Gundam Thread


don’t get me wrong, it’s a fabulous show, but the animation is almost unarguably shoddy at times (maybe animation is not the best word). moving directly from msg to zeta, the zero-g environments in particular seem not-very-zero-g in MSG relative to zeta, though both “cheat” a lot and let people stand around (is there a canon explanation for this? magnetic boots?) apparently the film trilogy tightens some of the animation up, adds a few scenes and some dialogue (while obviously removing a ton of other stuff, entire episodes in some cases), and removes the modular gundam stuff

that’s not to say the design isn’t great, and of course the OP is gorgeous


On ships yes, supposedly magnets and velcro. And the Argama at least does have those gravity blocks, though it doesn’t have them out all the time. How lunar cities get 1G when it’s still low G outside has never been addressed AFAIK.


the third film in the trilogy is almost entirely new animation, much to MS Gundam’s benefit




Mikimoto’s character designs alone could almost break my heart.


Gundam first aired 40 years ago today. Anyone celebrating?


In a way


i won a boxed copy of gundam extreme versus for vita on yaj for 450 yen, that’s a kind of celebration



been buildong this cutie the last day or so. being sick has made it hard to concentrate, and its just an HG

i reallly want to paint these but the cramped space is already so full, i’d have to give up playiing videogames or music just to make room for it