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Best couple

Warfare is serious business

Meanwhile, the only thing on Garma’s mind:

In other news, Gundam did this



Bonus Gundam:
Look at this great inbetween


Yes, Gundam’s notorious QUALITY. Especially known are the moments that aren’t really inbetweens. Though in that last shot the Gundam looks pretty rad.

Do you have Doan’s Island? You should get Doan’s Island if you don’t, it’s the original episode 15. US (maybe all foreign?) releases drop it, allegedly because Tomino thinks it looks too awful, but I’ve only heard that from people on the internet. so.

Anyways, it is probably the height of Gundam’s off model animation, to the point that people do stuff like this:

Though of course this only really applies to the MS, as usual. I find it interesting how you can observe their priorities, Gundam’s major instances of wonky visual is chiefly related to the mecha, compared to Macross where all the major gaffes tend to be with people, with some of its mecha action being great.


Char coming out of the shower in a towel with his mask on or GTFO.


He puts on shades as soon as he sees Garma in the manga. Also in the Origins manga, he explains he needs to wear them always for his eye damage, but then in the movie they retcon it by him explaining that to everyone including Garma when they were in military school together. In fact, everyone sees him with his blue eyes, so…

…why bother still hiding it? Is it to avoid the detection of other Zeon guys that would recognize his true heritage?


Today on Gundam

baby garma





Amuro got off easy, Kai was slapped into metal flooring

What’s with this inbetween pose?


I haven’t watched it yet but it sounds like Zeta could’ve used a lot of this advice


Good ol’ father-killin’ Amuro


They finally redrew Sayla

Amuro proceeds to play hopscotch

Best couple

New hottie

Good ol’ patricide-was-my-first-episode Amuro




A female director could never have directed that masterpiece on account of not being idealistic enough.


Today on Gundam

Garma and Char party

Char holds back his bitter tears

Like Romeo & Juliet, Icelina’s father, the former mayor of the area prior to Zeon occupation, doesn’t approve of Garma being the son of the leader of all of Zeon. Meanwhile, Garma’s father doesn’t care for Icelina (or doesn’t even know about her??). But Garma promises to capture the Federation weapon and use it as leverage to get his father’s blessings. If that doesn’t work, Garma swears to leave Zeon so they can live happily ever after.

So many death flags.

Meanwhile, White Base parks inside the Rose Bowl and chills out.

Zeon drop some bombs on neo-LA

Icelina tries to fly to the frontlines to be with Garma but is stopped

And so Gundam reinforces the harsh lesson that the only way to avoid getting beat by your father is to kill him.

Garma invades someone else’s personal space

It’s the children who are wrong

RE6 thumbs up

Best couple

The best couple comes to an end



Good ep, I wish the entire series was about Garma getting setup by Char to fail but Garma not realizing it and thanking Char

Still, the stakes had to escalate somewhere. Cheating on Char with some LA floozy is a good way to go.


I’m reminded of the one Gundam-san strip (or might have been series of them) that just shows Char fucking with Garma repeatedly through their lives in more mundane ways, every time Garma is all “Char you set me up!” as Char laughs. Ends with Char drinking in the bar, thinking “I miss him.”.


Love your MST3K commentary, great posts. I’m very tempted to watch it now. I only tried Zeta Gundam on the recommendation that it was the best and was kind of disappointed. This looks a lot better to me. I think Zeta Gundam is the Deep Space Nine to original Gundam’s Star Trek TOS. Like you can make the argument that Deep Space Nine is better, but you have to ignore the fact that it’s kind of joyless.


Miles O’Brien is not joyless!


The way things are going, there will probably have to be a no-DS9-threads rule on neo selectbutton

But yeah, Miles O’Brien is very joyful, which is why the show makes a point of having at least one, usually more, episodes per season where the universe is pointlessly cruel to him. Miles O’Brien is probably a reincarnation of Job.

Otherwise, there’s also the episode where they travel back in time to hang out with tribbles.


Found 'em. Not exactly as I recalled, if only because it’s slightly less direct at the end.


The original series is good but the timeline is linked more to the subsequent movie trilogy. The TV show does get a bit monster of the week after a while.


Well, yeah, but the movies don’t give you Zakrello.

Even if the episodes get a little repetitive here and there, the pacing of the movies is way too brisk. Gundam needs all the White Base-crew-sitting-around (and yelling at each other) scenes it can have.


The Zakurello wasn’t forgotten though and a lot of the TV series mobile suits are still canon. After all, it appeared in Gundam The Ride (albeit briefly) about 15 years ago now.

I went to that on my 22nd birthday and spent the whole day just repeatedly going on the ride and trying to spot easter eggs. It was really cool too and because it was in December, the whole of Fujikyu Highland was deserted. It was also pretty great when they included the “ride” in Encounters in Space. Though it was a weird sensation, as not only did I remember being on the launch but I was also controlling Amuro in the Gundam, so it felt like I was in two places at once.

Anyway, I hear you on the increased time aiding narrative but one of the main issues the original Gundam TV series had was that it bridged the super robot era with the real. It had a lot of “monster of the week” issues and the mecha were obviously depicted in a way that would help sell toys. Many don’t realise that the original series tanked on release. It was only after the series finished and Bandai started to release their far more realistic Mobile Suit Variation (or MSV) model kits did the popularity increase. The irony is that Yoshiyuki Tomino had wanted to make Gundam more realistic from the off, with the RX-78-2 being coloured entirely grey (something that later happened in the novel versions). In that sense, the movie trilogy cut out a lot of the goofiness from the series and made Gundam feel more real. Naturally, the movies ended up being a huge success and they in turn influenced the creation of the far darker Zeta Gundam.


Just a ping to point out that the movie trilogy is now on YouTube

Given that is GundamInfo who knows for how long.


I wish I understood GundamInfo and Sunrise’s worldwide strategy overall better



I think the current batch of GUNDAM STUFFS streaming is only supposed to last until the end of August.

Nobody understands what they think they’re doing.