god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


Spiderman: Homecoming was easily one of the best MCU films though, and a ton of that comes down to how great Holland is at being a likable dork without making me want to punch him.

It’s kinda weird to center the MCU around him, but eh, I can think of worse choices.


i like holland spiderman, i think he’s my second favorite char. also i was afraid they were gonna kill off all the three-movie characters, i’m glad thor got a pass

it is completely unbelievable to me that they thought fat suit gag with additional gags throughout was a cool thing to do in 2019 and i also can’t believe that i haven’t seen the movie being viciously roasted for it


They essentially killed the Thor who came out of Ragnarok so they basically did kill all three.


kia asamiya is drawing something for marvel that comes out in august. no word on what it is, but it’s being written by tini howard, who’s written some conan stuff, some thanos stuff, and some marvel knights stuff for them.


I had a dream inspired by the alternate dimensions aspect of Spider-Man Far From Home (removing the colon from this ala Star Trek Into Darkness is hilarious) with an alternate universe that had a fully adult spider-man and a different captain america (he had a mustache, obviously a cop) were collaborating together to deal with mopey aliens in a Men in Black esque way, and this alt universe also had like weird parodies of DC characters, and Christopher Walken played the Joker in a version that was very obviously inspired heavily and exclusively by the Batman TV show one. Now I’m sad that the movie will never live up to this.




this is just the regular spiderman comics in a story with the squadron supreme


i had another dream last night that was like daredevil mashed up with resident evil my brain is poisoned


the new squadron supreme series moves then out of the crowded marvel universe new york and to washington DC purely so marvel can brand their justice league pastiche as “D.C’s Greatest Heroes” and the nerve



He was so beautiful


I saw the movie. Half-dozen really deep character moments suspended by absolute tissue paper. This movie borrows 100% of its emotional weight from previous films, which I guess is like the point maybe?? I don’t know, it felt loose and weightless and actually surreal in a couple parts, like the world’s biggest made for TV movie. Looking forward to the zillions of Marvel movies they can still make until the end of time


I also saw it. I liked the first half a lot, absolutely loved the middle, and was so-so on the finale-to-end.

Did a great job on the core characters, was full of fun moments and nice surprises. Actual battles left a lot to be desired, but the meat of the movie was so good I didn’t mind at all.

God I wish we could completely remove the Nebula and Gamora stuff, though.


Another thing that occurs to me: it is I, the guy that liked all the Joss Whedon jokes in Avengers 1, and I don’t think a single joke in this movie landed. Pro forma, off timing, what the hell was even happening with the Thor bit, even Taika Waititi wasn’t funny! They didn’t give him anything funny to say! Criminal.


The Cap’s Ass bit was very good, for starters.


I really liked Don Cheadle’s reading of “Hot Tub Time Machine”


“America’s Ass” was a great bit

not really a joke but Hawkeye & Black Widow’s fight over who gets the honor of sacrificing themselves the hardest was both the funniest thing in the movie and probably one the dumbest things ive ever seen in any Marvel movie


It was the most dramatic slapstick ever, I hated it.


Remember all those times they played Thor’s PTSD for laughs, man, what a comedy picture show


I just watched this short where they confirm that Iron Man 3’s best plot device was apparently just a goof, and thought to myself that this is definitely the biggest unfollowed lead that they have set up in the MCU. It feels sort of weird to revisit it now - surely by being both nonwhite and criminals these are the sort of people that Hawkeye would have spent his time massacring in between IW and Endgame, right?

But they are doing a Shang Chi movie at some point idk?