Harmful Park

This week, I’ve spent some time researching Japan-only PS1 games that I might have missed in the past, for some reason.

I don’t think I’d even seen a screenshot of Harmful Park previously, though I’d heard the name somewhere. I’m glad I discovered it now, though. It’s an excellent 2D scrolling shooter in the same vein as Parodius or Air Zonk.


You can switch between four weapons at any time: potato, ice (cream), pie, and Jerry. Each stage takes place in a different area of an amusement park, such as a haunted house or a zoo. The game is loaded with amusing artwork and subtle details, including some references to other games.

This is a game that really deserves to be made available again on a modern platform.


I love Harmful Park. It’s one of my favorite cute-em-ups.


you could find some more here :3

also harmful park is really great. i’m not sure how high brow those gags are though tbh


Jerry is my favorite amusement park snack, personally


That Cameltry-style mail delivery game sounds like fun.

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This was the first game I ever did a let’s play for. game was good. i was abysmal

It’s on J-PSN for your Ps3/PSP or memory card switching Vita for 600 yen.


thanks for reminding me i have a JP account. Maybe i’ll buy it

I have a friend named Jerry and I made him play this game with me a year or two ago. I tried to get him to notice the name of the weapon without my outright pointing it out. I don’t remember how strongly I had to hint before he saw it.

Never was able to get this working in an emulator.