Games You Played Today Classic Mini


Yeah, the way Far Cry falls apart in the back half was an early indication that they only stumbled into a great game on accident and foretold the future plot of CryTek.


I remember playing Crysis and loving it and then the aliens show up and I was all, didn’t you guys learn???

I kinda did like that level in FarCry at the end there they drop you in with nothing surrounded by rocket dudes and you gotta sneak around


that level is cool on paper but in practice when the game came out there was a bug that only affected certain PCs where enemies could see you through walls, which made it nearly impossible to complete unless you were lucky


that’s incredible


Oh wow, haha. I played it quite a bit after it was released so I assume it was patched by that point


holy shit

I thought the game was just broken because stealth just didn’t work when I played the original Far Cry.

enemies could see me from like a kilometer away, while I am hiding crouched behind a wall and I thought “this game is a bullshit tech demo”

I still think I was right.


will always associate far cry with my friend who was incredibly enthused about being able to take malaria pills in a game


I remember playing FarCry and thinking, wouldn’t playing a big multiplayer game on this huge map be awesome, what I’m saying is that I invented Fortnite and should get royalties


Was your friend named Austin?


so I don’t know if I can get into kenshi :frowning:

nothing about the setting grabs me at all! and I guess that’s important to me? more important than I thought it would be blah


It’s intensely important and I believe a huge part of why this grabbed me when other similar games haven’t. I think that’s a very good reason to like or dislike a game.




RONIN 54:XX when the best posted time is a 1:02, even with a level restart and a few deaths. Looks like I’ve got to install OBS and record this now.


I needed a shorter game that I had lower expectations for to play, so I busted out my SNES and decided to try to start on the first game off of my 2019 to-play list… Flashback: The Quest For Identity. Early thoughts:

-I will never not be impressed by cool animated openings on 16 bit hardware.

-The running jump covers an almost hilarious distance.

-This game requires the use of the select and start buttons.

-The select and start buttons on my two controllers are more or less busted.

-…That’s a problem.

So I’ll have to put this one on pause much quicker than anticipated. Time to see who I know who happens to have any SNES controllers lying around.


Subnautic got it’s hooks into me. Probably my favorite of survival games that tries to integrate a plot and give you things to check out when you need some guidance to take you out of your comfort zones or to go see “things”. It still has a lot of jank. I lost a mini sub to accidentally beaching it and then coming back to unbeach it with a new tool only to find it had been absorbed by the beach geometry while I was gone. I just consoled myself another sub because I’m an adult that doesn’t have time to fritter away because a game lost track of collision detection when it was out of view.


Is there a difference between the SNES and Genesis/MegaDrive versions of Flashback? Wondering which one I should try.


Yeah, Subnautica’s collision detection gets super janky sometimes. It was a real problem when I was exploring the main shipwreck. There was one area in particular where I kept phasing through the wall into a minus world where I just blindly swam around trying to find invisible air pockets until I somehow managed to glitch BACK into the area in exactly the place I needed to be. Closing the game and reloading it seemed to fix the problem for long enough to get through that section of the game alright.

I agree that the game integrates plot quite well. The objectives it gives you tend to lead you very naturalistically toward the new materials and technologies you need to progress further in building up your base and your exploration capabilities.


For Frogs the Bell Tolls (or whatever it’s called) has continued to rule. It’s like a very simplified, goofier Link’s Awakening. It’s a little more linear than I would like; unlike Zelda, there’s always ONE path to take, and there aren’t really secrets. Every upgrade or item is immediately necessary to continue. The upside of this is that you never get lost.

Fighting is totally weird. You touch an enemy and you enter a cartoon puff of smoke and take down each others’ hearts automatically. You just have to have better strength and more hearts than the enemy. It’s really very lock-and-key: you often need to find a strength boosting item in order to beat a guy to continue the story.

The game uses the same vertical platforming setup as Link’s Awakening, but it actually feels a lot better in this game. It feels like the game was more designed around it.

You get to turn into a snake and talk to snakes, and turn into a frog and talk to frogs. Fuckin GOAT shit right there. The game is super funny and charming, and has that classic Nintendo warmth to it. It’s a truly cozy game.

In conclusion,


I’d only heard of this in name til your posts. I had a different impression, like it was a very small puzzle and exploration game which yeah I guess it kind of still is. Very charming, straightforward, and as a more unbound (though yeah simpler) title than LA and with 5-10 hours playtime, just might’ve climbed to the tops of my emulated/fantranslated list. NICE.

Have enjoyed my few hours with Subnautica and am about to dive back in, but my radar’s buzzing from potential for some serious jankery. Not the kind that’ll stop me, maybe just wince a little. About to build some housing-tubes.


“the frog for whom the bell tolls” has a pretty direct connection to Link’s Awakening! aside from a number of cameos in LA, LA reused code from the frog