Has it been that long already? AGDQ2019!


Oh yeah, you can guess how tired everyone was in the Nier Automata-run after the umpteenth time they repeated the Glory to Mankind tagline…


things like that are why i don’t think i’d enjoy going to GDQ. in theory, i would love to watch speedrunners do their thing live and in person, but the way the audience treats the whole event like they’re at a Catholic mass or something with the memes is just too much. this is the year it finally broke me haha


the Sonic the Hedgehog 1-run managed to be more entertaining than I’d have thought… the couch being very hype about it def did help here.

*disclaimer: i am obv biased, gotta run fast~~~


This is a good speedrun. I fell asleep to it, in a good way.


Lucky you. I watched 20 minutes of it on a big screen TV and now I’m out


the gdq audience thinks it needs to suffer for charity too and that’s why they act so embarassing (even though attending speedrunner coachella is embarassing already)


I’m watching the Actraiser 2 run and it already taught me a great gameplay mechanic. You can stay in an enemy’s hitbox and not take damage as long as you’re dealing damage to the enemy. That is tight! I can’t think of games that do this right now but if I ever get into a position where I can implement it I’m going to do that. Maybe for my shoot em up??

Edit: I think Volgarr took a lot of inspiration from this game :thinking:

Really good run, I recommend it. Very high level gameplay and the couch commentary is informative and fun


The “Super Metroid/ALttP Combo Randomizer” run was pretty fascinating for me, because I didn’t know these combo randomizers even existed. Basically it shuffles all the items in Link to the Past and Super Metroid together into one big item pool and there are set points on the maps that will transition you between games. Sometimes you’ll need to find a specific item in Metroid to make progress in Zelda or vice-versa. Since the items are shuffled randomly between the two games the runners have to make a lot of routing decisions on the fly to try to beat the games efficiently.

They play it two player; one player plays the Metroid sections and one plays the Zelda sections. It’s sort of like a speedrun relay race.

Probably a bit too long for most people to watch, but watching part of it will give you a pretty good idea how it goes. Plus I think the two runners have pretty good chemistry; you can tell they’re pretty good buds.


Batman (NES) and Shovel Knight also have this form of invincibility. (I also want to say Shatterhand, but I’m not as sure with that one.)


I am a big fan of randomizers but had NO IDEA there was this joint 2-game randomizer, that is incredible


Those are two good games! Interesting.


Think Zelda 1 does this too. I think it’s a pretty common mechanic!


I realize that it might be! I just never paid attention to it it seems


catching the bloodborne run I missed at the time, now that it’s finally up on the youtube channel

…man this runner is excruciating


Is it the same obnoxious beardo from last year who used meme as a verb?


“heyZeusHeresToast” is the name. I had to shut it off within seconds of the end of the Gascoigne fight because I just couldn’t take it anymore

also all nouns can be verbed


Vice City was good.


this cuphead run by TheMexicanRunner was great


yup, great to see how calm and collected the runner was taking some bad luck that came his way, and kept it interesting throughout the whole run. 2nded!

[quote=“LWJoestar, post:77, topic:7894, full:true”]
“heyZeusHeresToast” is the name. I had to shut it off within seconds of the end of the Gascoigne fight because I just couldn’t take it anymore[/quote]
same here, his commenting made me angry within a minute, and i stopped after skipping to the gascoigne fight as well. Baffled that people seem to enjoy that kind of commentary, tbh!


yep, that’s the one. He was the fucking worst run I ever saw last year because every single thing he said was annoying