GUN GUYS 2018: the shootening



This game is about a year old but it’s super cool.



oh nooo

oh noooooooo


i would be far more interested if it werent for all the various types of motion and other blur applied

makes me dizzy


Probably that stuff can be turned off I imagine.


It’s ok though, I won’t ever actually play this game because it’s competitive multiplayer only with no vs. AI co-op mode. Whew!


why does every shootman maker hate single player campaigns now

(obv hyperbole, also i cant play recent shootmans anyway on account of my crap laptop so what do i care)


time spent in multiplayer as percentage of all time, shooters: 90%
(note: CAN WE MONETIZE THIS??? speak later -jim)
time spent in customization screens: 5%
time spent in options menu: 2%

single-player is in there somewhere, I just need to add it up

I’m being hyperbolic but nobody I know really understands how Bethesda’s business model for id and MachineGames and EvilWithin really works, those games should be too expensive to make a profit on the middling sales figures of a linear single-player game. It appears that non-Sony, non-Nintendo linear single player games, the kind you can finish in a week or two, have a hard sales cap of 2, 3 million, and that’s for the best one or two a year.


it has a vs. ai co-op mode


i want those planning stages back in muh tactical games tho. remember very vividly one rainbow six moment where i just sat in the corner for the whole mission after having set up the whole operation plan and then just gave commands to my fireteams. it was great because i didn’t even check on them beyond looking at the hud, mainly just closed my eyes and prayed that plz plz don’t die. felt so good seeing squaddies approach the extraction zone from the distance, all safe & sound.


I thought Bethesda’s business model was a combination of being a private company and not giving a shit if their ES coffers get emptied


I’d endorse running as a patron for non-viable genres at modern budgets (and I’d do it myself!), but I need a lot of evidence to be convinced an organization is working this way.