Games you would put on the PlayStation Classic


Valkyrie Profile
R-TYPE Delta
Omega Boost(?) - Pre Gran Turismo PD.
Racing Lagoon
The SQEX 2K Summer-lineup that devs can only dream about nowadays
Chocobo Racing
98.2% GT2 for the world
Tron Bonne

and some other more or less mainstream/obscure shit.


Bloody Roar 2
Dragon Valor
Vagrant Story
Tobal No 2
Front Mission 3
Tales of Destiny
Any of the Mega Man Legends trio
Gundam Battle Assault 2
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Dino Crisis 2
Adventures of Little Ralph
Digimon World
Legend of Dragoon
Armored Core
Omega Boost


Hard question but I at least know I would never put Wild Arms 1 on it


Chrono Cross is missing from all these lists


same, other than the awesome intro, it’s not a very good game. it’s like the most basic snes rpg, but with 3d models in the battles


denki groove jigoku v is the predecessor to work time fun/baito hell 2000, instead of working and buying trinkets and more part time jobs like in WTF, you buy records that have samples on them and then you make techno music. that’s like a full realization of all the playstation 1 marketing campaigns. work to live, live to play. death to warioware


psx classixxx jam packed w/ smash hits and glorious misses

  • thousand arms (My Horny Atlus Jrpg :: truly the most formative of experiences for a young sprite)
  • bushido blade (squaresoft experimental peak no.1)
  • vagrant story (squaresoft experimental peak no.2)
  • alundra (working designs localization - how in the world has this not been mentioned in bold yet. Here I’ll do it for you PLAY ALUNDRA)
  • bloody roar (2) (irresistibly trashy furry fightan also im gay)
  • r-type delta (shootan equivalent of a really great k-hole)
  • fear effect (incredible, also nigh unplayable)
  • shadow tower (an experience only elevated by the narcotic jittering of textures)
  • armored core (birth of a legend)
  • tenchu (the ninja simulator we deserve)
  • tron bonne (a servbot for every need or want ;-; come back tron)
  • tony hawk 2 (mom, dad… I was in the AFI fanclub ;-; )
  • nuclear strike (game is awful, has gloriously overdone live action FMVs—I dare you to look up a long-play. Buckle up.)
  • jade cocoon (utterly gorgeous ghibli art :: sweet, understated and curious pokemon clone :: shits the bed so hard in the second half :: tank controls for no discernible reason)
  • FF VIII (pls break this multi-million dollar video game :: what kind of lesbian r u? tag yrself im rinoa)
  • wu tang shaolin style (man I thought I was so cool when I got this off of ebay)
  • xenogears (my mom worked at Sony and got me a copy of this for five dollars…how little she knew what she hath wrought :: basically the holy mountain of square JRPG :: wonderfully, preciously unfinished)
  • ridge racer (legit)
  • tekken 3 (also legit)
  • …alright, dino crisis it is… my benzos are kicking in

bonus hidden soft: LSD (aka This Weed Is Pretty Good)


all essentials:

all japan pro wrestling king’s soul
bushido blade
silent hill
buggy, unfinished suikoden 2 translation
resident evil 2
dino crisis 2
deception 2
lunar 2
star ocean 2
king’s field 2 (not 3)
chrono cross
clock tower
vr missions


Silent Bomber
Metal Gear Solid VR Missions
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
Pet in TV
Parrapa The Rapper
Um Jammer Lammy
Omega Boost
Incredible Crisis
Tekken 3
Mega Man Legends
Crash Team Racing
Rival Schools United By Fate
Ape Escape
Tail Concerto
Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit
Sled Storm


all lists without I.Q.: invalid


Oh dang I didn’t even notice this thread sorry swarm. Please post your novelty lists in my thread.


Proof nobody leaves the axe!!!

My novelty list was just going to be Simple 1500 and Net Yaroze games.


Ape Escape
Bushido Blade
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
CTR: Crash Team Racing
Die Hard Trilogy
Driver 2
Fighting Force 2
Gran Turismo
Heart of Darkness
Incredible Crisis
LSD: Dream Emulator
Parasite Eve
Resident Evil: Director’s Cut
Silent Hill
Spyro the Dragon
Syphon Filter
Tekken 2
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
Twisted Metal 2


Kagero Deception II
Ghost in the Shell
Colony Wars
Suikoden II
Metal Gear Solid
Resident Evil Director’s Cut
Bushido Blade
Bust-A-Move 4
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Silent Hill
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Mega Man Legends


Are the Capcom and Saturn ports really that bad on PS1? I know the VS games don’t work right but there are a lot of them. Or is it really just an argument of small differences that you would never notice in actually playing.


the vs games are garbage, and street fighter alpha 3 is missing a bunch of features, but otherwise, they’re fine.

even sfa3 was good enough at the time, until the dreamcast version came out (unless you were able to play the saturn version back then)

there’s some little things like how the intro in the playstation version of sfa2 is a prerecorded fmv of the arcade version’s instead of just being ingame graphics like it is on saturn, but yeah, it’s not a noticable difference.


What’s Alpha 3 missing? Word on the street back when was it was just a couple Zangief animation frames.


lots of animations (though most of them are just things like intro/win poses)

in dramatic battle mode, player 2 has to be player 1’s preapproved partner

other stuff i can’t remember, though i’m sure there was more

i just know that when i got the dreamcast version a few years later, it felt like the lap of luxury in comparision


Yeah, I played the shit out of the ps1 SFA3, and then the DC one was like “oh, so this is what that was supposed to be? huh.”


Oh yeah, I forgot about the non arcade extras like dramatic battle.

I know it’s compromised in different ways, but I’m still amazed by the GBA port.