September 26, 1980

So that’s the Sakura Taisen’s sword. There are two of them but I only assembled one cuz I could only find one hilt. Which doesn’t seem right. Did I make a mistake somewhere? Did I lose a part? Probably not. I’ve only made a handful of errors in my Gunpla career, which is probably because this is a very easy hobby for children.

Sometimes I will put together a weapon or two before I go to bed. My final treat for the day. We will resume this adventure tomorrow. Sweet dreams.


Bandai put out an instructional video with HOT TIPZ on how to make even the cheapest gunpla look great with detail work and it mostly consists of them telling you that all the real cool gunpla masters deliberately fuck them up because it looks cool as shit.

turns out the kit i got needs to be painted, i’m not gonna do that so it will be this cool semi translucent plastic instead.
there’s two instruction manuals. idk which to follow.

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