help I'm making a STG!


So I have been roped into making a vert STG.

But! I’m a very casual player and have nfi what I’m doing! Tips and resources are much appreciated! My work will probably not be great but I want to not be terrible. :redface:

I’m currently tasked with designing the levels. Bullet density is something along the lines of DonPachi and Batsugun. Survival focus over scoring for now.

I hope to keep this thread updated regularly. But I am pretty terrible at keeping commitments. :bbcry:



i love VSTG


If you can find an archive of Genius of Garegga, that was a really cool resource.

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In bullet hell the bottom left and right corners are important as that’s often the best way to get the most distance space and reaction time for yourself.

Fast aimed bullets force players to move horizontally, combine this with set patterns that cover the bottom corners.

Make the last or second-to-last stage really long.

Don’t allow anyone to put DDP style chaining in the game because it’s rubbish.


BulletML looks really cool! I’m thinking of getting the Unity wrapper for it.

aaaaaaa I remember seeing this years ago. This is the best I can find but the images don’t work :frowning: That said, the text is more than enough!

Thanks for the advice Titus! I definitely don’t want DDP’s chaining haha


If you’ve got any specific problems post em, I’m bored and I’d love to try to help you out. You’re doing the lord’s work, these games are the best.