Half-Life: Alyx

Who’s playing this? I’m can’t so whoever is needs to catalog their experiences here so I can play it vicariously.

gonna crack it 2nite even though I am like 60% through both sekiro and doom eternal

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is this a goggle-only thing

i am becoming the person who asks questions on a forum instead of just googling


I do not have work today so I’m trying it, 100% confident that I will succumb to motion sickness within 10 minutes let’s go

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the game is taking an hour to unpack, heavy nostalgia vibes of waiting for HL2 to authorize on release when nascent Steam was getting hammered at midnight


It is. And not even the affordable version either (PSVR) though there is talk of a version coming later on.

I read and watched the ending. Half-Life fans will never be free of this series. See you again in 10 years! Spoilers in particular: At this point, I think I would actually get a real kick out of it if the story never, ever moves past Episode 2. Just build an entire omnibus dedicated to repeatedly re-contextualizing a cliff-hanger ending.


why aren’t there third-party apps that let you play vr games like normal games?

i’m likely never gonna own a vr headset

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because the games aren’t designed that way and it would be a substantially cheapened experience

not everything needs to support One Interface, no matter this hobby’s relation to people who don’t have much money. pirate & share & try elsewhere &c.

Looking forward to impressions here and if someone is dying to play it and owns a PC I am not opposed to lending out my headset after I get a crack at it

VR is in a weird spot of expensive + personal - like owning a Neo Geo


VR games are effectively impossible to port if the design uses hand controllers, it’s an order-of-magnitude difference in interaction fidelity from what you can do with an analog stick


yeah i mean i’m being kind of a goof here, i’m somewhat aware

though i wanna say like, some kind of diy setup using head tracking and wiimotes could be viable? idk!

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yeah I’d be all in favour of a Shitass VR wrapper, just not a “it’s not VR anymore”

looks like some eastern european crazy folks have been working on stitching Kinect, phone VR, and wiimotes, exactly the Russian Cyberpunk hacking we crave


I’m going to try this but I had to stop boneworks after 15 minutes because of motion sickness

I guess teleportation mode isn’t that bad but I really want to play with full locomotion. idk.

There is full locomotion, if using analog/room scale counts

I am using teleport, and it feels like I’ve seen 10,000 HyperCards,


IIRC, the original Half-Life was basically conceived as Doom X Myst. (Which HL2 super totally goes apeshit on.) So, that follows.


i am super excited to try this but the only machine i have that can run it is in a building i cannot access due to “social distancing” protocol !!! :open_mouth:

if Geforce 1060M cards were supported i could try to run it where i am using the oculus quest i am quarantined with, but 1060M cards are not supported.

vr is very frustrating!!