Games you would put on the PlayStation Classic


yes please




Well, some guy made his dream come true, and ran Tokimeki Memorial on it.

I don’t know anything about programming, but folks are saying Sony signed off the encryption on the software on this thing with a public key, which even to a layman sounds, uh, not great! (Well, for them, maybe)


digital foundry said this thing doesn’t even run the games on it perfectly, which is… wtf

i need to get my pi back up and running and see if i can make it work on my CRT. i know it’s kind of a meme but seriously… just get a pi instead of this trash

the only saving grace would be if the hacking of it somehow makes the games run at fullspeed which is…

yeah idk


I mean, at least you can argue the SNES/NES Classics do a fine job running what they’re supposed to (it’s a different story if you try to hack other games onto them, but at least the included ones mostly run right).

That this thing can’t even do a good job with NTSC games, added to the lackluster selection and gaping security loopholes…god I dunno. At least the physical hardware sounds nice.

Anyway, yeah, a Pi, a Shield TV, there are a lot of options that are less than or near the cost of this thing that’ll work far better.


Yeah okay. I have played the Japanese one for an hour and it is bad.

Because then I had to plug in my PS3 to download iconclasts because the “buy” button has stopped working on the PSN app?? I booted up Vib Ribbon while I was there and yay Vib Ribbon. But it was nagging at me. So hey R4 come on down. And then I played all the way through R4 on my couch in a way I couldn’t do in the exact same spot with only a slightly different controller yesterday.

The controller seems great really.

It is just so…meager all around. Like Yeah go online to read the manuals we couldn’t possible just put them on there. The interface is also…weird. You hit reset to go back to the main menus. Open is only for changing in game discs (soooo MGS and FF7?)

I mean I am thinking of keeping it around if I get in a mood to play wild arms or arc the lad or saga frontier but…will I ever be in the mood? i also have a 360 in the closet with Blue Dragon. I got Cosmic Star Heroine, DQXI, P5 on my PS4. I got who knows what on my PS3-PS1 roms. I also have a laptop with Launchbox.

I am just staring dead at it wondering if they are going to crowd bookoffs in two weeks.

Well probably not until after christmas.

So in short I am not a guy that peels off his own fingernails when I hear a game is 30fps. There was a distinct difference between playing the exact same game on the exact same circumstances between the classic and my PS3. And I was looking forward to not owning discs of Tekken 3 and Parasite Eve anymore.

For a 100 bucks you can’t buy 20 PS1 games off PSN but you could buy Vagrant Story, MML-2-TB, FFwhatever, LSD Dream Emulator, G Darius, Tom Braider and have a good time.

Or get a PSTV and hack it and pay for the exorbidant memory card.


When you hack the PSTV you can also get it to read regular memory cards as well.


games I would put on a PAL PSX Classic:

Penny Racers
Vandal Hearts 2
Front Mission 3
Saga Frontier 2
Jade Cocoon
Rapid Reload
Overblood 2
Chaos Break
The Note
Star Ixiom
X-Com: Terror from the Deep
Little Big Adventure
Yoko’s Puzzle Park
Hebereke’s Popoitto
Magical Drop III
Pet in TV
Crisis Beat
Bishi Bashi Special 2

+kusoge section:
King of Bowling 2
Lone Soldier
Firo & Klawd

+English patched Tearring Saga



Still not sure it’s worth it at $60USD, though I’m less inclined to want one to hack as I have a RasPi